how to fix mi a3 brick android 11 update solution, xiaomi statement on mi a3 android 11 update issue for free fix to all consumers

Mi A3 Android 11 Update Brick Solution- How to fix Mi A3 after faulty update? (UPDATED)

In a recent update its found Mi A3 Android 11 Update Brick Solution and How to fix Mi A3 after faulty update as for whom who already installed it on their device.
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This post was most recently updated on 6th Jan, 2021

Mi A3 Android 11 Update Brick Solution- How to fix Mi A3 after faulty update?, a common question which everyone is asking, what to do now and how to fix their Dead Xiaomi Mi A3 after Android 11 faulty update and how to recover the phone to use? Well here is the solution which the company has shared itself.

The company knew that they have pushed an untested version of Android 11 to Mi A3 users but didn’t know this will become so big and users phone start getting bricked totally or dead from the update. Even after complaints and reaching out to the customer care service centre cases came where users were telling that the company handed them a bill of 11K in when a new Mi A3 can come right now.

When things started getting out and YouTubers, Consumers started complaining then they stopped the rollout to all and passed a statement which you can read below.

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Mi A3 Android 11 Update Brick Solution- How to fix Mi A3 after faulty update? an Offical statement by Xiaomi

New Android 11 Update for Mi A3 users (Updated)-

A new update for Mi A3 is here with the stable version of Android 11 that you can get any time soon on your device, this one is safe and downloadable, if you haven’t received it then you can expect it soon.

We are aware of the issue on some Mi A3 devices following a recent Android 11 update. We have since halted the rollout. In response, we kindly request users who experience this issue to visit any of the 2,000 plus service centers across the country near to you wherein a solution will be provided for free unconditionally (within or beyond warranty). We regret the inconvenience this has brought about. As a brand committed to offering the best possible user experience, we will continuously improve our products and services.- AndroidAuthority

Mi A3 Android 11 Update Brick Solution- How to fix Mi A3 after faulty update?, What you can do to Fix Mi A3 Android 11 Brick Update solution official free fix b Xiaomi service centre
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We knew it already and before company say something we have already pushed a video which people disliked as there was no confirmation before but now Xiaomi officials have themself said that the bricked mi A3 phones will be fixed for free at Mi Service Center with or without warranty.

Now, this is unreal to see a company pushing faulty update without testing and causing such big trouble for users data and life stoppage because if your phone gets bricked so everything will be wiped out from your Smartphone and you lose everything on it.

Even people who only own 1 Phone must have faced such issues, so its duty of every company to test any rollout before providing it to the public.

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What you can do to Fix Mi A3 Android 11 Brick Update?

The only thing anyone can do now is to take their device to the service centre and get it repaired as no other Desi Jugad is possible here and you yourself should not try as well until you have full knowledge. Although the Data will be cleaned out your smartphone survives to use again.

This is the only possible way with everyone, otherwise, it would be a dead phone of no use.

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