Precautions and Tips of Coronavirus (COVID-19) keep in Mind- Peace

Don't Panic from Coronavirus as Precautions can help to its cure....these Tips can help you to be safe from the COVID-19 Virus & its Spread...

This post was most recently updated on July 7th, 2020

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) whole World is facing a lot of problem and panic situation is spread so we came with Precautions and Tips of Coronavirus (COVID-19) to keep in Mind.

We all know Coronavirus is dangerous but not like it’s Hyped if treated well and precautions taken properly so with that let’s see what are the Tips & Precautions to deal with Coronavirus at Home/Outside

First things you should keep in mind before you spread Panic about Corona around are like:

  • If your immune system is strong then you have the least chance to get hit by it or get caught.
  • It’s effecting more to them who have a problem like Asthama, already sick, weak immune system. and situations like this.
  • Chances increase if you are a Nonvegetatrian or Smoke a lot (smoking cause more inside that might can decrease the fighting power of your body)

Above mentions are suggested to understand what I am trying to share here that whatever you can reduce to spread this effect just do it & try to consume more of Vitamin C, take Giloy (ayurvedic medicine), Wash Hands more often (before eating, after eating, after coming back from outside, etc.), don’t let yourself dehydrated, take juices and veggies and also you can take a good sun-bath as well which helps to kill the virus bacteria.

Corona (COVID Virus) doesn’t affect Animals so don’t attack them in this situation and you won’t get infected by them as well anyhow.

Now coming back to the main topic that we were talking about is Precautions and Tips that you should keep in mind at home to fight with Coronavirus so here are they.

Precautions and Tips of Coronavirus (COVID-19) keep in Mind at Home/Outside:

Source- Medium

Sanitize your Mobile Phone, Laptop, etc-

Keep all your electronics clean because that can create a big difference as we use our Smartphone for more than 7-8hrs a day and keeping it clean is much needed, same goes with your Laptop or PC as well even other electronics too.

Way to Sanitize electronics to be safe from COVID-19?

Best way to perform this action is to wipe them with alcoholic wipes (you can use baby wipes or normal cleaning wet wipes from the market) because you cant wash electronics underwater with soap so best way is this only.

Rub it thoroughly from all sides but don’t try to put it inside holes or gaps, just make sure it’s smelling good & clean. You can do this thing 1nce in a day or more even.

-Check Measures by WHO HERE

Don’t help to Spread Rumours on Social Media about Coronavirus-

Source- Zodiac Fire

Almost every Human being has a habit to forward any stuff on the internet without confirmation so I suggest cross-checking each and every news that you see on the internet or receive in your DM, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

Without confirmation by any authorised authority do not spread it, for that you can take help of Google or Twitter.

In this way, you not only save Rumours and Panic but also save Lifes as well in a good manner, try to spread this message using #StopCoronaStopRumous.

Always use Filter Mask in COVID19-


Everyone is saying to use a mask but what type? well, it is suggested using a Filtering Mask that can help to filter air before it enters into your body. N5 Mask is the best otherwise just take your Hankerchief and put a bit of cotton and by laying it through just tight it on your nose if mask, not available.

Also if you think you have a cough or cold so always cover your Mouth & Nose before sneezing or coughing- Check this Link here for some good N5 Masks

-Check EconomicTimes Article for Precautions from COVID-19

Try to Educate yourself & others about Corona-

Corona is deadly but out of 100 only 1-5% are the chances of your death as following the most above bullet point otherwise there are no chances of your death and even after getting effected you can cure easily without antidote (but meds are imp).

Educate others and yourself following all the measures & try not to spread Panic among anyone and spread Peace even. I am sharing a couple of videos that you can watch now to understand “How Coronavirus Spread”, “How to Deal with Coronavirus”, “Effects of Corona”, “Ways to secure yourself from Corona”, etc.

-Check Report by VOX

I hope you must have understood everything & almost everywhere things taking place like Work from Home so get yourself into a relax zone for some time. Also, Share us right now with no wait.

-Thanks for Reading.

This post was last modified on 7th July 2020

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