OnePlus Nord 2 vs Iqoo 7 vs POCO F3 GT Comparison- Which is Best to Pick?

If you search with mind and soul so you only find these options in the market these days under Rs.30000 which are POCO F3Gt, OnePlus Nord 2 and Iqoo 7, but which is best? Check OnePlus Nord 2 vs Iqoo 7 vs POCO F3 GT Comparison with some reason for what to choose and why.

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If you are looking to buy Smartphone in 2021 till the month of August or September so the best Choices can only be these titles for this year as they are best among Rs.30000 Range which you can get, and that is why here we are battling OnePlus Nord 2 vs Iqoo 7 vs POCO F3 GT Comparison, also try to see Which is Best to Pick for yourself with Specs Comparison, Price, Features, etc. Let’s start now.

Recently OnePlus Nord 2 5G, Poco F3 GT and Iqoo 7 has been launched in India under Rs 30,000 segment and has created a lot of confusion for the consumers. Each one of them is a rival of another in terms of Specs, Design, Price or overall as a package, but what you should pick and why? How to make your decision easy?.

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OnePlus, Poco and Iqoo have launched their potentialflagship killers‘ in the Indian market, these smartphones are enough to spend an over-budget of your pocket that maybe look around Rs 60,000 or more on a flagship, but Wait!, the simple answer is Hell No!. You don’t need to spend that much here as all three phones have suddenly revived the under 30,000 price bracket with great choices.

OnePlus Nord 2 vs POCO F3 GT vs Iqoo 7 Specs:

Phone OnePlus Nord 2 5GPoco F3 GTIqoo 7
DisplayFHD+ sAMOLED 90 Hz with 180 Hz touch sampling rate  FHD+ sAMOLED 120 Hz with 480 Hz touch sampling rateFHD+ sAMOLED 120 Hz with 300 Hz touch sampling rate
ProcessorMediaTek 1200 AI octa core MediaTek 1200 octa coreQualcomm Snapdragon 870 octa core
SoftwareOxygen OS 11.3 based on android 11(Color OS codebase)MIUI 12.5 (for Poco) based on android 11Funtouch OS 11 based on android 11
Battery4500 mAh with 65 Watt (0-100% ~35 minutes)5065 mAh with 67 Watt (0-100% ~45 minutes)4400 mAh with 65 Watt (0-100% ~ 45 minutes)
Camera50MP +8MP(UW) + 2MP(Mono)64MP +8MP(UW) + 2MP(Macro)48MP +13MP(UW) + 2MP 
Price 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM at Rs 29,9998GB RAM +128 GB ROM at Rs 27,9998GB RAM+128GB ROM at Rs 31,990

OnePlus Nord 2 vs Iqoo 7 vs POCO F3 GT Comparison and Why- Reasons

Design And Build 

Design-wise all three phones stand out in their own different ways while targeting different audiences. OnePlus Nord 2 has a minimal, glossy and clean looking design that looks pretty similar to the OnePlus 9 series, where on the other hand Poco F3 GT is designed for gamers with Triggers, a Sexy gloss look and hardcore macho design with aluminium frames which feels premium in hands. Poco has also added mechanical triggers for gamers, Iqoo 7 has a much cleaner look with a matte finish back. 

OnePlus Nord 2 and Iqoo 7 have plastic frames which is not acceptable and feels cheap at this price point, TBH. All three phones are comfortable in hands and are just 8.3 mm thick. If you are looking for comfort so OnePlus Nord 2 would be perfect.


When you buy a smartphone, most of them you’ll spend time watching the display only. All three comes with Amoled displays which means you get superb, high contrast colours & eye-pleasing viewing exp. Furthermore, all the three phones meet HDR 10+ standards, OnePlus Nord 2 has an 8-bit, 6.43-inch Full HD+ sAMOLED, 90 Hz refresh rate and 180 Hz touch sampling rate display. Iqoo 7 has 8-bit, 6.63-inch sAMOLED 120 Hz refresh rate and 300 Hz touch sampling rate, whereas Poco F3 GT has a 10-bit sAMOLED , 120 Hz refresh rate with 480 Hz touch sampling rate.

