Highlighted New Features of Windows 11 on new windows

List of New Top Features Windows 11 provide- Upgrade, System Req, etc

New Windows is refreshing and comes with a List of New Top Features Windows 11 provide to all users. Windows 11 features are truly something that users were waiting for Decades, do check the list.
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This post was most recently updated on 25th Jan, 2022

OK! so this is the last one Promise because we have already published two main articles on Windows 2021 previously so for now this is the last one. Windows 11 has been launched but what changes have we seen? That’s what we cover here in this, Welcome to the List of New Features Windows 11 provide, also we discuss about Windows 11 System Req, Upgrade from Windows 10 to New Windows 11, etc. here in this only.

New Windows 11 comes with some major upgrades compared to previous-gen Windows 10. New Windows 2021 features are somewhere surprising like never seen or heard before on any Windows (or even on Mac- you know Apple always stays behind), where at the same time its more optimised, fresh, minimalistic, cool, well designed, User interactive, appealing, Start button in Center, Widgets, Gaming Center for Gamers, Android Apps support, etc.

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Highlighted New Features of Windows 11:

android apps are now officially supported by Windows 11 through amazon App Store on PC
Android Apps is now supported by Windows 11 through Amazon App Store
  • Microsoft Teams App is now in-built on Windows 11.
  • Android Apps support Windows 11 through Amazon App Store.
  • Start Menu is now in Center.
  • Widgets support on new Windows.
  • Gaming Center for Gamers to Control all Latest Games through Xbox to deliver a more vivid experience to gamers in support of DirectX11 (specially designed for high-end gaming PC/Machines).
  • Better, Faster & Smoother than previous-gen Windows, new Windows 11 is 40 Times Faster.

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  • Internet Explorer is now gone officially from Windows 11, Microsoft Edge is the new Explorer for Browsing which is Chromium-based (means you can run all Chrome-based functions here without Chrome, WOW!).
  • New Startup Animation Logo and Sound.
  • New Adaptive theme option in according to your Wallpaper.
  • newly designed Action Center on Windows 11.
Adaptive sync and Multi-System Sync is all-new feature which comes on Windows 11 for Tablets, PC, Smartphones, rotation, Presentation, etc.
Adaptive Sync is now supported by New Windows 11 between Tablets, Smartphone, Desktop, etc.
  • Adaptive Display & Multi System sync with in-memory sync, for eg: if you are doing some presentation and your system turns off so this enables you to start from the slide where you last ended on presenting screen even if some other app is open on your main laptop display.

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List of New Top Features Windows 11 provide in Detail:

After 6 years new Windows has come with major upgrades from all previous-gen windows like a new hit in the industry. It is now like Win10, 8, 7 or XP, this is a newly designed UI & Features with an all-new experience after many years for all Windows users.

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Microsoft Teams App is now inbuilt on Windows 11 as integrated App which needs no extra Installation process
Microsoft Teams App is now inbuilt on Windows 11 as integrated App which needs no extra Installation process
  • Teams App is now inBuilt in new Windows- Teams is a Microsoft Conference App where users can group Video call, just like Zoom and can present various projects, presentation, can record, etc. It earlier has to be downloaded separately but as per COVID conditions, the company has made it integrated on new Windows 11. It Means Teams is now a Part of new Windows as all you need is one tap-Sign in & that’s it, no Setups or extra Downloads.
  • Android App on New Windows 2021- One of the most demanding features over any Desktop OS has always been the integration of Android in the system & gladly Windows is 1st OS to bring it commercially to a majority. Windows 11 partnered with Amazon & brought you Amazon App Store to Download, Install and use Android Apps in the new Windows for Free. This means you can use all Android Apps through your Windows (so bye-bye Bluestack, Andy and Andro-Emulators).
  • Faster than any other Windows- Windows 11 is a fresh kick by MS & it has promised that Windows 11 is a much smoother, faster, optimised OS for any machine. It is said to be 40% faster than Windows 10 and faster than any other Windows which Microsoft has ever made with the least junk sprinkled.
List of New Top Features Windows 11 provide- Upgrade, System Req, etc
Start Button is now aligned at Center on New Windows
  • Start Menu is Center Aligned & New Design- Yes, the legacy has changed and the Start menu is aligned in Center (moved for the first time from its place over years, although you can readjust it if you want!), but Adaptive Theme & Wallpaper Color option, Adaptive Screen rotations (which adjust itself on rotation with sensor) is something which was not previously there).
Windows 11 comes with Widgets which you can use on main Homescreen for Weather updates, celender, music, etc.
Windows 11 is supported by Widgets for Homescreen
  • Widgets on Windows 11- Just like you use in Android or iOS, Widgets are now also available on Windows too, which means no need for Rainmeter now, just apply a good theme or wallpaper & start using Widgets on Screen related to Weather, Time, Calendar, News, etc. all on-screen in 1 click and other latest will be added with time.

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  • Snap Layouts on New Windows- New Snap layouts in Windows 11 allows you to arrange multiple windows on your screen easier, with a range of layouts available as default. These can then be stored as snap groups, allowing you to go off & look at something else, then get right back into your multitasked view with a single click, rather than having to set it up again.
  • Pen, Gesture Control, Touch Keyboard & Voice Control on Windows 2021– It’s designed for pen stylus use and has new haptic feedback when doing so. It also has gesture control, whether using a pen or fingers on a touch screen. There’s a new touch keyboard that seems to work much like the keyboard on a smartphone – complete with swipe movements, cursor control while holding down the space bar, and an emoji menu. You can also just use voice input to dictate text, with auto punctuation provided, as well as give voice controls for commands such as “delete that, Hy Garry, Jerry here”, etc. (more likely you are giving the command to Google Assistant for a Search.
Windows 11 provide totally fresh Gaming Features on new Windows with Xbox game pass and DirectX 11 support to make gaming easier and smoother reducing pressure on PC
Windows 11 provide totally fresh Gaming Features on new Windows with Xbox game pass and DirectX 11 support to make gaming easier and smoother reducing pressure on PC
  • Gaming Features on new Windows 11- Games built on the Direct X 11 (or higher) platform will benefit from an auto HDR function in Windows 11, much as was deployed in Xbox. This is set to benefit thousands of games, including titles such as Age of Empires. Another Xbox inherited function is direct storage. This allows assets to be loaded to the graphics card to vastly reduce loading time.
  • System Requirement for Windows 11- Internet Requirement to Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 (but for Manual Installation, there’s no need of Internet), Enough Free Space for Upgrades, 4GB RAM, 64 Free Space for New Win11 files, 64bit CPU, It is a Free upgrade for Windows 10 Users.
  • Steps to Upgrade to Windows 11- Just Read it here to know everything in detail.
  • Buy New Windows 10 in OEM HERE or in 3.0 Pendrive HERE.

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New Windows suggest all these exclusive features and much more like Xbox Game pass, Microsoft 365 enables separate tiles style, Microsoft Windows users can Activate their Windows 11 with Win10 Product key if you are installing manually so this is a keep-in-mind thing.

Hope this has helped you to understand the whole process, also you get to experience with new windows. You can follow us on Social Media like Insta/Twitter/YouTube by FreshFounder.

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