Privacy Issues with Xiaomi, POCO, Oppo, Vivo Phones in Security App

Xiaomi causing Security Privacy Issues with Xiaomi Phones in Security App...the apps collecting data without user permissions and seek...Realme and MIUI Device

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After Tech Burner POCO M2 Pro Video Questions started Rasisng against Xiaomi & MIUI for its Privacy Issues with Xiaomi Phones in Security App because the concern is not only with M2 Pro it’s with every smartphone running on MIUI by Xiaomi and now some new players have also joined the race.

In a recent Unboxing Video of POCO M2 Pro on Tech Burner YT Channel, Shlok raised a concern related to Security Privacy on M2 Pro by POCO in its Security Cleaner App which comes Integrated by the Company which is indirectly Xiaomi as the phone runs on MIUI.

After watching that video we saw many Tweets related to that and following that I also dived my POCO F1 to see if its the same case of Privacy issues and surprisingly there was as POCO F1 also have same Security App & Phone runs on MIUI by Xiaomi which is a Chinese Company.

After Testings by some other YouTubers and my Followers I got to know that Mi or POCO isn’t alone in the case there are companies like Realme, OPPO, Vivo as well and guess what? they all are Chinese & CM (Cheetah Mobile) is also Chinese)

Update by POCO

C-Manmohan & POCO India issues a tweet which you can read here but still no voice from Xiaomi side and so why it was happening and what are the proofs of trusting as why they noticed so late, still there’s no answering of that, that why CM was integrated under Security app.

Although they are stating that no info has been shared anywhere the same thoughts were presented at Mi Browser time so how can we trust POCO that nothing is to worry here and even after knowing all this why didn’t they fixed it earlier? Will, the things be only fixed when we raise a Question and not themselves so what the point of trusting a brand?

xiaomi MIUI Security Privacy Issues with Xiaomi Phones in Security App

Not only POCO but even Redmi Note 5 Pro, after that I decided to Tweet to get noticed & people started noticing things, this was not the first time Xiaomi has been caught red-handed in Privacy monopoly.

In an early report by Forbes where they stated that Mi Brower is unsafe and taking data of its users Xiaomi MD denied in a Video & said that they have been alleged after which a Developer, Thomas Brews tested a live example showing proofs that made Jain’s statement falls and Xiaomi fixed the issue.

Following the same Privacy reasons 59 Chinese Apps has also been banned in India among which TikTok also includes and I don’t think we have to explain why.

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What are Security Privacy Issues with Xiaomi Phones in Security App-

Now Xiaomi MIUI comes with a Security App or you can say a Cleaner App that promised to manage the performance of your device but that App is collecting permissions and Data os the users without their knowledge, specifically POCO in the particular case.

The App definition itself gives 2 options, 1 Tencent by default and other Clean Master which you can toggle as per your need.

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Clean Master also known as CM Services is an only Chinese company that has already been questioned and banned in 2018 due to security concerns as it was collecting users data and using it to generate their revenue. After which Google Play Store removed its Apps and Services.

Tencent is the creator of PUBG Mobile and is a Giant in the Chinese Market as one of the biggest Game Developer with an empire in China who hold everything in China only.

In a recent ban by the Indian Government of 59 Chinese Apps, they also banned some mostly used apps by Mi Users like MI Community, Mi Store, etc. due to privacy issues.

One more thing that came forward after checking is that Xiaomi Security App is taking almost every permission without knowing of users as its a system app.

It takes all permissions by default for every app inside your mobile phone including Microphone, Location, Galery, etc. and the fun fact is you cant disable or Uninstall that, as well as if you try to do or clear all cache and data your Mi or POCO phone functions stop working including fingerprint scanner & when you reopen the apps so they ask for permission again otherwise you won’t be able to use any.

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There’s no confirmation from Company side over the situation that where all this data is saved, what they do of all those permission, how much are we safe as being a consumer, why Xiaomi security app is using CM service even knowing it has privacy issues, all these questions are still under?

On this case Yash Garg from Marketing POCO India said that POCO M2 Pro have this issue coz they were built before Apps ban, seriously CM was banned in 2018 in the year of your 1st launch? Rubbish or what?

Realme, Oppo, Vivo Phones also using Cheetah Services- Update

Over that on my Tweet people raised a concern on Realme, Oppo, Vivo Phones as well and some said they have the same privacy issue on their Cleaning/Security App that we are sure off (NOW) and I think companies should fix it as soon as possible or maybe just like 59 Apps Bans, must tie up your laces to run back.

The good thing here is Vivo enables you to disable the Permissions where other companies don’t and those who talk about Google also take same permissions so why that isn’t a problem for them firstly Google is the US Based where there are laws against privacy concerns & isn’t like China where ruling and no-democracy as companies have to present Data if govt. ask them to do so and they can’t deny without asking people.

Second Google Permissions can be toggled as per your preference where more they are much secured as Google is Google in itself. Also, this Data fluctuation in Security App convinces us more that this sharing is shaping in terms of Packets send over Network in Bytes which cause a Slow Poison effect without a big notice that’s why no one has caught this till now.

 This is a serious concern over your privacy as app or function made for security is the Evil inside exposing you naked just like “Rakshak Bana Bhakshak!”, this can be solved through an Update but if that doesn’t go right maybe first we file a petition and then a Cyber Security report over the company because we care.

-Thanks for Reading.