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The display part is clearly won by Poco F3 GT as it has a better 10-bit display which shows up to 1 billion colours, a Very responsive high touch sampling rate which should be great for gamers out there.

Don’t know what touch sampling rate means? click here to know more.


Talking about speakers so all Iqoo 7 vs POCO F3 GT vs OnePlus Nord 2 devices have Dual stereo speakers. OnePlus speakers are loud where Poco sounds more clear, Iqoo has perfectly managed with highs and lows still compare to 3 top 2 will be POCO & Iqoo here.

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For all the photographers camera is everything, surprisingly all the three phones do not have any extraordinary cameras considering the price segment.

OnePlus Nord 2 has 50 Megapixel (Sony IMX766) primary camera, 8 Megapixel ultra-wide and a 2 Megapixel monochrome camera. Comparing with OnePlus Nord, the company has made bigger and better changes in terms of camera and overall the images turn out to be good.

It has an average ultra-wide camera, for selfie lovers, there’s a 32 Megapixel selfie snapper that takes average photos. Iqoo 7 has a 48 Megapixel (Sony IMX586) primary camera, 13 Megapixel ultra-wide which doubles as macro and 2 Megapixel depth sensors.

Overall images quality is good, especially it has the greater advantage for ultra-wide images. For selfies, it has 16 Megapixel snapper and images are average. Poco F3 GT is a hit over cameras and remains crushed by its competitor.

It has a 64 Megapixel (OmniVision) primary camera, 8 Megapixel ultra-wide and a 2 Megapixel macro camera. It has 16 Megapixel selfie snapper. Though the difference is not much but noticeable as for videography OnePlus Nord 2 and Poco F3 GT support 4k 30FPS only whereas Iqoo 7 support 4k 60FPS. 

If you are a photographer so OnePlus Nord 2 or Iqoo 7 should be on your list. OnePlus has great night photos and there’s a match to it.


The gaming gang and heavy taskers could be in search for raw performance. If that’s the case so competition is hard between POCO F3 GT vs OnePlus Nord 2 vs Iqoo 7 as all are beast under their pricehood.

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OnePlus Nord 2 and Poco F3 GT have the same MediaTek Dimensity 1200 5G processor based on 6 nm architecture and 3 GHz clock speed. For casual gamers and heavy-duty gamers, this processor could easily do the job. Both of them are coupled with the latest UFS 3.1 storage technology and LPDDR4X Ram and the app opening and multitasking should be buttery smooth. 

On the other hand Iqoo 7 ships Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G SoC based on 7 nm architecture and up to 2.84 GHz clock speed. A perfect choice for heavy gamers who have long gaming session of BGMI, COD, COC, etc. It provides consent performance with consent frames while gaming. In addition, Iqoo 7 has a display chip installed which help with frame interpolation to your game.

The implementation of this hasn’t been completely done on all games as it doesn’t work on BGMI. It has the latest UFS 3.1 storage technology and the latest LPDDR5 Ram.

If you are a casual gamer who game 2-3 hours a day then Poco F3 GT should provide a great experience. But if you are a pro-grade player and have continuous long sessions then Iqoo 7 should be your pick because of Qualcomm Snapdragon 870!.


OnePlus Nord 2 runs on Oxygen OS 11.3 based on Android 11, company has announced the merging of Oxygen OS codebase with Oppo’s colour OS. As long this application is restricted to codebase we are fine with it. Oxygen OS is known for its clean UI experience with no bloatware whatsoever.

Poco F3 GT runs on very controversial MIUI 12.5 based on Android 11, it’s nowhere close to stock android but offers plenty of new features, smooth animation with Theme Change, Wallpaper, Icon etc options. Iqoo 7 runs on Vivo’s Funtouch OS 11 which is close to stock android but has ton of bloatware and unwanted ads.

Software depends on your personal taste and experience. If I was made to pick one, I would any day prefer Oxygen OS over the others.


