POCO F2 & X2 Confirmed, Leaks, Launch, Price, etc- POCO Not Dead

POCO X2 has been finally confirmed & coming on 4th Feb 2020...but F2 is still under Leaks & Rumours but hoping to come soon..X2 is a Gaming Smartphone!

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Technology changes every day & every second but 1 thing that didn’t change since 2018 is one question When POCO F2 come? but the start of 2020 leaks has officially started coming suggesting POCO F2 will come soon & today we talk about what this only POCO F2 or can say X2 Leaks, Rumours, Specs, Price, Benchmarks and other details which you wanna know.

But before going in-depth I would like to talk some about POCO as a brand and WHY POCO has been everyone’s favourite? Not only of Tech Lovers but of everyone…

POCO has been a brand since 2018 which killed the market of much-leading companies even after being such a new player, with POCO F1 Xiaomi set a benchmark which is still tough to break & with that many questions arisen in 2019 (a whole year!) “Where is POCO F2?, Is POCO Dead?, etc.” not even this many people confirmed that Company is totally dead…BUT BUT BUT!?!?!? NO, POCO is back in 2020 confirmed & can soon launch its new Killer “POCO F2 or maybe POCO X2”.

POCO X2 Launch Date Cofirmed-


As expected, POCO X2 is gonna come with SD730G with dual back camera just like POCO F1 with Fingerprint scanner near the camera so from this its confirmed that design wise somehow its not gonna be like Redmi K30 but Specs wise there are a lot of chances.

Invite Tickets:

Itried to Contact POCO & they said for all POCO Fans the company will come with Tickets soon which you can buy to attend the live event of POCO so to stay tune just be with us as we update you with the first come!

Specs of POCO X2-

  • 120Hz Refresh Rate IPS HDR Display
  • 64MP Primary Camera
  • Dual Rear camera with Fingerprint Scanner (like F1)
  • Sony IMX 686 Camera Sensor with EIS
  • Metal Built
  • 3.5mm Jack
  • Liquid Cooling
  • SD730G
  • 6-12GB RAM
  • Gaming Category Smartphone

POCO is alive!

So many doubts but today finally Manu Jain & Technical Guruji confirmed that POCO is alive and will work as an indepent brand with multiple launches this year. That means not only 1 or 2 but couple of devices can be seen by POCO soon where POCO F2 is most confirmed.

Check the Video from below & Tweet.

POCO X2 Confirmed in Feb:

I can now say that POCO X2 is coming in month of February 2020 which gonna be a Gamaing Smartphone probably with Snapdragon 730G Processor & 8GB RAM. There are been many leaks but above tweet details itself is enough to say that X2 is at coming stage & C Manmohan has also confirmed that not only one but several devices are set to launch in 2020 by POCO, maybe F2 can come late but it will definetly come soon.


Recent Updates POCO X2 Leaks-

  • poco x2 geekbench leaks with poco x2 benchmarks
  • poco x2 benchmarks, specs, model name

Mukul Sharma aka Stufflistings & GadgetsFlix (The Leakster) shared a picture on Twitter showing Geekbench Benchmarks scores of POCO X2 written on the top instead of F2 with Geekbench scores including some specs about the Phone.

POCO F2 Lite Leaked Video

POCO F2 Leaks, Specs, Price:

By- TechnoRuhez

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Specs of POCO F2-

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The phone may feature Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset that is much expected to be SD865 with Quad Camera 64+20+8+5MP (maybe) & 8GB RAM as Benchmarks shows a memory of 7556MB =7.9GB (round of 8GB), Android 10 out of the box, 8core ARM Processor at 1.80Ghz. You can check the GadgetsNow article as well.

Early POCO F2 Leaks (how it stared)-

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The story started with Tweets where The Tech Guy tweeted about POCO F2 Trademark Files application in China and some other famous tech leaksters confirmed it to be true.

Now the question arose how arose that how it is possible if POCO doesn’t exist in China then why patent has been filed there, but for you, information POCO F1 trademark was also filed in China only because Xiaomi is a Chinese company.

Tech Guy Tweet got many ReTweets and Mentions with a lot of Confirmations so we can say that it is Finalised that POCO New Phone is coming soon.

Price of POCO F2 or X2-

It’s obvious for sure that POCO X2 is gonna be a bit expensive than the F1 series but how much, its expected b/w ₹22000-29000 starting from 8GB RAM & 128GB Storage where F2 is still under maintenance to get revealed.

What expect from POCO & Why POCO X2, not F2?-

CheckNot POCO F2 but POCO X2 is launching in February:Expected Specifications and Price

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This is confirmed, in Chinese Trademark patent F2 is shown where on Geekbench X2 is shown. There is confirmation related to POCO X2 existing where POCO F2 seems to be late launch hold. In my though POCO X2 is gonna be a Flagship Killer Gaming Phone where F2 is gonna be the successor of F1.

Whatever its gonna be but I am happy to listen about POCO live confirmation as being an F1 user, We keep updating more bout POCO here so request you to be with us by turning Notifications On or signing Newsletter, also let me know in comments how many of you are POCO Fans or Users?

-Thanks for Reading