Facebook Services Down including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook (Live Update)

The Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp outage occured again in 2021, its the 3rd or maybe 5rd time it has happened..FB Services are Down since the last 40mins?

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Around 11.15 PM in IST, people start reporting about the Outage of Instagram, WhatsApp, FB Messanger, and Facebook Down on Twitter and this went Viral like fire finding that India is not only hit by this scenario, other Regions like Africa, Europe and some other Asian regions are also affected including Thailand, etc., after which Hashtags Like- Facebook Down, Instagram Down, WhatsApp Down was Trending on Twitter Continuously Globally.

What Happened Actually?

This was found when People were using these Platform but were not able to Download Media Files or not able to Post Stories, Upload Pictures or Status. The Apps started showing Errors between Downloads that Leads the Minds for the Outage again of FB Services.

In this updated Down report all FB Servies have been affected and regions like UK, USA, Asia Pacific have seen the effect, right now no clarification has come from WhatsApp or FB site with reason, check later for more updated info.

Updates (Previous Update)

After a Total Outage of 6.5hrs Finally Facebook and it’s all Services are back on Track, if you haven’t tested them yet then check once again Now specially Indian Base, they are working fine now, WhatsApp, Facebook, Insta n everything. The details will be updated soon but for an instance n updates the Game now back on track.

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About 4hrs ago Facebook, Insta has Tweeted that “We’re aware that some people are having trouble uploading or sending images and videos on Instagram. We’re sorry for the trouble and are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. #instagramdown”-Instagram

but no assurity or time has been given there, and this is not the first time when this kind of Act has taken place, nearly about 2Months ago this same situation has accrued in 2019 when it took more than 8Hrs to get things Normal. This Outage is Global and in according to Reports it is said that this might can be a Hacking Attack to the Servers but no one has made a strong statement on it till yet.

Why is this Happening-

again n again with Facebook, there’s no strong point on it but Users are suffering all across the World, we suggest in this Scenario try to avoid using these Platform or use alternatives like Twitter, Snap, Telegram or Hike Messenger.

Reaching this I found Google and some of its other Services have Slowed Down as well, Site Loads are taking time but Y? there’s no Clue, We Update our Post as the Updates comes into us, till then I request to Try some other alternative and give your Devices a Relax.



Thank You.

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