use your smartphone as webcam for free with windows and android using droidcam

How to use your Smartphone as Webcam on Windows 11/10 FREE (2022)

In this Post, we are showcasing How to use your Smartphone as Webcam for Free on Windows in case you don't have a WebCam. This is a step by step guide that could be really helpful for Students and Business persons.
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Meeting, Discussion, Presentations, Announcements, since these thigns have started happening online Webcam has been much needed, in case your system don’t have a webcam so what you can do?, well today we share How to use your Smartphone as Webcam on Windows 11/10 FREE just with a single app step by step.

To use Smartphone as a Webcam to your system you don’t need any tech how to’s, many videos explain it complicatedly but I am using my smartphone for around 2 weeks and believe me it’s easy and secure more than using an actual WebCam on your system because its mobile & only working when you connect.

The method we are discussing can actually be used with WiFi, USB or Bluetooth all 3 with a single app. Its just Download, Start and Stop. But remember its only valid for Android uses, for iOS users you might need some other App as its not available there so kindly look for alternatives.

How to Use DroidCam with Smartphone to use your Smartphone as Webcam on Windows 11

Here for this tutorial, we are going to check out a free app called DroidCam to use it as Wireless Webcam that can turn your Smartphone into a Webcam itself and its easy to use as well. Just follow the steps below.

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Steps to Turn your Smartphone into a Webcam with DroidCam-

How to use your Smartphone as Webcam on Windows 11/10 FREE
How to use your Smartphone as Webcam on Windows 11/10 FREE
  • Download DroidCam from PlayStore HERE and Install on your Smartphone
  • Now, Download DroicCam for Windows from HERE and Install
  • Run DroidCam on your phone, you can see 3 options
  • Choose Wireless if your PC and Smarphone are connected to same Network else try Bluetooth or USB
  • If you choose WiFi, enter the IP shown in App after connecting with WiFi and Enter in your PC DroidCam Popup
  • If you choose WiFi as Wireless then open the App in WIdnwos as well and it will connect automatically throughj your WiFi IP & detect
  • Select if you want to join with Audio & Video, Vice-Versa
  • Start DroidCam and it you are done by placing your phone in front
  • If you choose Bluetooth so your PC and Phone Bluetooth should be connected or for USB your USB Debugging must be on & Connected to PC
  • HD Quality is availe in Premium Mode only but still you can get 480p which is good itself for a VC, Meet, etc.

I am using it personally for a long time & believe me its worth trying if you don’t have a good WebCam, although its true that the battery drain faster for the job done its a good option that we found.

Importantly it works Wirelessly, USB & on Bluetooth as well, the simple connect and run option is smooth and quality is super, lag-free and on time call response without delays. Yeah, its true sometimes App crashes but the probability is low here for that.

That’s all from our side for this post, till then.

-Thanks for Reading.

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