realme caught using iphone in narzo 30a livestream bangladesh, guided access enable on realme narzo 3a

Realme Caught using iPhone at Realme Narzo 30A Bangladesh Livestream

This news came in limelight and it was fun to know but alongside a bit shocking too...Realme Caught using iPhone at Realme Narzo 30A Bangladesh Livestream at Gaming demonstration part on roll and hiding the fact like nothing!
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When a brand is trusted, it’s trusted on its work but when its caught anywhere, the image as whole is affected, that’s what has been caught in Banglades at Realme Narzo 30A Launch Event. Realme Caught using iPhone at Realme Narzo 30A Bangladesh Livestream, a MySmartPrice report claimed but its shocking…?

Realme has been caught red-handed using iPhone at Realme Narzo 30A Launch event in Bangladesh in the official live stream. The Livestream went private when it caught exposed my MySmartpRice Article and faces a little backlash, read full report.

During the launch of Realme 30A Launch in Bangladesh on YouTube when they performed a Gaming test with their invited gamers a popup appeared at the big screen setup at the back. The screen showed a message of “Guided Access Enabled” but you might think what is Guided Access?

Check the Real incident on Insta Reel Clicking HERE- Realme Caught with iPhone at Narzo 30A Launch Original Video

Whats is Guided Access on iPhone?

Guided Access limits your device to a single app and lets you control which features are available. You can turn on Guided Access when you let a child use your device, or when accidental gestures might distract you.

Realme Bangladesh gave statement to MySmartPrice-

Realme Caught using iPhone at Realme Narzo 30A Livestream Bangladesh

This incident wasn’t noticed till very end and even days but recently it was noticed and came in limelight, this feels like a cheap marketing tactic performed by Realme to show their device superior and make fool of the audience who believe in their brand and buy products and not only Realme but it rises a question too for all other brands too.

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If this could be done in Livestream so Benchmarks & Reports can be malfunctioned and manipulated easily to show in public domains.

Realme Caught using iPhone at Realme Narzo 30A Bangladesh Livestream on youtube with a popup at big screen

Noticeably the incident tales place at 18.43 timestamp in Livestream of Narzo 30A launch Bangladesh which is now private from channel after the report came out. The launch was around 30-35min long where at around 18 mins they start game testing introducing their gamers on stream.

This also clears out that the whole launch was scripted and players were paid to act on roll-camera-action, which means this whole scene was fully scripted just to create a hype which initially failed and the company tried to take benefit of Online Launch because at Physical launch it comes difficult because whole media is present at the venue so cheating is next to impossible.

Not so far but against Redmi they faced a backlash when Madhav Seth, CEO of RealmeIndia twitted about Realme made the first 108MP Camera in a budget segment where it fired back and the original phone that did this was Redmi in the first position. This is the second incident in a short time which we are seeing.

This gives a vibe and shows the curiosity of a brand to beat others but failing like no other, instead of doing good in terms they are trying to bash others or fooling tricks but can’t hide now. We really hope they feel the essence of working and back in the game soon with originality, not fakeness.

Till now no statement has come from the company side or no response has been shown, maybe they just don’t want to apologize or have big guts to forfit their mistake quietly till everything goes down.

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