iFFALCON Launches Eco-tropical inverter ACs on Flipkart

iFFALCON Launch Eco-tropical Inverter on Flipkart

iFFALCON Launched its new range of Inverter for ACs...you can take look on Flipkart for these line of Inverter series by TCL...
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This post was most recently updated on 7th Jul, 2020

Leading television brand iFFALCON, a part of TCL Electronics, has today announced the launch of its range of Eco-topical Inverter air conditioners on Flipkart. Introduced at an entry price of Rs 22,999, the Smart AC will be available to millions of Flipkart consumers across the country in a safe and hygienic manner.

It is a Chinese Company which is offering this deal of Inverters to the Indian Consumers and we mentioned it becuase you should know what you buying and where the Company is situated, so TCL is basically a Chinese Brand and its subbrand iFFALCON has launched this product online.

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Powered by advanced technologies, the Eco-topical Inverter air conditioners works with Google Assistant and TCL Home APP to ensure Smart Connectivity. Equipped with premium Cooling Technology, these ACs ensure strong cooling even at high ambient temperature up to 60°C. The device starts with high frequency and can run at maximum RPM to bring down the temperature to 18°C in just 30 Seconds.

Another impressive feature of iFFALCON ACs is that it is designed to reduce power consumption by 50%. The smart air conditioners also sport a Titan Gold Evaporator and Condenser, which not only adds efficiency to the process but also extends the life of the Air Conditioner. It also features a Silver Ion Filter to remove bacteria and ensure fresh air in the room. 

An advanced remote sensor with I Feel Technology enables the device to sense the room temperature with high precision. Besides these offerings, the elite series comprise additional features such as R32 eco-friendly refrigerant, digital temperature display, 100% copper tubing and 4-way airflow, which will provide users with uniform cooling in the room.

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