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Xiaomi Mi Water TDS Tester Review and Unboxing- Giveaway!

Test your Water TDS with Mi TDS Water Tester...an UnLaunched Product by Xiaomi for ₹499..Very interesting & Easy to use..Giveaway is Now Live!
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This post was most recently updated on 7th Jul, 2020

In India Water contamination has been a big problem & to Test it we have come with Xiaomi Mi Water TDS Tester Review and Unboxing since the Population has started growing, even in many States the Water Contamination is so high that the TDS Level is beyond 500ppm which is hazardous, but many people don’t even know about How they can check TDS Level or What is TDS?
Full form of TDS is Total Dissolved Solids, which means the level of impurities in your Consuming Water. Mi TDS Tester here tells the level of Water TDS at home in just minutes with no hassles, its a latest unlaunched Xiaomi Product for Water TDS Testing.

Water TDS Best Level

Best TDS Level is considered when it’s below 500ppm, as much as this PPM level is down its good for the Water, talking about the Mi TDS Tester so it looks like a thermometer in a Plastic body.

Box Contains

After testing it several times and confirming its working fine I thought to Review it and show it to you all, the TDS Tester comes with 2 LR44 Button Cells, the price on the Box is Printed as ₹499 which is OK for this Product and Quality.
Inside Box, you Get some Reading Manual (Kacche Chitthe) & TDS Meter itself.

mi tds tester box back Xiaomi Mi Water TDS Tester Review and Unboxing


It is made over Plastic with Anti-rust & Anti-corrosion sensor with a small LCD Display, IPx6 Waterproof certification, 0-9990ppm TDS Range.
Product is labelled as Made in China with Quality Certification.

mi tds tester details

How does it work?

You just have to pull out the TDS Meter out of the Box and insert Cells at the Top removing Cap in a format of (+-+-) then put the Cap again, after that Press TDS Button near Display that turns Display as 0.

To Test TDS Level just Pop out the Cap from Bottom turning on Display and put it under the Glass in which Water is filled to test (remember that Water must not be too much, its just that the whole sensor part swims down in it), after that check the Display (it takes 1-2 Minutes for accurate measure).
Once you are done just note your TDS Level and Dry out TDS Meter giving it a shake.

water tds level

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Giveaway OR Purchase?

If you want to Buy this TDS Tester so you can go to the Banggood.com or Aliexpress for the Purchases, otherwise I am giving away 1 for Free to the Readers of mine.


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Mi TDS Tester Giveaway- Fresh Founder


Banggood- http://bit.ly/2MjL280

AliExpress- http://bit.ly/2yc1PBB

Xiaomi Mi Water TDS Tester Review and Unboxing

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