List of Best PC Shortcut Key Combinations on Windows

If you are a Windows User so you must like to get to know about some cool Shortcuts, that not only can help you to save time but to provide an extra layer of knowledge. Do Check out the List of Best PC Shortcut Key Combinations on Windows for more info.

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While using your computer or laptop, do you feel like Shortcuts are so good on a PC (isn’t it?), how cool are they as just with few Key Combinations you can perform so many different Tasks in seconds on a laptop or PC. So with that Today I am gonna share with you List of Best PC Shortcut Key Combinations on Windows that can help you to be PC Master.

All these Shortcut Key Combination Lists with almost over 50-100+ Tricks include Basic Shortcut Keys, Microsoft Windows Shortcut Keys, Word Shortcut Keys & Excel Shortcut Keys.

This is a kinda non-expiry material which is gonna be stuck for every Window User forever and not even with MS Word but somewhere with WPS Office as well.

List of Best PC Shortcut Key Combinations on Windows:

Basic Shortcuts Keys List for Windows:

Alt+F- File Menu options in the Current Program

Alt+E- Edit options in the Current Program

F1- Universal help(for all programs)

Ctrl+A- Select All

Ctrl+X- Cut the Selected

Shift+Del- Cut the Selected

Ctrl+C- Copy the item

Ctrl+Ins- Copy item

Ctrl+V- Paste

Shift+Ins- Paste

Home- Go to the beginning of the current line

Ctrl+Home- Go to beginning of the document

End- Go to end of line

Ctrl+End- Go to end of the document

Shift+Home- Highlight from the current position to beginning of the line

Shift+End- Highlight from the current position to end line

Ctrl+Left arrow- Move one word to the left at a time

Ctrl+Right arrow- Move one word to right at a time

We have discussed a huge List of Basic Windows PC Shortcut Keys list which you can use on your system environment anytime and can learn them as well so that you don’t forget its lifetime.

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Microsoft Windows Shortcut Keys List for Computer:

Alt+Tab- Switch between open apps

Alt+Shift+Tab- Switch backwards between open apps

Alt+Print screen- Create a screenshot for the current program

Ctrl+Alt+Del- Reboot/WindowsnTask manager

Ctrl+Esc- Bring up the start menu

Alt+Esc- Switch between apps on the taskbar

F2- Rename selected icon

F3- Start find from desktop

F4- Open the drive selection when browsing

F5- Refresh content

Alt+F4- Close the current prog

Ctrl+F4- Close window in prog

Ctrl+Plus key- Automatically adjust widths of all columns in Windows explorer

Alt+Enter- Open properties window of the selected icon of prog

Shift+F10- Simulate right-click on the selected item

Sift+Del- Delete progs files permanently

Holding Shift During Bootup- Boot safe mode or bypass system files

Holding Shift During Bootup- When putting in an audio CD, well prevent CD player from playing

So these were the Microsoft Windows Shortcut Keys List exclusively for all our readers that are wonderful to perform and I am also learning these to improve my Windows skills as I was really impressed when I get these somewhere and was excited to share with you all.

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Word Shortcut Keys List for PC/Laptop:

