How to Register for COVID19 Vaccine Online in India- Tutorial in Steps

COVID-19 Vaccination process has begun in India, you can now register for free. Know-How to Register for COVID19 Vaccine Online in India, especially for 18+ people.

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Since people have got to know that Vaccination is ready, everyone is trying to get it in the first place. All you need is to list yourself and wait for the turn, know How to Register for COVID19 Vaccine Online in India in Steps. Please consider that right now not everyone is getting the dose, the vaccination process is initiated in phases so after registration wait for your turn only a few can make it first but still your can Register yourself for COVID Vaccine Online for Free.

Third phase of COVID-19 vaccination has begun in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the first one to get a vaccination in the second phase at AIIMS, the person having an age of above 18+ year can now apply for vaccination.

Before taking the vaccination registration is must with legal solid documents are mandatory, only then you will be eligible to be selected for Coronavirus Vaccine Registration and take the Shot. There are two official way to register yourself or your relatives through the Online and Offline modes. 

The COVID cases have again started increasing with a boost in India, Keeping this in mind, some peoples are being afraid to fill the form offline but you don’t have to worry, through this process you can register yourself for COVID-19 Vaccination using the online method step-by-step.

How to Register for COVID19 Vaccine Online in India, Whats is the Process? (Updated)

There are some criteria, guidelines and preferences before anyone creates chaos. Govt is considering people who are 18 plus can register themselves with this process,  all other steps are same as earlier just age has been deducted from 60 to 18 yrs. Children are now not on the list still as the population of India is big so onece a major section is completed than Teens & Juniors get their chance.

You also can’t expect that just after registration you get your dose, it may delay or can take a while to respond because dozes are limited and the crowd is huge to full fill need.

Criteria for Coronavirus Vaccination Registration Online- Who can Apply?

People who are above 18 years and people who are 18+ some specific co-morbidities are eligible for the corona vaccine, by co-morbidities they mean:

  • Heart failure with hospital admission in the past year
  • Post cardiac transplant/ Left Ventricular Assist Device 
  • Moderate or Severe Valvular Heart Disease
  • Congenital heart disease with severe PAH or Idiopathic PAH
  • Coronary Artery Disease with past CABG/ PTCA/ MI and Hypertension/Diabetes on treatment
  • Angina and Hypertension/ Diabetes treatment
  • CT/MRI documented stroke and Hypertension/Diabetes on treatment
  • Diagnosis of any solid cancer on or after July 1, 2020, or currently on cancer therapy, etc. 
coronavirus vaccination online registration criteria and on basis you can apply for covid vaccine
coronavirus vaccination online registration criteria and on basis you can apply for covid vaccine

List consist of 20+ symptoms of anyone whos facing this problem can apply to be considered if your reasons are real so the person will be prompted for COVID19 Vaccine shot on a prior basis.

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People also have to Submit a form of co-morbidity with the credibility of their Doctor and with all symptom you are facing, the form is available on COVID Vaccination Official Site, you have to download the form, get it filled by Doctor and Submit it again to be eligible. This is to stop unethical submissions.

Steps to Register for COVID-19 Vaccination Online?

  • Step-1: First of all, go to, don’t download that Co-WIN app as it is only for government administrators. For normal people, you have to register through Co-WIN Portal only.
  • Step-2: After successfully redirected to the website, Enter your mobile number which you have to receive the OTP.
  • Step-3: After receiving the OTP, enter it and click on the Verify button. Make sure you have entered the correct OTP.
  • Step-4: Now, You’ll be redirected to the vaccination page.
  • Step-5: Now select your Photo ID proof and upload it to the website. Fill-in your name and personal details whatever it asks.
  • Step-6: The page will now ask you to enter co-morbidities If you have any. Everyone aged above 18 years can apply.
  • Step-7: Click on the registration button, do a cross-check and click on Verify & proceed.
  • Step-8: You can also add your family members as well under the same Numberhood, just enter the required details, and If not then skip this one.
  • Step-9: You will now be asked to schedule your appointment, enter your preferred date and time then click proceed.
  • Step-10: You will now have to search for your nearby vaccination centre using pin code, area name, etc. 
  • Step-11: After successful registration, you’ll receive the message with the entered time slot and date for vaccination. The second date of vaccination will be rescheduled automatically. However, you can change the time and date anytime after the vaccination date.
  • NOTE– You only have limit of adding 3 more people with yourself, if you are registering then keep in mind that you can only add around 4-5 people including yourself.
How to Register for COVID19 Vaccine Online in India steps, what is the process to register for coronavirus vaccination online

COVID-19 Vaccination Online Registration FAQs-

Register for Vaccine through Arogya Setu App:

You can even register yourself through the Arogya Setu app, just Open the Arogya Setu app and click on Co-WIN tab and follow the same options that are for registration through Cowin online portal or Alternatively, you also can go to any Seva Kendra set up in villages to get yourself enrolled. There are about 2.5 lakh service centres in 6 lakh villages across India.

Re-schedule your appointment:

Yes, you can Re-schedule your COVID19 Vaccination appointment or even can delete the user database from the same page you have registered, keep in mind before going to the boot, take the physical printout of the appointment with yourself.

Alert after 28 Days of Second Dose:

You get an alert to your registered Mobile Numer for a second dose of Vaccine so you dont skip the shot.

COVID-19 Vaccination Online Registration FAQs India

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How to Find Nearby COVID19 Vaccination Center?

About 10,000 private hospitals under the PMJAY scheme, 600 hospitals under CGHS, and some other private hospitals across the country are available as vaccination centres. You can find your nearest vaccination centre by going to the Co-WIN portal and enter your locality or address in the given box.

Price of COVID19 Vaccination:

At govt. booths its available for Free but at Private hospitals the Cap is of Rs.250 till Rs.500 so the last price you can be asked for COVID-19 Vaccination even at a Private hospital is Rs.500 only (we suggest to try at govt. sections only), update– (some prices has been deducted for private hospitals by Serum Institute of India) so everyone can afford vaccination at their best which you have to cross check acc. to location & hospital price list.

Can I choose which Vaccination I want for myself and Types of Vaccination available for Coronavirus in India:

The first vaccine is Covishield, developed by the Oxford University & AstraZeneca and manufactured by the Serum Institute of India. The second one is Bharat Biotech’s CovaxinInterestingly, PM Narendra Modi also gets home-grown ‘Covaxin’ by Bharat Biotech on Monday morning at AIIMS, Delhi.

Do keep in Mind!-People can not choose which covid vaccine they will get. They can only choose the date they want to get the vaccination and the centre for the same.

Edited by- Amogh Gupta (InvincibleAG)