Raji An Ancient Epic Game PC Review – Made in India

Indian Developers have made a game for the first time...Raji is a game focused on Indian Mythology...Raji An Ancient Epic Game PC Review, Made in India

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Today we are reviewing a kind of game which we are excited about called Raji An Ancient Epic Game PC Review, a Made in India Game. Yes, Raji: An Ancient Epic Game is the first Made in India Game, Developed by Indian Nodding Heads Games and snitch out some beautiful Indian Mythological Culture to another level through a Game and more proud feeling comes when we see detailing, graphics, game structure and story behind this game. So without any further due let’s start the review of Raji: An Ancient Epic Game and share with you what we felt after playing this.

Raji An Ancient Epic is not a new project but the story is interesting as the developers have faced many challenges besides launching this game on an international level which is now available on Steam. Still the output we get from their inspiring story and hard work seems pleasant and after trying the game I can say, Yes it is a nice one!.

Nodding Heads Games Raji An Ancient Game starts with a female character and emphasis on empowering women with a baseline where her brother is kidnapped or can say lost and shes is trying to get him back while worshipping Maa Durga who is a Holy God in India, whereas characters name herself is Raji.

Raji is shown as a young girl and her brother’s name is Golu who is taken by Devils, one great thing about the game is at very start kick you must be able to see artefacts of Indian culture, representing great efforts on detailing, depth and work done to represent culture of India and mythological power impressions.

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To know more about what challenges Nodding Heads have faced during the game development, I suggest you watch the below-mentioned video that can help you to understand how they went so far with a single mindset to create something exclusive for their country.

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action-adventure video game developed by Nodding Heads Games. It was released as a timed exclusive for Nintendo Switch on 18 August 2020 and is scheduled to be released on 15 October 2020 for Microsoft Windows via the Steam client, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.- Wikipedia

When you start the game a short interesting story builds-up comes which narrates how and what happened and what you have to do further in the game as what will lead you to the end, the surprise element is that narrator is Maa Durga to whom Raji worship.

Raji An Ancient Epic System Requirement-

It is a light game and by default can be played on any type of system as it dosent require high end 2020 Specs. I have Intel i5 Gen 7th with 2GB NVIDIA 930MX GPU that isn’t strong still after reading some sheets I can say yes you can play this game at almost every basic specs, and if you have a high end1 so just go for it.

The game is also playable at 2GB RAM and i3 Processor. Full size of the game is around 3.5GB with all files so you can think how much can it occupy over the system.

raji an ancient epic how to download, what are minimun system requirements to run game on pc, platforms on which raji game is available

On the internet, its mentioned 8GB RAM minimum but I tried on 2 and 4 GB although I didn’t find any lacks in FPS, yeah graphics might drop as per specs but overall very decent on my setup at medium settings.

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As a round-up for Minimum System Requirement for Raji Ancient Epic- i3 7th Gen Processor, 2-4GB RAM DDR3, 3GB Storage, DirectX 9 Support, Steam Account

How to Download Raji: An Ancient Epic Game?

You can download Raji Game Demo for Free from Steam by just signing in and search for Raji or Click HERE, the full version of the game will also be out soon but on October 15, 2020, as right now it has to be launched officially so you might have to wait till then. Although for Nintendo Players it’s available for £22.49

But for a try, we definitely recommend you to try the Demo version of the game as its esthetic presence and Indian touch will touch your heart for sure and you somehow mix up into it.

Raji An Ancient Epic Game PC Review – Made in India (Is it worth hype?)

Raji: An Ancient Epic Game PC Review first Made in India by Nodding Heads Games, full game review on demo version in detail

As I mentioned above game is based on Indian cultural impressions but still, it’s more like an adventure game eg- Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, etc. in India, you can say its Princess of India because gameplay, setup of the game seems little inspired from POP itself but talking about graphics at fullest steal your mind and power, sound effects, a real type of storyline which an Indian must hear of in his/her childhood becomes relatable with the game.

We tried Raji Ancient Epic on PC but its also available on other platforms like Nintendo, Xbox and PS as well so whatever you have, you are in.

There is no (A) rated or explicit scenes which makes games unplayable in front of others, instead of its clean, spiritual and effect no cross effect over the mindset of teen or a child. Neither the game is developed in a way that only children can enjoy it but in my personal preference, you can enjoy it too building up a connection with the Raji.

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We would like to appreciate hard work of developers, creators and minds behind this creation for making is so absolute & for offering such a great game at a kickstart because till now no other is there who has built such kinda game in India for all platforms, yeah if you Heads read it then I request you to build one for Mobile as well.

But with this amazing creation, we think yes India is also in the race now as Game Developers. They have lightened up hope for others too to built such more amazing games which we wish to see in future, and we must appreciate everyone who does a good thing, also we also urge you to try this one out and even go for a full version after launch.

This isn’t a sponsored post but just for flexing a fact that India is also on gaming, not just gaming but developing as well. Below is a small gameplay clip officially by Raji An Ancient Epic which you should watch to experience what you get inside the game.

-Thanks for Reading.