Mercedes Launches AMG A GT 63 S 4 Coupe at Auto Expo 2020

Mercedes has launched its new AMG A GT63 S 4 Coupe at Auto Expo 2020...the new AMG Series is luxury sporty beast by Merc is like lit..

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Mercedes Launches AMG A GT 63 S 4 Coupe at Auto Expo 2020 and today we reveal a little more about it, as there have been many launches but still Mercedes hold a big important part of Auto Expo 2020 in terms of luxury car provider or a say Flagship car maker.

Launches the fastest AMG ever in India-the AMG GT 63S 4M+ 4 Door Coupe, unveils the AMG A 35 4M Limousine and the New GLA SUV ahead of India launch, Showcases the ‘future of mobility’, the unique ‘EQC Edition 1886′.

The vibrant, energetic and innovative range of products and technology showcased reflects the true spirit of Mercedes-Benz India’s brand motto for 2020: “Restless for Tomorrow”

Key Points of Mecedeze AMG Series:

  • AMG GT 63S 4M, the world’s fastest series production four-seater, hits Indian roads, priced at INR 2.42 crores (all prices are ex showroom, India) 
  • Bookings open for both the A-Class Limousine and the New GLA | Expected launch of the A-Class Limousine is June, 2020; Expected launch of New GLA is October, 2020
  • For every booking and for every month of wait for the A-Class Limousine and New GLA, Mercedes-Benz will fund education of underprivileged children through its collaboration with Laureus Sports for Good Foundation in India

The Auto Expo 2020 line-up includes a wide array of attractive cars, which includes:

Mercedes Launches AMG A GT 63 S 4 Coupe at Auto Expo 2020

Mercedes Launches AMG A GT 63 S 4 Coupe at Auto Expo 2020

AMG GT 63 S 4 door coupe –

Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC 4 door Coupe, is the world’s fastest series production four-seater. The new AMG GT 4-Door Coupé delivers special driving experiences on all levels and with a top speed of up to 315 km/h and its driving dynamics it cuts an effortlessly superior figure wherever it goes.

Powerful, up-to-date 6-cylinder in-line and V8 engines with outputs ranging from 320 kW (435 hp) to 470 kW (639 hp) allow completely new driving experiences and combine impressive performance with modern efficiency. Clearly recognizable as a member of the AMG GT family, the new AMG GT 4-Door Coupé follows the design philosophy of Sensual Purity.

It takes the striking proportions with convex surfaces and a muscular body and develops them to exciting effect for a four-door variant of an AMG GT Coupé.

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Now GT63 S 4 coupe isn’t the only car Mercedes has showcased but other than that we know what Mercedes does and how they work on what stand so there are some other showcasing as well that company showed up & shared with us in a press release, below listing is for the same.

Mercedes Market unveil at Auto Expo 2020:

AMG A 35 4M Limousine –

This AMG is a real benchmark in its segment. The new AMG A 35 Limousine expands the AMG portfolio as an attractive entry-level model in every respect. Dynamism, agility and performance – these three attributes characterize the standard all-wheel-drive of the new AMG A 35 Limousine.

The AMG Performance 4MATIC combines the best possible traction with lots of driving fun. The powerful exterior design adds characteristic AMG elements to the design idiom of the car. 

New GLA –

Mercedes-Benz new GLA offers more convenience, more safety and is a testament of modern luxury. The profile of the new GLA has changed quite a bit. Compared to its predecessor, it has become taller and shorter. The reason: it only gained in size, where it truly gained in convenience for the passengers.

The GLA is the perfect package: spacious, safe and intelligent, as well as efficient and sporty. It features an iconic design that redefines its class again. It combines masculine off-roader genes with our philosophy of sensual purity. 

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Other showcases: 


AMG C 43 Coupe –

The Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC Coupé is a sporty, suave and unique offering from the AMG line of the C-Class range. A perfect combination of performance and design. The AMGC 43 Coupe, features a suave 2 door coupe design, athletic character and thrilling performance that promises an adrenaline rush every time one gets behind the wheel.

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The AMG C 43 is the most versatile and most successful model series from Mercedes-AMG. The Coupé is characterized by a sharpened design and stronger differentiation from the AMG Line of the C-Class.  

