watch ipl 2020 for free on smartphones android and ios both

How to Watch IPL 2020 for Free on Android and iOS

IPL sessions have started and people feeling cheerful...Cricket lovers favourite game is back after COVID...check How to Watch IPL 2020 for Free on Android?...

This post was most recently updated on December 7th, 2020

Are you one of those who was waiting for IPL like a Child for a Toy but can’t watch it for Free on Smartphone? so Today we have the solution for you, know How to Watch IPL 2020 for Free on Android Smartphone without any problem with TV-like experience. Yes, you can watch IPL 2020 for Free on your Smartphone and get crazy for your supporting team.

IPL 2020 has started, Cricket Lovers are getting crazy with it but still, some people are willing to watch it for free on the go and for those, we have something. Yess you can watch IPL 2020 for Free through your Android Smartphones or even at iOS as well. So let’s start and tell you steps to know how to Watch IPL 2020 Free on Android or iOS.

Due to COVID19 situation, this year’s IPL is happening without any audience as if you might have noticed so there’s no audience in the crowd but they are buzzing sounds of pre-recorded effects so you feel cheerful and don’t feel sick watching it on your Screens. All the matches taking place are happening in Clean grounds where only players and team supporters are allowed.

IPL 2020 sponsors have also been changed from Vivo to Dream11 as earlier it was said this year IPL won’t take place and was almost cancelled but still it’s happening and it’s good to watch it.

So now we have talked about a little of IPL, its time to discuss the main thing which is How to Watch IPL 2020 for Free, Right? and it’s not complicated at all but so easy to do without any technical depth knowledge just follow the mentioned and watch it live.

How to Watch IPL 2020 for Free on Android and iOS Smartphones- Ways?

How to Watch IPL 2020 for Free on Android and iOS using jio tv or airtel xstream app for jio users or airtel users

Jio and Airtel Users can Watch IPL 2020 for Free-

If you have a connection of Jio or Airtel so you can watch IPL 2020 for Free totally without any problem, yeah its true as Jio Users who have activation of Jio TV can get access of watching IPL where for Airtel users who have Xstream activated can watch it for free too.

All you need is to download the Xstream or Jio TV App, Sign in with your existing provider (Jio TV to Jio and Xstream to Airtel), Verify your Details and experience seamless Cricket Love in this IPL session.

Good news is, it dosent matter you have Android or iOS in this case on both they are available and people can watch it so if you have SIM of Jio or Broadband with these service activation then just hit it now.

Click HERE to Download Airtel Xstream App / JioTV HERE

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list of free apps to watch ipl 2020 for free on android smartphones

Free Apps to Watch IPL 2020 for Free on Android-

Now here a list of Apps mentioned below is only available for android as you can Download these Free Apps APK to watch BCCI IPL for Free on Android. As iOS doesn’t support APKs so it’s restricted for them but Android users just go on…

GenuineTV Subscribed MOD APK-

One of the best app to watch Live TV Shows, Movies and Sports on your Smartphone. GenuineTV is a premium service but though its a MOD so it’s free to have, just visit the link below, Download APK & Install to Start Watching.

Click HERE to APP Link


Another source to watch BCCI IPL 2020 for Free on your Smartphone as PikaShowTV is free and only available through APK so if you want to enjoy this year IPL for Free then check this great app.

Click HERE to APP Link

OreoTV APK- 

OreoTV is amazing as it delivers you such amazing features like Like TV option to watch any of your favourite Channel for free on your smartphone. You can expect Tons of titles, High-Quality Streaming, Downloading of Videos, Categories, User-friendly UI, etc. all in one app that we must suggest.

Click HERE to APP Link

And this completes our list of Apps through which you can watch IPL for free on your Smartphones, yeah sadly Android only but first mentioned option is available for everyone so you might try that.

Also if you have any other suggestions related to watching IPL then do share with us on social media, till then you can share this Post link in your Cricket Groups or with your Sporty fan club. We catch you in the next one.

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