Battery capacity and optimization is a most important aspect of a Phone. All three of them have fast charging support which will juice up to 50% with 20 mins of charge. OnePlus Nord 2 has a 4500 mAh battery with 65 Watt Wrap charger and should easily end a day without charge on normal usage. It has an average of 5.5-6 hours of screen time. Poco F3 GT has a massive 5065 mAh battery with 67 Watt charger. It has an average of 6-6.5 hours of screen time. Iqoo 7 has 4400 mAh battery with 66 Watt charger, It has an average of 6 hour of screen on time. 

There’s no clear winner here. All the phones have great batteries with super-fast charging support.

Connectivity and Sensors

For connectivity, all three are 5G enabled. OnePlus Nord 2 supports 11 5G bands which make it future proof while Poco F3 GT supports only 2 bands (77/78 SA/NSA) and Iqoo 7 has only 1 (78 SA/NSA)

OnePlus Nord 2 and Iqoo 7 have an In-display fingerprint scanner which is super fast. Poco has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner that is fastest because its physical (indisplays are always slower in terms-never mind!).

Dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 5.2 and other necessary sensors are present on all the phones

Additional features

Poco F3 GT has mechanical triggers for gamers, IR blaster to control your smart gadgets, while OnePlus Nord 2 has an alert slider which is extremely convenient. Iqoo comes with a special display chip for frame interpolation, none of them have 3.5 mm jack which is new trend nowadays (sehlege thoda or kya).


Poco F3 GT ship with three models and two colours namely Gunmetal silver and predator black 6+128 at Rs 25,999/-, 8+128 at Rs 27,999/-, 8+256 at Rs 29,999/-

OnePlus Nord 2 ships in three variants and three colours namely Blue haze, grey Sierra and green woods:

6+128 at Rs 27,999/- which will be available from August or September, 8+128 at Rs 29,999/-, 12+256 at Rs 34,999/-.

Few Reasonal Comparison-

poco f3 gt is one best budget gaming smartphone by poco under 30000 with dimensity 1200 soc with triggers
Comparison reasons of POCO F3GT vs Iqoo 7 vs OnePlus Nord 2

Why Poco F3 GT

Buy It for
  • Gaming: It has RGB lights, maglev triggers for gaming.
  • Multimedia: 10-bit display with great speakers 
  • Overall good for the pricr 
Not for
  • Camera: Average camera 
  • Uncomfortable:Yes! The device is hefty and not made for small hands 
comparing oneplus nord 2 vs iqoo 7 vs poco f3gt to find best smartphone under rs30000
Should you buy OnePlus Nord 2 Compared to IQoo 7 and POCO F3GT?

Why OnePlus Nord 2 5G

Buy it for
  • Design: The form factor and ergonomic is great and comfortable
  • Software: Clean UI experience with 3 years of security updates 
  • Camera: The triple camera setup crushes out it competitor and has best night mode. Please note there’s no macro camera. 
Not for
  • Display: The display on this phone is outdated as it has 90 Hz and quality could be better 
reasons why iqoo 7 is best budget smartphone under 30K to buy in India while comparing it to poco f3gt vs oneplus nord 2
Why you should consider Iqoo 7 over Nord 2 and F3 GT

Why IQOO 7

Buy it for
  • Performance: SD 870 has huge leap over MediaTek 1200.
  • Display: There’s an integrated chip for display which help in gaming 
  • Camera: The phone has decent camera, and ultra-wide has slight edge over other competitors
Not for
  • 5G bands: It has only one 5G band which is not future proof.
  • Software: Funtouch OS has come long way and has improved alot. But it has lot of bloatware and ads.
  • Anyways this was our detailed comparison. Do let us know your queries through contact or comment below, we’ll surely help you out.


Each one of them come by a different brand but among all of the newest entry is of Iqoo that is still best of all except its UI and OS that is used, otherwise, if we would have been asked to pick so Iqoo 7 is a definite winner considering price, specs, features and user experience, also in terms of premium-ness & procession for daily usage it is a good pick.

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-Thanks for Reading (This post is Edit by Amogh Gupta)