Ctrl+A- Select all the Content of the Page

Ctrl+B- Bold highlighted selection

Ctrl+C- Copy the Selected

Ctrl+X- Cut the selected

Ctrl+N- Open New Blank Doc

Ctlr+O- Open options

Ctrl+P- Open the Print option

Ctrl+F- Open Find Box

Ctrl+I- Italicize highlighted section

Ctrl+K- Insert Link

Ctrl+U- Underline highlighted section

Ctrl+V- Paste

Ctrl+Y- Redo Last performed action

Ctrl+Z- Unzo the Last action

Ctrl+G- Find & Replace option

Ctrl+H- Find & Replace option

Ctrl+J- Justify paragraph alignment

Ctrl+L- Align selected text or line to the left

Ctrl+Q- Align selected paragraph to the left 

Ctrl+E- Align selected text to the centre

Ctrl+R- Align selected text to the right

Ctrl+M- Indent paragraph

Ctrl+T- Hanging indent

Ctrl+D- Font options

Ctrl+Shift+F- Change font

Ctrl+Shift+>- Increase selected font+1

Ctrl+]- Increase selected font+1

Ctrl+Shift+< -Decrease selected font -1

Ctrl+[- Decrease selected font -1 

Ctrl+Left Arrow- Move 1 Word to left

Ctrl+Right Arrow- Move 1 Word to right

Ctrl+Up Arrow- Move to the beginning of the line or paragraph

Ctrl+Down Arrow- Move to the end of line or paragraph

Ctrl+Del- Delete Word to right of the cursor

Ctrl+Backspace- Delete Word to the left of the cursor

Ctrl+End- Move the cursor to the end of the doc

Ctrl+Home- Move the cursor to the beginning of the doc

Ctrl+Space- Reset highlighted text to default font

Ctrl+1- Single-space lines

Ctrl+2- Double space lines

Ctrl+5- 1.5 Line spacing

Ctrl+Alt+1- Change text to Heading 1

Ctrl+Alt+2- Change Text Heading to 2

Ctrl+Alt+3- Change Text Heading to 3

F1- Open Help

Shift+F3- Change case of Selected Text

Shift+Insert- Paste

F4- Repeat the last action performed (Word 2000*)

F7- Spell Check selected text and or of Doc

F12- Save as

Ctrl+S- Save

Shift+F12- Save

Alt+Shift+D- Insert the current date

Alt+Shift+T- Insert the Current Time

Ctrl+W- Close Doc

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Excel Shortcut Keys List for PC Users:

F2- Edit selected cell

F5- Go to a specific cell

F7- Spell check selected text & or doc

F11- Create Chard

Ctrl+Shift+;- Enter Current time

Ctrl+;- Enter current Date

Alt+Shift+F1- Insert a new worksheet

Shift+F3- Open the Excel formula window

Shift+F5- Bring up Search Box

Ctrl+A- Select all contents of Worksheet

Ctrl+B- Bold Highlighted selection

Ctrl+I- Intalicize highlighted selection

Ctrl+C- Copy selected Text

Ctrl+V- Past

Ctrl+D- Fill

Ctrl+K- Insert Link

Ctrl+F- Open Find & Replace options

Ctrl+G- Open Go-To options

Ctrl+H- Open Find & Replace options

Ctrl+U- Underline highlighted selection

Ctrl+Y- Underline selected Text

Ctrl+5- Strikethrough highlighted Selection

Ctrl+O- Option options

Ctrl+N- Open New Doc

Ctrl+P- Open Print dialogue box

Ctrl+S- Save

Ctrl+Z- Undo the last action

Ctrl+F9- Minimize current Window

Ctrl+F10- Maximize currently selected Window

Ctrl+F6- Switch between open Workbooks Windows

Ctrl+Page Up & Down- Move between Excel Worksheets in the same Doc

Ctrl+Tab- Move between 2 or more open Excel Files

Alt+=- Create a formula to sum all of the above cells

Ctrl+Shift+!- Formal number in common format

Ctrl+Shift+$- Format number in currency format

Ctrl+Shift+%- Format number in a Percentage format

Ctrl+Shift+@- Format Number in time format

Ctrl+->- Move to next section of Text

Ctrl+Space- Space Entire column

Shift+Space- Select Entire Row

Ctrl+W- Close Doc

And these were some MS Word & Excel Shortcut Keys List for Window users that you can try now on your system, well I can’t because I use WPS Office but most of them are same here as well.

List of Best PC Shortcut Key Combinations on Windows

I hope you must have enjoyed the Article and got to learn from it, if you did so then please let us know in Comments as it boosts us up to give more. Also, Share us wherever you want, you can download the Image from Below to save on your Device for always a reminder.

-Thanks for Reading.

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