AMG G 63 –

AMG G 63 is the iconic performance off-roader that has remained stronger than time. The new generation Mercedes-AMG G 63 has undergone the greatest change in its history – while remaining true to its well-proven virtues. The G 63 is the original among the performance off-roaders and is the yardstick for all competitors and this is true for the new generation as well. The new AMG G 63 can do everything better than the preceding models while retaining its core virtues.

Electric car:

EQC 400 4MATIC Edition 1886

The EQC 400 4MATIC Edition 1886 has an exclusive appeal and high quality look. Carefully coordinated elements on the exterior and interior are among the optional extras for the EQC Edition 1886. The black panel radiator grille with louvres and edging in high-gloss black ensure a particularly exclusive character on the exterior.

The ‘EQC Edition 1886’ is available exclusively in metallic high-tech silver. Further individual features include the high-gloss black badge with ‘EQC Edition 1886’ lettering on the mudguard and the 10-spoke 20-inch light-alloy wheels in high-gloss black with white decorative elements.


Mercedes-Maybach –

Mercedes-Maybach stands for exclusive luxury, maximum comfort and state-of-art technology in automotive engineering, services and accessories. . It is seen as a trailblazer in defining style and status. Combining the latest technology with extraordinary luxury: in a nutshell, this is the formula for the success of the Maybach brand.

A number of events in the history of Maybach illustrate how the brand has always managed to realign itself and shape the future. The Maybach is produced and presented with craftsman-like perfection and uncompromising attention to detail. They stand for timeless luxury and status, always accompanied by the history and strengths of the Maybach name.

New E-Class –

The E-Class remains the most popular luxury sedan for Mercedes-Benz India. E-Class is the highest selling luxury executive sedan in India. E-Class in its 10th generation, is a comprehensive luxury business sedan that intelligently blends driving performance with unmatched luxury and comfort, boasting of the ‘most spacious’ rear cabin in the segment.

The E-Class its rich history spanning over 2 decades, is one of the main pillars of MB’s product offensive. The E-Class is the most adored business sedan that has carved a niche of its own in a rather prestigious segment. The E-Class will fulfil the desire for individual seeking driving performance, while ensuring it presents the most luxurious rear cabin experience, comprising unparalleled luxury appointments, for those preferring to be chauffeur driven. 

MB Certified C-Class –

The C-Class remains at the most powerful product in Mercedes-Benz portfolio. The fifth generation C-Class is one of the most popular executive saloons. The C-Class combines unmatched luxury with a progressive design dynamics, unsurpassable luxury appointments, state-of-art multimedia system and uncompromising safety features.

The C-Class sets a high benchmark in the luxury sedan segment – underlines the positioning of Never Stop Improving. C-Class is loaded with a variety of technologies and features that enhance driving pleasure, and offer unmatched luxury.


New long-wheelbase GLE –

Mercedes-Benz GLE is the SUV trendsetter – Topped up with a wealth of innovations. The new GLE boasts of the latest technology to be offered in an SUV on Indian roads. The SUV combines excellent on and off-road driving characteristics with an interior which is even more spacious and comfortable. This combination of strength and intelligence positions the GLE as – ‘Strength. Born out of intelligence’.

The GLE exhibits iconic Mercedes-Benz design while remaining true to its character as an off-roader. The interior derives its fascination from the contrast between the luxurious and elegant design and the digital high-tech of our MBUX system.

New GLC –

The GLC offers the best from the world of Mercedes-Benz SUV line-up. The New GLC is targeted at customers who are urban dwellers who are tech-savvy at the same time are adrenaline seekers. GLC is the tech-savvy SUV in the Mercedes-Benz locally made SUV line up.

The GLC is an excellent SUV, which combines outstanding on and off-road driving characteristics with spaciousness, practicality and comfort. The GLC is an illustration of excellent artisanship of high-quality materials in combination with a classy and authentic design that attracts immediate attention.

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This was the brief which we have experienced at Auto Expo 2020 but that’s not it, soon more is coming as it was just Day 1 showcasing, Day 2 is still pending and on that as well Mercedes has planned something good for all so stay tuned with us.
-Thanks for Reading.