Integrated Battery Advantages & Disadvantages- Informative

The Intergrated Battery these days on devices...we all should know its Advantages & Disadvantages because all our Phones, Laptops, etc. have it these days..

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The battery is undoubtedly one of the headaches of those who have a  laptop and the Integrated battery are the new trend in every drive but what are its Advantages or Disadvantages?

Keep in mind that both the charges and the passage of time and heat limit the life of the batteries, So whatever you do, sooner rather than later, you will have to change it.

There are tips to take care of the battery but do not get overwhelmed with this. In addition, the new ones, based on Lithium-Ion polymers, are smarter and much more protected than their older sisters. So don’t go crazy taking them off and putting them on.

However, this headache has only just begun. Future laptops are going to get smaller and smaller with more integrated elements. If not, look at the tablets, so you must be prepared why you will find more and more models with the integrated battery.

For example, the so-called ultrabooks usually come with an integrated battery. Keep in mind that at least for now everything is not lost. Although they are integrated they can be changed but you have to disassemble the laptop is somewhat easier than if you had the same problem on a tablet.

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Advantages of integrated battery

The battery is more protected against shocks. They come screwed and therefore completely fixed. This prevents them from losing electrical contact when moving. In older batteries, a bad hit could cause them not to charge and discharge well, which means for all the equipment.

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Thinner laptops can be created. It is one of the advantages that brings more streamlined laptops. This really is the big reason behind the use of built-in batteries, creating much thinner laptops.

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Disadvantages of the integrated battery

It is more complicated to change it.  In principle, you just have to open it by removing some screws and there you will find it. Obviously this does not prevent models from appearing where opening the laptop is almost impossible. In these cases, in case of battery failures, you should send it to the technical service with the money that this may entail.

Add to this that opening a laptop can mean the loss of warranty and at least during the first years you should not touch anything.

You cannot carry spare batteries. It is one of the great disadvantages. We may need the laptop to work for several hours and we do not have the option of carrying several additional batteries.

Although there are some external batteries that can be used for this purpose, they are quite expensive.

They are of less capacity. There is nothing to prevent an integrated battery from having more capacity than one that can be removed, but since what is sought is thinner devices that weigh less in the end, it is impossible not to do it without having a lower battery capacity.

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