how to use your countries flag on your clubhouse profile steps after new update

How to put your Country Flag on your Profile on Clubhouse App

Clubhouse has been one of the most inspiring apps in the category of Audio Chat and to bring its own concept, now ta new spl. feature on it brings Flag over your profile if you wanna know How to put your Country Flag on your Profile on Clubhouse App so do check here.
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Have you seen people using their Counties Flag on their Profile on Clubhouse and you think how can I do it? So if you also want to put your Country flag on your Clubhouse Profile and wanna know How to use your Country flag on your Clubhouse Profile so this is for that only, here we explain How to put your Country Flag on your Profile on Clubhouse App easily.

Clubhouse is an audio chat app that let you chat with strangers or your connections in a room, a new update of this App is letting people use their Countries flag on their Profile where many others are confused about how to do it (don’t skip now, otherwise you miss!). To help you guys out (after facing same here) I found the secret, so let’s discuss How to use your Country flag on your Clubhouse profile or How to put your Country flag on your Clubhouse profile right now.

There a list of changelog that Clubhouse has made in its new update, you can read it when you update the app, even App icon is changed as well, but we don’t have to do anything with that, we need to know why its Happening first? So simple answer is, Clubhouse has added this option in support to your country in Olympics 2021. You can use your Country flag on your profile before joining any room and by this, if you join any international room soo you can represent your country directly from your profile as representation of your favourite Country playing in the Olympics.

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How to put your Country Flag on your Profile on Clubhouse App
How Flag looks like on Clubhouse Profile

How to put your Country Flag on your Profile on Clubhouse?

Is this feature permanent?

There is no confirmation for that, right now it’s only till the Olympics 2021 is going but if public demand so it can be on a permanent basis. For now you can put your Country flag on the clubhouse but permanently, not sure.

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How to get Country flag on your Clubhouse profile?

  • First thing to do- If you are running on an older version of your Clubhouse that had a lady face so mate you are running an older version, just go on Platstore or App Store and update it now. New Update features an icon of a beard man with specs. So firstly you need to update Clubhouse from App Store then only this feature enable for you.
  • Now just Open the App, Go to your Profile, Click on Bio and place a Flag anywhere in between text or plain area.
  • You can use Google Keyboard or Emoji area to add a Flag and Click Save now go out.
  • Onece you are done with these steps just try to join a Room, after that watch your profile, you can see a flag must be there on your profile picture in the group.
  • You normally can’t see it on profile top but in a Room it starts reflecting it.

Check List of all Updates Changelog from HERE

So this was a small update that we have shared with you all about Clubhouse App, highly support this feature and use it ourselves, you can Download Clubhouse and can join our Room- Baat in Depth 2.0 or add me on as freshfounder.

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