How to Secure your Social Accounts from Hacker- Best Top ways

If you scared of that your Social Media Accounts can be hacked so don't your account from hacker through the best ways & be secure

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Are you afraid of losing control over your Social Media Account? know How to Secure your Social Accounts from Hacker, as if someday they get Hacked so what will happen? well, today we tell you How you can Secure your Social Media (Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, etc) accounts from Hacker to get rid of your worries.

Let me tell you there are no such Hack Proof Tricks but the Best you can do is to set your Accounts with Top Security Setting that makes it almost-unhackable so in short, you will be able to secure your Data & Accounts both available on that platform.

One thing to keep in mind is Your Personal Data is Business on The Internet & if you leave it as-it-is so Advertisers and Hackers both are ready to steal it and sell it. This means an- Unsafe or Less Secured account is like an open Treasure ready to get Looted by Robbers with no keys.

Reason to Secure your Social Accounts from Hacker?

Now why we insisting to increase your Account Security, What are the Reasons to secure your account from Hackers & secure your Data, well the answer is simple, we explain…

These Days everything works on the Internet whether it’s our Business (Small or Big), Education, Connecting to People (Chats or Friends), Media (Photos or Videos or Docs on Cloud services), Payment or Bank Details, even smallest like (Birthday Dates, Event Planning, Notes, etc.) as they get leaked so you can be jugged, what kind of person you are, behavior, likes-dislikes, social circle, Live Address & a lot more.

Ways to Secure your Social Accounts from Hacker-

  • Use Alphanumericsymbolic Password-

This tough long word simply means setting a password that includes alphabets (A-a), numbers (123) & symbols (@,!,/,, etc.) and to create a strong password which can be remembered and is secured at the same time, eg- @mogh-Gupt@1997 can be my password, Tip- You can use a Password Generator as here password generator, store it somewhere & use it to Sign-in.

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how to enable 2 step verification and how 2 step verification works to sucre your account
  • Enable 2-Step Verification on Social Media Account-

This option is available on almost every particular Social Media Platform to double secure your account with an OTP, all you need is to Go to the Seeting>Security>2 Step Verification>Register your Mobile Number>Get Confirmation>Done.

Once you are done, your 2Step Verify will be enabled & every time you sign in into a different device or if someone even tries then you get an OTP on your Phone as Text, you have to enter the 4-6 Digit Code and only then you can sign in.

If you feel suspicious so it gives you an alert as well with Device Details & a Password Reset option. Trick- You can save the trusted Devices so that it won’t ask for OTP again-and-again & also can Enable-Disable this option as per choice.

what are backup keys or what are recovery keys, how to use recovery keys and where to get them
  • Storing Recovery/Backup Keys to Secure your Social Account in Emergency-

It is an option which can be a lifesaver many times, every account has some Unique Recovery/Backup Keys that you can Download, Snap, or Feed into a Pendrive. This is one of the Flexiest because even you lose your Password, 2Step Verify, or even get hacked in cases this can recover you.

Settings>Security>Backup Codes/Recovery Codes

Tip– You can generate Unique Backup Codes if you think previous ones are leaked, also we suggest you store it in a Pendrive or making physical recovery backup for plug-and-play compatibility.

what is recovery email in gmail and how to use recovery email to reset password and protect gmail account from hacker and secure your social accounts
  • Adding Recovery Email for Emergency on your Social Accounts to keep it Secure-

While setting up your Gmail or any Email account, make sure you add a Recovery or Backup Email as it can be useful in case you forget your password or lose access, using alternative Email ID you can get an OTP Code after Entering it you can change your password to Regain access.

Settings>Security>Add Recovery Email

Tip– Only add that Email which you Trust or have multiple Emails so you can choose one too (it kinda makes interlinking between two).

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wat is google prompts and how to use google prompts for security gmail from any hacker
  • Activate Google Prompt Alert before Hacker hack in-

Here you get a Pop-up prompt every time you sign in onto a different device asking you is it you or not giving the option of (YES & NO), with Device Details on which its Logged in.

If you Choose YES this it will sign you in or if NO then it asks you to set a new password & revoke access over that phone/laptop and you can Activate this option from Security options in Gmail.

Settings>Security>Google Prompt

what is revoke device login, how to device revoke or remove device option to secure social email from hacker
  • Revoke Logged-in Devices to Remove Access from Unknown Devices-

The option enables you in case if you think your account has been logged in on some unauthorized device which you suspect, with this you can revoke (remove) device login using Security Dashboard, this is available on Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

Security>Manage Devices>Sign-out if any unknown Device

Tip– This option is also known as “Where you Logged in so don’t get confused, also you can set an alert Msg for any new Devices.

  • Look through Activities of your Social Accounts-

We noticed this option on Google Account but we think it’s available on other sources as well, this helps you to analyze what activities you have done & in case if you find some vulnerable happening so you can follow it & can keep an eye on it or even can block the source access.

Security>Manage 3rd Party Apps

Trick– This is very much useful for Google Account holders as can help you to delete each activity performed to save you in case you think you can be caught so you can erase the whole database & you are clear.

how to remove third party app access from email to secure accounts from hacker
  • Third-Party App Access Removal-

Basically, we use our Facebook or Google Account many times to sign in into different Apps for a particular time & then sometimes we don’t ever use it again so we suggest you look through third-party apps that are not used and remove access.

This because if you use them or not but those Apps can be effective to extract your Data & lead you to Data Loss.

Security>Manage Apps>Remove Access

Google Security Guide HERE

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All the above solutions are for cure to protect yourself from Data Theft as whenever you online, you are always a suspect to be a victim and whatever you share can be tracked & hacked.

If you keep yourself secure then its good for you to not be a Business yourself, “treat your self precious because the Internet is open for Everyone”.

-Thanks for Reading