Is Dream 11 really helpful in earning money or is it a legal scam?, Dream 11 FAQ

Is Dream 11 really helpful in earning money or is it a legal scam?- Dream 11 FAQ

Dream 11 is a Scam, that's a fact but is it legal scam or just playing you into a betting game in which are you joining yourself?- its like enjoying Vegas onto your Mobile without going LA (lol)
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Definitely, it is a legal scam or you can say a betting place like a public casino where they take money from people in the name of winning for playing games but after a few plays, you start losing and till then you find yourself addicted to it in wish to earn.

Is Dream 11 really helpful in earning money or is it a legal scam- Fact Check!

Their only motive is earning and not service, people who have no clue about this kind of service get trapped and till now Dream11 has already earned a lot, that is why this year they have become a sponsor of IPL 2020 (from your money only).

Also, these things are out of control from governmental hands or you can say they dont want to look at it because a cut is also served to them from these earnings, I urge you not to get trapped in this hole otherwise you could end nowhere.

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How does Dream 11 work?

First they make you Win, for a short period of time as a new player till you are just hesitating you will win but once you become confident or want to try more, you start loosing.

Dream 11 makes you habitual to take risks and in greed of more, you start losing your profits, its only 5/100 times when someone wins a big profit.

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It’s like a blind bet, the more you play the better you feel in start to win more but once the algorithm catches your style you start losing, control is always at the hand of algo and the person who owns it. You are just batted in exchange of more profits.

Fact about Dream 11 App that you don’t know!

You might don’t know but Dream 11 App is not available on Play Store, Why?, because according to Google Play policy it doesn’t alow betting apps to be present on platform also Apps that are Scammy, Spammy or can harm financials and mind.

All players who use it Download it through its APK, Dream 11 is a pure Bet game with a strong algorithm integrated with the software to players attraction.

On the basis of their Marketing and Sponsorships it attacks people, if you try asking people you get to know how many have lost how much money they have invested in this App.

Instead of this if you try investing that amount somewhere good, you might not even be able to save your Cash but also increase the profits.

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