Micromax IN Faces Backlash for Quality Improvements by Reviewers, should I buy Micromax IN Smartphone

Micromax IN Faces Backlash for Quality Improvements by Reviewers

If you are also confused after the reviews & unboxings so kindly read this loud because here we talking about why Micromax IN Faces Backlash for Quality Improvements by Reviewers.
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This post was most recently updated on 3rd Aug, 2022

We covered the update of Micromax comeback earlier but now it seems Reviewers & audience are not so happy with Micromax IN as Brand because of Micromax IN Faces Backlash for Quality Improvements by Reviewers in return of the testing device.

The factors come countless, but majorly why people and everyone is putting gun over the brand is quality they providing on their IN Smartphones. Recently all YouTubers & Reviewers started testing out IN devices like IN Note 1 & IN one B (by purchasing or by review units) & most of the Reviewers came out with 1 big flaw of Quality and Body dismantle issue in Micromax Smartphones.

But Quality is not the only issue here, there are some others as well which we focus on, lets try to cover them all one by one without crowding everything here.

Micromax IN Faces Backlash for Quality Improvements by Reviewers- But Why?

Some people believe its intentional as they don’t like Micromax comeback to stand against Chinese brands where some believe they are paid and want to defame IN as Indian Brand. As far as we focused there’s nothing like that leaving some international YouTubers who just covered unboxing. Otherwise, Indian YouTubers who even got the box are trying to come forward with facts.

First, we talk about,

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The major issue with Micromax IN Devices- Quality & Built

No doubt they have done a brilliant job coming under the midrange section at such a great price, specs and stock experience but Built and Quality of Device is a big factor that we can’t deny.

Recently when YouTubers started Testing out or covering the First Impression of the Device they felt something wrong on IN Smartphones, those who got Review Units were fine but those who purchased it especially faced something that we weren’t expecting and that is Body outcoming.

You can take the reference from Videos or photos below how Display is coming out of the main Smartphone body and that is a Retail Unit by the way purchased from Flipkart.com. As mentioned Review Units were fine but on sale units (majorly) got this issue which is unacceptable for anyone whos burning his/her money in the happiness of buying a new phone.

This happens when at the factory the phone clams are not fitted perfectly or packed how they should, instead it reflects how Micromax is not focused on QUality managements & is in hurry to deliver devices with no quality checks.

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Micromax IN Faces Backlash for Quality Improvements by Reviewers
By- GyanTherapy YT
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A few YouTubers that made it come out is GeekyAbhishek, GeekyRanjit, Androwide, TechnoRuhez, Guptaji Information System (aka India ke Jerry), Jt Jones, etc. on their Twitter and YouTube Channel. Even Guptaji showed bend test where IN just cracked like a biscuit (50-50 wala) from the weak point.

So all this shows how Micromax IN is being lenient on its quality and built but should take care before delivering the device to anyone & for the audience as well its a lesson that Review Units and Retail Units have differences some times.

Not only this but which glass company have used is unknown, means is it a gorilla glass or dragon shield or what is not mentioned anywhere online/offline. Bend and Flex can also be found easily on IN Devices for now.

Software Issues & Updates by Micromax IN- Multitouch issue, copied animations

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A Tweet got captured where someone said it has Multitouch issue in IN Note 1, problem in Micromax IN Smartphone got noticed and everyone started testing it out, Stufflistings made a video on it to tell people how it can be solved & what is the issue after which company pushed an update for it recent fixes.

Still, issues like widevine L1 is not updated through OTA Update so you cant stream HD Online content like of Amazon Prime & Netflix on Device but Multitouch issue got fixed & Security Patch.

We know its a comeback, company has already taken a long break, its all starting fresh but 1st impression is the last impression that Rahul Sharma must think off if they fail in the beginning then no provide them a thrust and a company always rely on its Consumers.

Even at time of Embargos and Video Uploads Technical Guruji didnt follow the rules and no action was taken from Brand which somehow is partial and breaking maintanied rules otherwise a high pay off can be quoted againt him for Embargo breaking.

We have already seen friendship of Rahul Sharma and Gaurav before launch but ethics are pillar and that need to be strong not partial for anyone. We hope they keep fix all of this in future and we keep pushing latest updates here of Micromax IN.

Should you Buy Micromax IN Now?

A question which you might be asking yourself right?, but from us we like to say maybe there are some problems but still it’s an Indian Brand and if you wanna support it then buy for sure but as a primary device (naah!) not recommended at all. 

We suggest you wait and watch for some upcoming announcements & updates until its confirmative of green light. Let the things clear out, let them get stable for once & let everything get settled because your money is not waste to put anywhere & feel regretted.

That is our suggestion but we are always up to listen to what you think? Do let us know on Social media with #FreshFounder because we are listening.

-Thanks for Reading.

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