How to Use Your Old Smartphone as CCTV Free Home Security (Tech Hacks)

If you want to re-use your old smartphone so just try to recyle it and use it as a Security Camera at your home by knowing How to Use your Old Smartphone as CCTV Security Camera for Free.

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Do you have an old smartphone which you are not using and is kept aside in wait to be used again? Then why not make it work again knowing How to Use Your Old Smartphone as CCTV Free Home Security, in this way it will be recycled, reused and helps to provide your home more security as well just by these simple steps of turning Old Smartphone to CCTV Camera for Free.

The mentioned way is easy to do and totally free as well, there is a paid version as well but we cover the free one as if you need you can upgrade anytime you need. Also, the method is for Android Devices only so for iOS ones we mention something here which they can use for doing same but same method will be applied.

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To perform and turn your old smartphone as CCTV, no prior technical knowledge is required as we have already made a video which you can check to know how to do it. All you need is to follow those steps to step in and make your old smartphone work as a security camera at home or maybe even outside.

How to Use Your Old Smartphone as CCTV Free Home Security- Steps to Follow

Things you will need to Use your Old Smartphone as CCTV are-

  • An Old Smartphones whos Camera is in working (Mic on demand if you need surround Voice)
  • A Point to Place Smartphone as CCTV
  • Mount to place Mobile on Wall (optional)
  • WiFi or 24/7 Internet facility
  • Smartphone Battery performance (make sure battery of your camera smartphone is effective otherwise it goes Offline)How to Use Your Old Smartphone as CCTV Free Home Security using alfred app switching between viewer and camera Check- How to Secure your Social Accounts from Hacker- Best Top ways

Steps to Turn Old Smartphone to CCTV Camera:

  • Download Alfred App from HERE on both Smartphones (Viewer & Camera Smartphone both need to have same App Installed)
  • Start Application and do Sign in with Same Email ID on both
  • Set one as Camera and another a Viewer
  • Check Connectivity and Battery Percentage
  • Try if everything is working fine
  • Now Place your Camera Phone facing location you want to cover
  • DONE! you have set up your old smartphone as a security camera successfully

Note– If you wish to watch your Camera smartphone view on Windows like Laptop or PC then you can visit www.Alfred.computers and can sign with same email ID to keep an eye.

lifetime ad free for life subscription of alfred price through which you can use any old android smartphone as home security cctv camera in simple steps with easy tutorial

The App also have a Paid version which allows you to view in HD quality where Basic is also decent and works with no problem, you also get Voice option through which you can listen whats happening on the other side, or can connect more smartphones to add more camera and views, can record on view on your viewer’s device and can save clips in your smartphone, even motion detection option is available and that’s all for free.

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The App has an easy setup and works no less than a professional installation, with this way you will be able to save a couple of $ instead of installing pennies on new Security Camera. This can be helpful to reuse old smartphone, turn old smartphone as CCTV.

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Alfred Premium Benefits/AD-Free for Life-

  • 1 Month at Rs.270 or 12 Months at Rs.163/mo
  • HD Viewing and Recoding
  • Record Longer Videos
  • Motion Detection Scheduled
  • No ADs
  • More Cloud Storage
  • Rs.1100 for Lifetime/account for Life Ad Freealfred premium subscription price with tutorial on how to use old smartphone as cctv camera android

Benefits of Using Old Smartphone as Home Security Camera:

There are multiple benefits of using old smartphone as security camera because you can reuse your phone in this way instead of dumping or throwing it away, it increases phone life, can not be detected easily if you place your phone smartly turning it into a CCTV because any burglar will notice it lately and treat it as just a phone, can be useful to keep an eye over your pet or babysitting, reduce the expense of buying a new CCTV camera and installation, and a lot more.

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Determination- Why do I?

This is not only a good way but a smart way as well of reducing electoral junk and recycling it for yourself until it really dies because these days we change our smartphone frequently & throw the old one out. With this, we be smart and reliable, not only for us but for the environment and safety of both- our Homes & Nature too.

-Thanks for Reading.

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