how to connect binance and wazirx easily in steps without hassle and risk

How to Transfer Crypto from WazirX to Binance for Free? How to Connect WazirX and Binance?

HOLDS, BUYS, SELL is a process but shifting from one portal to another is another system and if you want to Shift from WazirX to Binance then check this Guide of How to Transfer Crypto from WazirX to Binance for Free? How to Connect WazirX and Binance?
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WazirX is owed by Binance (that we all know) but most of you might don’t know that How to Transfer Crypto from WazirX to Binance for Free because I have seen many people struggling in searching “How to Connect WazirX and Binance?” & even I did the same but it was way to easy to perform. Let me tell you how to do it and Connect WazirX to Binance and Transfer Coins or Tokens to it.

As being an Indian version its always much unstable and many times its manipulated or stuck due to server error or so, yes we are talking about WazirX here because many people want or wish to shift to Binance because it’s their parent company, so to shift from WazirX to Binance is easy and you can even connect both simultaneously for a deposit, buy and sell.

wazirx is owned by binance for indian crypto trading, How to Connect WazirX and Binance
How to Connect WazirX and Binance Steps

What is relation between Binance and WazirX?

You might know or not but WazirX is owned by Binance and Binance is the world biggest platform for Crypototrading and investing all over the world. Where WazirX is an India only platform to invest and trade in Crypto through INR. Depositing Crypto from WazirX to Binance is done at 0 costs & charges, wherever if you choose any third party so charges are charged.

Binance is bad in the sense because all transactions are done in USD only or BTC or Euros, there’s no INR which is why people use WazirX for easy-peasy stuff.

Why should I choose Binance for Deposit and why is it best?

Because its Worlds best Platform, safe, accessible from anywhere through VPN, no effect from a particular country like even if India ban or regulate so on Binance you can work freely. Also charges of each transaction like Deposits, Withdrawal are much lower and stable at Binance in gain to its authenticity and supportive hands as it’s accepted by almost everyone like Trustwallet, Crypto Wallets, NFTs, Shops, etc.

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Now you know the basics of both the platforms and we had a discussion, its time to tell you,

Steps on How to Connect WazirX and Binance?

How to Open Binance Account in India and Verify to start investing

  • Install Binance App HERE (use Code- 345781188)
  • Tap on Signin with Mobile Number and Create Account with Mobile Number (NOTE: Use same number that you used in WazirX or else use Email ID but both should be same on WazirX and Binance)
  • Confirm your Account by putting OTP
  • Verify your Account from Account section by verifying through KYC details like PAN, Adhar, Selfie Photo so you can claim account for proper working & features

How to Open and Create WazirX Account for Free

  • Download and Install WazirX (use Code- NMMM5MNE)
  • Signin using same Mobile Number or Email you used in Binance
  • Complete KYC after confirming OTP and Emial Verification
  • Start Buying and Sellng in INR on WazirX

NOTE IMP**: In case you didn’t use Email for Binance so just go to Binance, Security, Email Authentication & add the same Email of WazirX then Verify to connect both. Because Mobile Number and Email should be the same on both platforms as mentioned above.

Once it is done now it’s just simple, but keep in mind there are some currencies and tokens & coins on WazirX which might be in the rapid listing or non-transferable from WazirX to Binance so those have to be in WazirX. Also, you have to Add some Bank Account and Verify or UPI of the same name on which account is created.

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Congratulations!, you have successfully connected your WazirX to Binance with these steps, now all you need to do is Transfer Crypto from WazirX to Binance for Free without any charges so let’s do that.

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If you follow these mentioned steps carefully with proper KYC, same details on both spaces so you have connected them indirectly. Now lets see how to transfer cryptos from 1 to another.

How to Transfer Crypto from WazirX to Binance for Free
How to Transfer Crypto from WazirX to Binance for Free

How to Transfer Crypto from WazirX to Binance for Free

After it’s connected, there are now small steps you have to follow for transfers.

  • Go to WazirX Wallet to check what Cryptos you have purcahsed
  • Click on any Cryptocurrency you have in your Wallet and want to Trasnfer to Binance
  • Click on Withdthdraw, a list will popup with Binance and Other Wallet
  • Click on Binance, it says Withdawr to Binance
  • Select Currency, Amount or Withdawr all
  • Click on Trasfer to Binance
  • Done! It will instantly trasfer your Crpyto from WazirX to Binance

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If you choose the Other Wallet account so you can use any other you like like Trustwallet, Metamask, etc. but it charges you some amount because they are their party. Also for the verification of the Bank Account on WazirX, it takes almost 3 to 4 Days to be able to verify.

Showers…you have done it all successfully! now you can Buy in INR from WazirX and can Transfer to Binance for Free instantly with no lacks to preserve or trade internationally or can use those Buying anywhere in the world through Binance.

-Thanks for Reading.

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