OnlyFans drops the Plan to Ban Posting Sexual Content by Pornstars

OnlyFans drops the Plan to Ban Posting Sexual Content by Pornstars

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Recently Onlyfans reported to Ban Sexual content from their platform after which they faced a heavy backlash by Creators who upload Content there for living like Pornstarts and other Subscribers as well who have taken Subscription for it but now OnlyFans drops the Plan to Ban Posting Sexual Content by Pornstars on-demand as it didn’t work out, they Tweeted about it.

Onlyfans is reported to drop their plan to ban sexual Content from the platform after facing heavy backlash on their decision after Susbcrers complaint. The platform was planning to ban Nudes, Sexual, Sensational Content to clean chit and present the app as a good boy but its creators and users who have taken Susbcrition of different Pornstarts denied and opposed this decision, following that OnlyFans drops the Plan to Ban Posting Sexual Content.

Highlights of News:

  • Onlyfans uplift their plan to ban secual contnet from their platform after tweeting a statement.
  • They have said to be abnning Sexual contne like Porn, Nudes or any unethical taboo stuff fromt their platform because of Bank issues in the first week of Aug 2021.
  • Now they have settled our things in a much connecting way with Banks for payment options as the Onlyfans subcribers are huge like 130 Million plus.

OnlyFans official Twitter Account Tweeted about this Plan Drop saying-

Variety published a reporting this announcement, earlier they have announced regarding the Ban.

OnlyFans drops the Plan to Ban Posting Sexual Content by Pornstars after facing major backlash by uses-

“We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change.”

“OnlyFans stands for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators,” statement addon. “An official communication to creators will be emailed shortly.”

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OnlyFans’ decision to block sexually explicit posts drew swift condemnation from sex workers, who were in large part responsible for the platform’s success and rely on it as a source of income. The site lets adult performers sell “not safe for work” content for subscription fees.

In the middle of the back and forth of Banks and Onlyfans, some celebrities and OnlyFans workers who have their profile have taken their profiles down or shifted to some other platform as they didnt want to stuck in chaos, following which some handful users got shifted too which made a loss to the company and after this may be some newcomers will try to move another place instead of OnylFans due to trust issues.

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Why OnlyFans planned to Ban Porn or Adult Contnet?

OnlyFans came on the ban because UK Banks with which they are incorporated were not agreeing on such acceptance due to content restrictions and reputation which was leveraging firms to pull their hands back but after coming in talks firm has settled the issue and is continuing to let their Users enjoy what they want in real.

According to Guardian“OnlyFans is also affected by new rules from payment processors such as Mastercard, which are intended to crack down on abuses such as the non-consensual sharing of sexual imagery and child sexual abuse material. Requirements for providers of adult content, announced by Mastercard in April, demand “documented age and identity verification for all people depicted and those uploading the content” and pre-publication review by platform holders.”

“You might ask: ‘Why now?’”, Mastercard said at the time. “In the past few years, the ability to upload content to the internet has become easier than ever. All someone needs is a smartphone and a wifi connection.”

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But for now, things are still a little complicated although Company has said not to ban the content from their platform a little more security, verification might be applied in future for signin and continuing the service if you are a user.

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