PURE EPluto 7G EV Scooter Smokes and Catches Fire in Andhra Pradesh

PURE EPluto 7G EV Scooter Smokes and Catches Fire in Andhra Pradesh- Exclusive!

In a Video is can be seen PURE EPluto 7G EV Scooter Smokes and Catches Fire Andhra Pradesh, the Fire seems too high like a blow torch throwing flames out of a Gun. No confirmation or statement was seen from Brand side.
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A Video was caught on the morning of 29 September 2021, where it can be seen PURE EPluto 7G EV Scooter Smokes and Catches Fire in Andhra Pradesh in the middle of the Road. The Smoke was so white high like it seems to be a smoking machine creating Clouds, people recorded the live incident on a Camera and the Video is directed from India where an EV Scooter battery started smoking and at the end catches strong fire flames like a blow torch.

Pure EV is an Indian company that makes Electric Scooters in India, recently a video caught up where it can see PURE EPluto 7G EV Scooter Smokes and Catches Fire with high flames directly through the battery compartment under the seating area. A video shared by Abhishek Bhatnagar Twitter and a YouTube Video Confirms it to be from Andra Pradesh from a Roadside scene.

PURE EPluto 7G EV Scooter Smokes and Catches Fire Andhra Pradesh Video went Viral

In the video people can be seen to be making Video of the EV Scooter till it was smoking, a video of around 1.30min where almost 40sec it smokes badly like a white cloud and suddenly catches fire which creates panic and people step back from the scooter as it caught be dangerous and can lead to blast.

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PURE EV EPluto 7G is a new model of the company which reflects some highlights of Vespa scooters but is totally electronic, area from where smoke starts coming out is where the battery is placed, there’s is no confirmation how the fire caught up or what was the reason but it could be Leakage, Damage inside the battery in its outer shell or inner parts, heavy runs due to which it gets warm and heated up, but all these are assumptions.

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Whatever the reason being, if a battery gets so heated and starts smoking and fire like this then its no way less than a Bomb, in a nutshell, it said EVs are safer, environment friendly but we should forget that Mobiles, Chargers, Power Banks also blast many times and their Blast vs a full heavy Battery blast can make a difference.

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No other reports or news are found of any harm or life but the video is shocking and raises questions for the Electric vehicle and Scooter manufacturing company that How this can happen and what could be the reason, specially from PureEV here as the footage shows their Logo clearly.

We hope you be safe and do cross-check before buying anything anywhere so it could harm you in any way. Till now no response can be seen from the Brand side.

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