PUBG Mobile News Update, Jio can Buy Rights in India

Yes some new hits are here...check PUBG Mobile News Update, Jio can Buy Rights in India, also working Servers can shut down soon?...know more...

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We previously posted a Blog telling that PUBG Mobile can comeback after which an official statement has been released which made our Leaks True & this time New Updates are coming by PUBG Corporation, know PUBG Mobile News Update, Jio can Buy Rights in India also is it true that PUBG servers are shutting down in 2days? Read to know more.

These updates are coming from internals from where we have distributed some good info earlier on our site which came true just after we published, although some people were questioning for our leaks before it went viral. Right now some new News updates are coming related to PUBG Mobile Corporation.

PUBG Mobile News Update, Jio can Buy Rights in India- PUBG Mobile Servers Shutting Down

This information is based on leaks and we have received it through our sources so if anything goes false we aren’t responsible for it as its just an Update for PUBG Mobile. We are distributing this just to spread awareness of headlines which we have got in our hands.

  • PUBG Mobile Update – Servers Shutting Down

pubg mobile new update on apk download witness the new era with new map on pubg update

According to sources, the first thing we got to know is that PUBG Mobile Working servers will be shut down within the next 2 Days. As you might know, since the game has been banned, servers were still running and after the update has come over APKs people have thoroughly downloaded and installed it on their devices to try new map. PUBG Mobile Update APK has hit more than 1lakh+ Downloads within few hours when people got to know it’s still working.

Majorly after knowing this situation that the servers are still running on the backend to whom who still have the game, Indian Govt. approached Bluehole Corporation (PUBG Owner) and have asked to shutdown servers which are still in action. Also stated its illegal to operate even after ban so even if you were playing new PUBG Mobile Update within the next 2 Days Servers will be down for all INs. A warning has been passed to founders, if they don’t take action a penalty can be penetrated.

  • PUBG Mobile Update News – List of 70 Questions Send to PUBG Corporation

indian government sent list of 70 question to pubg mobile corporation to answer for the game just like tiktok for ban

If you remember at the time of TikTok ban, a list of questions was sent to TikTok founding father Bytedance by the Indian government, just like previous scenario this time as well they have sent a list of 70 Questions to PUBG Corporation (Bluehole) to answer them. Now the thing is what they do next after reading all questions because if they pass the test then maybe or probably game can comeback with changes soon or if they fail to answer so Govt. holds will fail his student (you know the meaning here). Now, don’t think of questions as to its a secret till now but if they get in the public domain we definitely update them here for you, till then Peace!

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  • PUBG Mobile News Update – PUBG Corporation finding Share Holders in India (rumours)

We all knew this could happen as they don’t want to get fingers facing at them again in future so following that PUBG Mobile is finding funding figures in India who can hold shares and can run operations like tournaments, passing updates, holding events, handling server capabilities, etc. Now as we were expecting in PUBG Mobile News Update, Rumours say Jio can come in power. 

jio can buy shares of pubg mobile in India from bluehole corporation as per leaks and rumors to hold all activities such as events, tournaments, etc for the game

According to Leaks and Rumours for PUBG Mobile India, Jio can buy a share of PUBG Mobile to hold rights of the game. Ambani can invest in the venture after kicking Tencent from the game for its early performance and can sit on the king seat by owning those pending 10-15% Shares of PUBG Mobile. The interesting thing is Jio is the biggest performer right now and Ambani has no scarcity of money, so this can come true according to leaks & if this happens so Jio can touch skies in gaming category because PUBG is a giant by its name.

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Also if the game comes back so name of the Game can be changed with some other tweaks like interface, character, gameplay experience, etc. just like Game for Peace in China, that must be a look forward thing for now but these rumours and leaks are just amazing to listen. We are waiting to see what comes on the road in real.

-Thanks for Reading.

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