pubg mobile comeback delyed to march 2021 confirmed news by officials

PUBG Mobile India not coming before March 2021 Confirmed News- Exclusive!

Sad but true as the PUBG Mobile India comeback is not confirmed and delayed to March 2021 said by Officials in a report.
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For a long loop, we heard many such rumours and stuff regarding PUBG Mobile India comeback but now PUBG Mobile India not coming before March 2021 Confirmed News is coming very much exclusive as game comeback seems in holy dark right now, Check Full Article.

In a big surprise to gamers, PUBG, which is the most popular gaming app in India with the most number of downloads, was banned in the country on September 2 over security concerns. The government said the app, like many of the Chinese apps that were banned, was engaged in activities prejudicial to India’s sovereignty.

After this, several news come regarding comeback of PUBG in India. PUBG Mobile India has also announced their relaunch of game in November as a Diwali Gift to Gamers, With plenty of teasers and announcements on social media, it seemed that PUBG Mobile India was coming back to the country in grand style after the Government banned it.

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After the banning of Games in India, PUBG Mobile India also removed the Chinese entity of Tencent, tied up with Microsoft Azure over data and user protection as well as registered itself as a company on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website in India. After a few more days, IndieSports announced that the Government isn’t giving the green signal to Relaunch PUBG Mobile in India.

PUBG Mobile India not coming before March 2021 Confirmed News exclusive news for all pubg mobile players

PUBG Mobile India not coming before March 2021 Confirmed News- Exclusive PUBG Mobile India Updates

Rumors are spreading that PUBG mobile will make its comeback on New Year. And now information is coming that the game will not come back in a few more months. PUBG’s officials also said that ‘‘Efforts from PUBG were made in the right earnest, but the situation is such – that there has been no headwind or progress on the matter. We don’t see games making a comeback in India for the next few months, at-least not before March 2021. It’s unfortunate but everyone has to live with it’’source by PUBG Mobile India official developers & InsideSport

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This clearly shows that PUBG Mobile’s comeback isn’t possible even in the New Year, At Least before March 2021. Many rumors are still saying that PUBG will make its comeback soon. But, We have to wait. Maybe after the March 2021 game shall get unbanned. But before given timelines. It seems impossible; according to official reports.

PUBG Mobile India tried many attempts to unban games in India. After getting banned they regained their stake from Chinese company tencent, Transferred server to outside china and also guaranteed that Indian Players data will not go outside India. In Fact, not official but it is also announced that PUBG mobile India is partnered with Microsoft Azure for indian players data protection and service.

But these attempts by PUBG Corporation to appease the Indian government hasn’t seems to be successful. In the following time period, MPL launched its Rogue Heist indian multiplayer game, FAU-G by NCore games has also started Pre-Registration in India. And players are getting attracted towards this game.

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So there are possibilities that FAUG will be forwarded more than PUBG as its an Indian Game and Govt will also try to push forward more to it so people can show support to made in India Scheme instead of playing some outer sourced platform game.

Now, this is a very much confirmed for a while so anyone who was was waiting like hell can take a rest for now and till then, don’t believe in any fake news. If any official news comes, Bookmark this page. We’ll update you as soon as possible.

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