samsung galaxy buds live vs buds prp vs bud plus and buds plus comparison in detail

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Buds Pro vs Buds Plus Comparison- Which is best to buy?

Samsung TWS have a class, a luxury that you can feel, but which one should you buy or invest in? Check our Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Buds Pro vs Buds Plus Comparison- Which is best to buy?
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This post was most recently updated on 20th Jul, 2021

Recently Samsung introduced its new TWS, the Galaxy Buds Pro in India where Live and Plus are already there. Let’s check Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Buds Pro vs Buds Plus Comparison, Which is best to buy? here it is…

Samsung unleashed its new S21 series in India with the start of 2021 and with that they showed up Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, a new TWS gen by Samsung in its Galaxy Buds Category where Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and Buds Plus are already there, a new expensive boy has joined their company.

The North Korean Tech giant has recently announced their new premium TWS earphones in India. The Galaxy Buds Pro is a new player while the Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds Live is an old player.

All these TWS are of premium category and features many interesting specs like 360 surround sound, Active noise cancellation and more. So, in this post, we’ll compare all these TWS and suggest you which one to buy and which one not! (at the end choice is yours).

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Buds Pro vs Buds Plus Comparison in Depth (Should you buy?), comparing galaxy buds live, vs buds pro vs buds plus by Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Buds Pro vs Buds Plus Comparison in Depth (Should you buy?)

As shown in the title and header image we are comparing Samsung galaxy buds live vs galaxy buds plus vs galaxy buds pro in respect to provide you with the best option to go for. As Galaxy Buds aren’t some cheap ones so decision making can be an investment for long term so choose wisely.

Galaxy Buds Live vs Pro vs Plus Price-

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Plus vs Live Design Compare, what is the difference between design and built of galaxy buds live vs pro vs plus?

Let’s start with the price first. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro costs Rs.15,999 INR where Galaxy Buds Live is available for Rs.11,990 in India, Galaxy buds plus is available starting Rs.8,999 and a very huge difference in pricing of all these earbuds. All these TWS are available in various online and offline channels to purchase.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Plus vs Live Design Compare-

Talking about the design of Galaxy Buds Live, so live has one of the most unique and comfortable one comparing to Galaxy Buds Pro which is very similar to the Galaxy Buds Pro. Buds Pro have an ear tip design that can come comfortably to many most likely with loads of different features where Live Bean shape is for the new comfy crowd.

Audio Quality Comparison of Galaxy Buds Live vs Pro and Plus-

The main part of the earbuds is their Audio experience. All these earbuds sound very well and the bass, treble, mids all are balanced equally and provides you the ultimate sound experience. But one advantage that Galaxy Buds Pro have over the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Plus is 11mm woofer with 6.5mm tweeter with support of 360 Audio experience which adds one step more to your sound experience.

It uses the Dolby Head Tracking technology to provide you the real-time surround sound experience. The Galaxy Buds pro plays the game very well and wins this category.

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Audio Quality Comparison of Galaxy Buds Live vs Pro and Plus, all these tws by Samsung have its unique features, even in audio quality they all stand-alone with big difference

Connectivity of Samsung Galaxy Buds-

Connectivity is also the most important part of any wireless product. Better the connectivity means better user experience. All the earbuds are similar in this term, they all feature Bluetooth V5.0 to get connected with your device automatically.

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They also support AAC, SBC and Samsung’s very own SSC (Samsung Scalable Codec) which prevents the audio chopping by changing the bitrate of the device accordingly. The Galaxy Buds Pro have one additional feature namely auto-switching, using which you can switch the connection of earbuds between devices seamlessly. But this feature is reserved only for Galaxy devices.

Battery Life on Galaxy Buds-

Samsung claims 5 hours of playback time on a single charge of buds only and Up to 13 hours of battery life with case and ANC function on. Galaxy Buds Live offers 6 hours of playback with earbuds and up to 20 hours with the case. The battery life will vary accordingly to your usage.

Noise Cancellation-

The most important feature of any premium TWS earbuds is their Noise cancellation system. The Galaxy Buds Plus doesn’t come with any kind of active noise cancellation system or ANC system where the Galaxy Buds Live comes with Active noise cancellation.

And again, the Galaxy Buds Pro is one step forward from these earbuds as it has enhanced Noise cancellation system and Samsung claims that it can block up to 99% of unwanted outside noise. The Galaxy Buds Pro have one advanced feature namely Ambient mode.

When you turn on this mode and talk with any person the earbuds automatically adjusts the sound level so that you can hear the voice and talk to a person properly and when you end the conversation it automatically detects it and brings volume back to wherever you set it.

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Samsung galaxy buds live vs galaxy buds pro vs buds plus Noise Cancellation comparison, which has the best noise cancellation feature in galaxy buds series

Final Verdict in Comparison of Galaxy Buds Live vs Pro vs Plus-

As a successor, the Galaxy Buds Pro has the most advanced features and wins in most of the category. But even with the better performance, it cost 4-5k more than the Buds Plus and almost 5-6K more than the Galaxy Buds Live, so if you can extend up to 16k you can go for it but it or if your budget is limited and are not able to spend more then it’s better to find some competitors from other brands or try buds plus.

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