pubg mobile comeback after ban imposed on the game, pubg mobile can comeback in india soon with some changes by bluehole leaks

PUBG Mobile Comeback in India after Imposing Ban- Tencent Money Laundering (Updated)

PUBG got Banned in India and the Crown fall with sorrow but...PUBG Mobile Comeback in India after Imposing Ban...also Tencent Money Laundering can be found too

This post was most recently updated on September 27th, 2020

PUBG Mobile was banned in India with 117 other Apps on 5th September after which a Chaos has been made over the internet & some Suicide cases are filed due to PUBG Ban, but in recent according to Leaks PUBG Mobile Comeback in India after Imposing Ban- Tencent Money Laundering, yes PUBG Mobile can Comeback very soon India after Ban imposed on the Game. Also, Tencent has said be alleged for Money Laundering through the Game (what’s the update?) Read it Loud.

Since PUBG has been Banned in India, whole gaming community and PUBG Mobile Fans are feeling sick, everyone is thinking that PUBG got Banned due to security reasons and because it was Chinese, well the Game isn’t too simple but with loopholes that many don’t know about. The game was banned due to Direct investments made by Players in PUBG as UC directly to Chinese Game Developing Company Tencent.

Updates by Tencent & PUBG Mobile

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First let’s try to decode what went wrong and why PUBG Mobile got banned in India because that the first thing which everyone wants to know, Right? so let’s try to Decode it in steps.

PUBG Mobile Comeback in India after Imposing Ban- Tencent Money Laundering (Whole Story)

Why PUBG Mobile Banned in India?

Everyone right now is thinking that the reason is security issues or data-stealing (which we were thinking too obv) but this isn’t the real stuff, the reality is behind UC. UC which PUBG Players use to buy to open crates, buy skins, costumes, etc etc. In according to Leaks if the reasons were security or being just a Chinese App so Free Fire should also be Banned as the Game hold around 20-26% Share by Tencent where PUBG Mobile only have 10-12% (almost half of Free Fire) still no ban was imposed on that.

PUBG Mobile faced Ban due to its UC feature or if you have ever Played PUBG then you might know about Spin Wheel feature of the Game which offers different Gifts to the Winners (according to reports people have even invested lakhs on the game just for getting those gifts), through which Tencent the Game Developing Company of China was getting direct money with that feature where Free Fire dosent offer any of that Wheeling Feature.

pubg mobile tencent money laundering through UC spin wheel illegal laundering reason to pubg mobile ban

These huge investments got noticed by the society of India after which some actions were important to be taken, earlier 59 Apps were pushed out and now it was time for some more, with a list of 118 Chinese Apps PUBG Mobile was knocked down too. Surprisingly next day PUBG competitor, Made in India FAU-G got teased on Twitter by Akshay Kumar (sound so similar, isn’t it?). FAUG developers saying its just a coincidence but we don’t think so though it can be true!

UC investments were directly profiting Chinese Giant without any barrier that was a bad thing, PUBG Mobile biggest Downloading Power is India because most of its Players are Indians and after Indo-China Conflicts things were getting messy like hell. To stop all this Government had only one choice but to ban the game or just for a meanwhile lock it so that shares at Tencent will be passed away to some other Company whos ready to takeover Tencent part.

Leaks suggesting Gameloft is in the queue for holding hands of Bluehole, meanwhile PUBG is trying to convince Indian Government to uphold ban but it can only be done if Tencent is ready to BreakUp. Check the Screenshot attached below.

PUBG Mobile Comeback in India after Imposing Ban, Tencent Money Laundering and pubg mobile comeback confirmation discussion with Indian government

Tencent Money Laundering through PUBG Mobile?

Shocking? why not because it is. Through Spin Wheel and UC feature, the game was getting high investments and that too directly. Tencent has played it very clean Game in terms to show it as a feature but due to all of this was direct investments and no other game gives this feature PUBG Mobile was the only base taking whole profits alone.

This is kinda illegal and unsupportive move but it kept going until now if the game comes back so this feature will be removed (most probably) and major changes can be seen too. One big Suprise for you to know is that PUBG Mobile dosent operate in China instead they have a separate game called Game for Peace. Just like Google, Facebook, Microsoft Services, etc. PUBG services are also prohibited in China so the only thing they were doing is looting other Players with this play. 

If you have also ever invested in UC then Congratulations you have been part of unknown Money Laundering or you can say Legal Laundering because all this was happening openly without such secrecy. Things were so unaware but now it’s opening up slowly.

Can PUBG Mobile Comeback?

21 year old boy committed suicide because of pubg mobile ban in India, pubg addiction

Unable to Play PUBG 21-Year-Old Commits Suicide, PUBG Mobile Addiction- Check Here

Hopefully yes but it will take time for all the procedures as it depends on who holds everything at the right position to fix up and What Changes are needed to be performed before things start running normally. This can take up to a month or so but but but…Hope is alive, Game is alive, Investors are alive, PUBG is alive, Bluehole is alive so Players are alive too. All we need to do is waiting for more confirmations.

Remember most of the Part of all this is based on Leaks, many more have to come on the way with the upcoming time and we let you know all of that for sure. Things are tough & rough for gaming community but PUBG isn’t the only game to be played, COD, Free Fire, Clash of Clans, a lot more games are there to enjoy and we are also especially waiting for APEX LEGENDS to come on Android.

Till then maintain Peace, be Strong and don’t fall for a Game at least (Log Pyar me nahi girte ajkl tum kya Game me marne chale ho).

Creds for Leaks- RD3X YouTube

-Thanks for Reading.

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