Pubg mobile banned in india with 117 other Chinese apps in September 2020

PUBG Mobile Banned in India including 117 other Chinese Apps

Since along, it was rumoured that PUBG will Ban and finally it's here...PUBG Mobile Banned in India including 117 other Chinese's the list...
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So the fear was right, for a long, it was rumoured that the PUBG Mobile will Ban one day and finally its the time for it. PUBG Mobile Banned in India including 117 other Chinese Apps by Indian Government issues in the public domain today, check the full report.

After TikTok Ban now its time for PUBG Mobile, yes the most famous Players Unknown Battleground Mobile Game owned by Tencent is now banned in India including 117 other Apps which are said to be all Chinese that means you will no longer be able to download, access or play them even at VPN or you might be in trouble if found guilty.

PUBG Mobile Banned in India including 117 other Chinese Apps, Check the list of all 118 Banned Apps-

All the Apps are mentioned below are the apps that are banned for being Chinese, yes for a long Indian Government is trying to take down the apps which are Chinese from Google Play Store and previously as well a list was published which included TikTok that was also a shock for many and now its time for PUBG, although people get confused between PUBG and PUBG Mobile PUBG PC is now owned by Chinese but a Korean Company where PUBG Mobile is by Tencent (Chinas biggest Game Developing Company). COD is still not taken down which you might play or try if you like.

PUBG Mobile Banned in India including 117 other Chinese Apps, Check the list of all 118 Banned Apps


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The Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre under the Ministry of Home Affairs has also sent an exhaustive recommendation for blocking these malicious apps Likewise, there have been similar bipartisan concerns, flagged by various public representatives, both outside and inside the Parliament of India. There has been a strong chorus in the public space to take strict action against Apps that harm India’s sovereignty as well as the privacy of our citizens,” it added.

In June this year, India banned 59 apps with Chinese links, including TikTok, UC Browser, Weibo, Baidu Map, and Baidu Translate saying they were prejudicial to the sovereignty, integrity, and security of the country. “This move will safeguard the interests of crores of Indian mobile and internet users. This decision is a targeted move to ensure safety, security, and sovereignty of Indian cyberspace,”- TechBloat

It’s a quite a thing to see that after 59 Apps now they have taken down 118 Chinese Apps Banned in India with just a single headline, in this way it really seems like Indian Government really wanna clash over Chinese and want to show how powerful our Country is and stealing data or trying to manipulate with us will not work. Although people will miss these 118 Banned Chinese Apps the Rule is Rule and its hard to break.

After the Ban Memers started making memes over the Ban of PUBG Mobile and on PUBG Players as well which was hilarious, though people who have PUBG can play it till 12AM 3Sep 2020 after that Servers of the Game will be Banned and you won’t be able to access it anytime. So if you have invested in UC or anything then you have some time to take care of it. We suggest you to just get over the Game & don’t feel sad because Clash of Clans and games like Call of Duty are still there to Enjoy.

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