List of Top 8 Best Telegram Bots to Use in 2022- Makes your Life Easy

Bots can be found in Games,Bots can be found in a Program and sometimes on a Messaging App too, in this game Telegram is the oldest. Check our List of Top 8 Best Telegram Bots to Use in your daily life that work as Life Hacks while using Telegram.

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You might know Telegram as a Messaging App but only a few know that the app is just more than that & have tons of different features that Facebook or even WhatsApp lack, I am talking about Bots and the List of Top 8 Best Telegram Bots to Use that Makes your Life Easy. These Free Telegram Bots are enough to make you fall in love with Telegram for many reasons, so if you want to know about some Useful Free Telegram Bots that can hack into your life then keep reading.

Telegram is a lovely app when it comes to features, channels, bots, user-friendliness and simple to understand but complex to create. On Telegram, you can create your own personal Bots but today we share some most useful and unknown Bots of Telegram which you can use daily. This list of Top Best Telegram Bots to Use will become your necessity (that’s what we believe) once you try them out.

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Telegram started getting famous when WhatsApp introduced its new Terms and Policy update in India and with increasing popularity or interest of people now its used by millions of people but still most of they don’t know the real essence of it because they haven’t explored the app enough. This post will help those to get to know about some most useful free Bots on telegram. To make it short & sweet I have sorted Top 8 useful Bots on Telegram which everyone should know about with their functionality.

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What is a Telegram Bot?

Bot are considered as pre-scripted 3rd party programs that people create with different functionality to use on a personal or commercial basis. Telegram introduced BOTs function in 2015 where people can create Bots for their own or can create with BotFather or self-scripted to add in a channel or group or market themself so others can use it. On Telegram, there are tons of different Bots but we have tried to pick only a few of them which are useful.

Also, some Bots can harm your Channel or Groups so be keen while choosing the right one or at least look what it does.

How to Use or Add Telegram Bots

It isn’t rocket science, all you need is to choose a Bot, go into the chats, type /start in most cases, then it provides you with the list of functionality and you can choose according to it or just add that bot in your channel or maybe make it admin for the rights & done.

List of Top 8 Best Telegram Bots to Use- Life Hack Telegram Tips

Download YouTube Video for Free from Youtube Video Downloader Telegram bot
Download YouTube Video for Free from Telegram YouTube Video Downloader Bot

First on our List is YouTube Video Downloader Telegram Channel, it is not a bot but inside this group, a Telegram script Bot is used to download videos from YouTube directly to your Chatbox. You can save it in the gallery or download folder. This is totally Free and Unlimited with no size or time restriction.

All you need is to send a YouTube Video link, select a file format you want to download from MP4, MKV, MP3, Ogg, etc. with the resolution, that’s it your video is ready to download on your device. There are 10K+ members in here and we also have posted a dedicated post regarding this. After using this on Telegram personally, I can easily say that it a crazy to try.

With this, you can even convert your YouTube Video to MP3 & Download it on your device. Only 1 drawback is that you can download Single video only at a time no bulk or playlist are supported.

Truecaller Bot on Telegram that share Details by entering number to bot chatbox without account
Telegram Truecaller Bot to Check Number Details for Free

This helps you to find any Number of details without having a Truecaller Account, Sign in or Log in. All you need to do is search for this Bot, Send it a number of which you want Details, and the bot will reply to you with all the details you need to know such as Name, Operator, Location, Birthday, Email, etc. that Truecaller actually provides.

This Telegram Bot fetches data of Truecaller when you send it a number, gather that info and send it to you without the need for any Account or Login details just by sending numbers to Truecaller Bot. It is a must-try if you don’t use Truecaller but want to find someone’s details. Temporary Mail bot on telegram to generate 10min mail for free to use Telegram Bot for Temp Mail Generate

Most of you must have an Email Address but what if you want a Tempratory Mail to use it for a while & not permanent for some Website that’s required to full email but doesn’t wanna enter yours? Or want to get access to some site or offer but that req. an Email, so you can try a Temporary Email that only be alive for 10min to use.

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This Temp Mail Bot on Telegram works exactly like 10minMail and dispose of waste emails, you can generate multiple emails by just entering in this Bot chat. You can even Delete all the records generated, Reset or Revive the same Emil in easy steps. A must recommend for every Student or Learner.

Newfileconverterbot on telegram helps to convert files for free with almost instant delivery
Telegram Newfileconverterbot for File Convert Free

This Bot helps you to Convert any File for Free in just Seconds without any 3rd party site support. This can convert the below files into their respective file formats, just go to the Bot Chatbox, Start, Send File and Choose a relative format, once done, Download the same and use it on your own.

You get 30 Converts at first instance but that can be increased as well.

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  • Images
  •  Audio
  •  Video 
  • Document
  •  eBook
  • Font
DrWebBot is a bot by DrWeb to check virus scans on files send to telegram channels or in personal and works as antivirus
DrWebBot helps to Scan Media Files for Free on Telegram

If you own a Channel or Group so this is for you to keep it safe from Spammers, Viruses or Malicious content, Invalid Links, Spam Link or File sharers as this scans every file that is sent in the group and tells you the status in your Group/Channel after scanning if it’s safe or not. You just have to add it or make it admin in case member messages are disabled. This is a free bot on telegram by DrWeb Antivirus (we personally use it so do check it out).

Gameboy Bot on Telegram is a gaming bot which you can use to play games in personal chat and this offer three games to play for timepass
Gameboy Bot provides Games to lay in personal Chat with friends

It reminds me of the Snapchat Chatgaming feature where two people can play games while in the chatroom, options are quite a lot in there but this as well is also kinda same where you can activate this bot in the middle of the chat by just typing its name, it gives you option of available Games, tap on any of it that you want to play & you and your friend can join in the same room.

Here afaik only 3 games are available for now but in future, there could be more, also this Bot is verified by Telegram so its risk-free with authenticity for usage. Must recommend for Timepass & Gf/Bf late night chats.

MissRose on Telegram helps to control spammers and create rules for channels and groups for free and put ban, kick, warn rules
MissRose Telegram Bot for Spammers

Don’t go on the image, it’s very different you, naughty boys! This Telegram is for Spammers or to create Rules for the page on an automated basis. If you run any Channel or Group so this helps you to add rules, welcome messages, goodbye messages, kicks, warns, ban rules, etc. All for free & we also use it in our group.

MissRose can throne for some people who don’t follow the rules of your Channel. Do Check it out.

This Telegram Bot help to share Social Posts to your Telegram Chats/Channels and Rooms. It fetches the latest RSS feeds from your Social media handle you connect & as soon as you post something on any Social Media that’s connected to it, your post will be shared in Groups/channels directly.

You can connect it by generating a private Bot by BotGodfather, Connect API to it, add that Crated Bot to your Channel as Admin, Connect the new Bot API to Pstrbot, Select Social media handles & setup, that’s it you are good to start.

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