steps to downgrade windows 11 to windows 10 from manual mode and by recovery option from get back to previous version with pointers explanation

How to Rollback from Windows 11 to Windows 10 again?- Steps to Downgrade your Windows 11

Have you Installed Windows 11 but now willing to Rollback to Windows 10? so you need to know How to Rollback from Windows 11 to Windows 10 again. Get to know Steps to Downgrade your Windows 11 in easy pointers with some Notes to keep in mind.

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More than lakhs of people have Installed, Downloaded and have tried Windows 11 on their systems, but what if you want to Rollback to Windows 10? What if you just want to Downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10?, Well, we can help you here to know How to Rollback from Windows 11 to Windows 10 again and Steps to Downgrade your Windows 11 System in simple ways.

Windows fans went mad when they listened about Windows 11 & so many of them instantly upgraded their Windows the time Leaked ISO spread in the Online World (obv we were one of them after few days) but after installation and trying it out, some people now want to go back to Windows 10. So How can you? How to Rollback from Windows 11 to Windows 10 again?, What procedure, ways and Steps are there to Downgrade your Windows 11 PC? (let’s discuss).

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Online there are many methods which claim to be authentic to downgrade your Windows 11 to Windows 10 easily in steps, but only a few are telling legal effective ways of doing it and most of them are just un-noticed, we here’re a compilation of it to tell you everything at one place to rollback windows 10 to windows 11.

How to Rollback from Windows 11 to Windows 10 again- Steps to Downgrade your Windows

How to Downgrade Windows 11 from Windows Recovery option under Settings?

The first method is using the official method of Windows settings where you can easily downgrade your Windows 11 to Windows 10 but it’s only possible if you just passed 10 days & not more than that as it’s only valid till then.

  • Click on Start Button and Open Settings
  • Under Settings, Click on Recovery Settings
  • Choose the Previous Version of Windows “Click on Go Back Button”
  • A New Windows will appear with options
  • Choose an option from the list and Click Next
  • It will ask for Updates, Click “No Thanks”
  • Again Next-Next
  • Click on get back to Early Built
  • Now PC will Restart several times and can take upto 2-2.5 hrs depending upon your System Speed

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NOTE- It’s safe and can be done quite easily, so under this process, all your files and media will remain safe and no losses will need to be bare but it can only be done within 10 Days after Win11 installation as after that your Old Directory of Windows 10 will be deleted and no options are left leaving Complete format of C Drive & installation of New Windows 10 ISO File through the boot.

Pro Tip- If you are enrolled in the Insider program of Windows then after doing this process, immediately turn it off or drop out because if you keep it enrolled then you will be there from where you have started.

Also in case if you before leaving it somehow download Windows 11 files to your system & ask to Restart for Update so before rebooting by deleting all the files in the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder.

How to Extend Time to Rollback from 10 days to 60 days on Windows 11 through CMD?

As we mentioned, only 10 days deadline is provided to everyone after installation of Windows 11 to downgrade to Windows 10 and after that no ways to go back to your Lovely world…But! there is a way which you can use to extend time period from 10 days to 60 days using CMD (YES, we are not aliens).

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  • Open Search and Search CMD
  • Run CMD as Administrator
  • Type Code- DISM /Online /Get-OSUninstallWindow
  • If output syntax is 10 or Uninstall Window:10 so it means you are underclock
  • If it reflects Error that means your Time to Rollback with Recovery has ended & even time cant be extended now
  • But if you have time left so let’s extend it now
  • If there’s time left so type- DISM /Online /Set-OSUninstallWindow /Value:60
  • Value can be adjusted from 10 to 60 anywhere in between

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After this, the value you add will be added officially to timeclock for the rollback of Windows 11, which means under that time you can downgrade Windows 11 to Windows 10 easily as 10 days limit get extended.

How to Rollback to Windows 10 from Windows 11 using Manual Mode (from Boot option deleting C:Drive Files)

If you have failed Days deadline, didn’t get time to extend time clock but still willing to Downgrade your Windows 11 to Windows 10 so only way left is Manual installation which includes Deleting Files from C: Drive, only Windows Drive Files, no others.

All other partitional drives will be safe in this procedure and only C Drive have to compromise as its main Windows containing Drive, we highly suggest you to take Full Backup of every File in computer for precautions on Hard Disk or Cloud (whatever you prefer).

Also Windows 10 will be activated automatically, so you don’t need to worry about that.

  • Download the Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft.
  • Once downloaded, create a bootable drive so that you can install Windows 10. To know how to create a bootable drive check this guide.
  • With the bootable USB has been created, simply restart the system.
  • As soon as the system restarts press the F8, F10, or F12 key (whichever works for your system) to let enter the boot menu to install Windows 10.
  • It will now ask you to select the version of Windows 10 you want to install.
  • Next, it will ask you if you want to perform a clean install or custom install. Select the one suitable for you.
  • Choose the partition that you wish to install Windows 10 onn, It will erase all data from that drive. If it gives GPT or MBR error, check out this guide.

Windows 10 installation will begin. It will also ask you to set a name for your system, connect to the internet to check for any updates available, and even ask you to sign in with a Microsoft account.

So, this is how you can downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10. You can follow this method if you want to clean install any version of Windows on your PC.

NOTE– Before plugging in Bootable Pendrive, make sure your BIOS is enabled for Pendrives otherwise first enable it then do this process after Save & Exit from Bios. To enable Pendrive in BOS just Click HERE to Watch.


If everything works great so you get what you need, that is why follow steps carefully with mind after crosschecking everything because some mistakes cant be revert back & can make it dead. This was a whole procedure to Rollback your Windows 11 and Downgrade Windows 11 to Windows 10 from your System without major confusion.

-Thanks for Reading

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