How to use Pendrive on Airtel Xstream Box to watch Videos and Media | Use Pendrive on any Digital Smart TV Setup Box

If your TV also has a Smart Digital Android Box no matter of what company and you want to Watch any Movie, Video or Pictures through your USB Pendrive then now you can know how to do it easily as here we are sharing How to use Pendrive on Airtel Xstream Box to watch Videos and Media or any Digital Smart TV Setup Box.

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If you have a LED or LCD TV and you have opted for Smart Setup Box by any company whether it’s Airtel, Tata Sky or Dish TV, you might think about how to use Pendrive on it properly? Today we see How to use Pendrive on Airtel Xstream Box to watch Videos and Media with a procedure of using Pendrive on any Android Smart Setup Box by any Company. So if you wanna know How you can Use Pendrive on your Android Setup Box which is converting your normal TV into a Smart TV where you can see files like images, videos, movies, etc. and can enjoy playing them to a big screen so keep reading.

I found this Trick when I wanted to watch a movie with my family on a big screen through my Pendrive but surprisingly TV was not accepting (Mkv) file format, my Airtel Xstream was showing Pendrive Connected in the message but no options were there to access those files because the Port is only for the usage of Recording any Serial or Movie as an external device, still, you can use USB Pendrive port on your Airtel Xstream to Stream Videos, Movies, Images, etc. easily. So lets see How to use Pendrive on Airtel Xstream Smart Box or any other Box and resolve the issue step by step.

Highlights of this Post and things we gonna cover here:

  • How to Use Pendive on your Airtel Xstream Setup Box or any other Android Smart Box.
  • Apps Required to Run Files like Videos, Photos, Movies, etc. on TV using USB Port on Box.
  • How to Use File Manager on Airtel Xstream to Access other Files in Pendrive.
  • This trick work with every Digital Android Smart Setup Box that Convert your normal TV to an Android Smart TV.

After trying YouTube without finding any solid clue of how to Run Movie or Video on my Airtel Setup Box, I tried something Tech Savy stuff, in the video person showed to install MX Players and some other unknown File Manager, but my trick is much easier than that.

All you need is Connecting Pendrive to Airtel Xstream Box to play Movies, Videos or Files and choose the right way apps, apply this trick on any Digital Smart Setup Box.

How to use Pendrive on Airtel Xstream Box to watch Videos and Media or any other Smart Box

airtel xstream setup box ports usage explaining how to use usb port to insert oendrive to watch movies and photos on tv
How to use Airtel Xstream Box Ports for USB Pendrive

You might have seen Ports on Smart setup Boxes where there is a USB port which is used to plugin your Pendrive but its mostly for saving recorded clips of your favourite Serial from Live Channels, a very few people know that you can use it as storage device to stream Movies, Vides, etc. on your normal TV with the help of digital box.

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Apps you need to install from Play Store:

When you set up your account so it is obvious that on Android Smartbox you get Play Store as Store to download Apps, all you need is to Sign in to your account on Airtel Xstream with your Gmail ID, once done,

  • Install File Manager TV USB OTG Cast Cloud WiFi Explorer by DWorks Application
  • Install VLC Media Player to stream Movies and Videos in all Formats
  • Install Photo Gallery and Screensaver to access Photos directly from your Google Photos, Cloud or Local access like USB

How to run Pendrive to your Airtel Xstream Box and Watch Movies, Videos and Images on TV?

First, you need to add some files to your Pendrive that you want to watch on your TV using Airtel Xstream Box, you can add file like Images, Videos, Movies, Clips, Slideshow, PDF, etc. anything that you want to present on-screen.

  • Take the Pendrive to Box and Plugin, you see USB Device Connected or Detected message on your TV screen
  • If you want to Watch a Movie or Video then Simply go to Apps Section on your Xstream and Open VLC Media Player
  • It auto-detect all the Video Contnet & supports all File Formats to Choose and Play directly
  • You can use it just like you do on your Windows PC
  • If you want to see Images then choose Photo Gallery and Screensaver app after plugging Pendrive to Xstream box
  • You can view Images as Slideshow or one-by-one
  • To access other files, just Plugin your USB Pendrive and use File Manager TV USB by DWorks
  • After this you will can access or open any supported file from Pendrive to your TV with Digital Smart Setup Box but only which system supports

NOTE: Not all File formats can be run by an Android Smart Setup Box like Android or Windows, choice of Apps and Supported Files are limited here because its a TV not a working station OS.

So this is how you do it, It is simple to perform and all the Apps we mentioned here are secured and ads-free, MX players can be used but personally I like it as VLC is a much better option to go for. This tutorial/guide was basically for Android Setup Box owners only and not for Apple TV Box. Chromecast users can also try this option in case they need it.

If you find some better options then do Share with us on Social Media tagging us in Comments or DM, this was a small How-to Guide from our side for you to know How to Use USB Pendrive with Smart Android Setup Box & especially with your Airtel Xstream Box.

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