Samsung Galaxy M31 caught fire while charging in Bangladesh confirms Victim

Samsung Galaxy M31 caught fire while charging in Bangladesh confirms Victim

OnePlus, Realme and now Samsung has joined the Smartphone blast series, from Bangladesh a Twitter user reported Samsung Galaxy M31 caught fire while charging explaining the whole incident in detail how it occurred.
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In a recent tweet, we found this incident and tried to reach out to the publisher of that tweet to know what actually happened and details of the happening. The tweet mentioned Samsung Galaxy M31 caught fire while charging in Bangladesh as Description of the tweet but what actually happened behind the camera was the thing to know in real, so this report is about that only.

In recent times we are seeing so many smartphones blasting every day whether it is by OnePlus, Realme & now Samsung. In a tweet by “Naimur Rahman Shadhin” shared a tweet located in Bangladesh reported blasting of Samsung Galaxy M31 caught fire and in images, you can see how much it is burned. Gladly no one was harmed in this accident but the recent OnePlus Nord 2 Blast was a disaster where it actually burned the thighs of a person at severe levels.

Samsung Galaxy M31 caught fire while charging in Bangladesh whole Incidence

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After asking about the incident Naimur told us that he got this post from a Facebook group where he noticed the incident and after asking to connect with the person to know details he forwarded “I’ve contacted the victim. The incident happened on October 5, 2021. At that time his phone was 10 months old, he bought the phone on 11/10/2020. The victim left the phone on the shelf and sat down to read the charge. After some time he noticed the burning smell, then he saw smoke coming out of the phone. So he somehow untied the charger cable and dropped the phone on the floor. The phone caught fire as soon as it fell on the floor. He later took the phone to a customer care service of Samsung, where they said it had been set on fire intentionally. Taking another customer care they said it could cause problems with the electrical line at home. Recently, after seeing the posts of Oneplus Nord 2 and yesterday’s Realme 8 Blast, the victim’s friend posted on ATC Official Group.”, he also mentioned, “Victims father bought the phone him Victims Name: Noor E Ajmir Customer Name: MD Akhter Hossain“.

In clear words, it can be seen Company has denied accepting its product mistake or replacement. The denial of this incident can be a thread or a warning for all smartphone users because from a couple of weeks and months many reports are revolving around the internet. There can be some possibilities that if the phone was on High Volt Charging cables or Bricks but even if was like that so Phone should not blast like this as there’s a maintain engineering still this explosions and burning could be dangerous.

Now the real answer arises, Who is responsible for this?, Is it a Company mistake or for how long a Consumer will survive such incidents. In this case as well, will Samsung accept its mistake or do a consumer get its answer?

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