Sony PlayStation 5 News, Price, Release Date, PS5 Rumours & Leaks

Sony PlayStation 5 can change game..XBOX One X can be strong competitor of the PS5..the release of PS5 news is coming that it can come in 2020

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Sony PS5 Console or Sony PlayStation 5 is one of the Gaming Video Console is which awaited by all the gamers because with Sony PlayStation 5 News brings new Era in the world of gaming. 
The biggest reason behind the Hit of Sony PlayStation is its Pricing and comfort to use with vast feature quality.
So there are many rumours about the new PS5, that is why we thought why not give this topic a light. So here you will get to know some good facts about the upcoming PlayStation 5 Release Date, Price, and some hot news for the new PS5.

Latest Updates Sony PlayStation 5 News (Finally!)

After coming a long way finally Sony has revealed its PS5 Logo with some hardware configrations confirming that PS5 is gonna come soon in the Martet this year (2020) with some brand new upgrades, but as you might know if you have been following us that we have already talked a lot about PS5 in 2017 only (you can check below).

Right now Sony has only revealed PS5 logo which is traditionally similar to previous gens just change in number but I am quite excited about the Gaming console and would like to see how it really comes & at what price.

-SonyCES2020 Updates

PlayStation has always been the 1st choice for all gamers around the world and according to rumors, Microsoft is also in the race with its XBOX ONE X where Sony will soon reveal its PS4 Pro.
But no one can beat Sony because of its PlayStation series which is a satisfaction in itself.

Reason for Sony PlayStation Hit?

The reason behind the most successful console made by Sony for the Gaming and its hit is because its 1 of its kind in the market at the time with the launch of PlayStation 1, which was launched on December 3, 1994. 
Which became the World most selling Gaming Console and the most popular 1.

Just because it provides something exclusive and different which can take lead in the Gaming World. And not even kids, adults were also influenced by the PS series.

Why Sony is the best?

Sony is the best because it always ensures that its consumers and PS lovers get the best always when they buy a Console for themselves in a Pocket Price.
It is true that in terms of Mobile Market Sony would be able to kill the market but on the basis of its PS gaming Consoles, it nails every part.

Why PlayStation 4 was called a Failure?

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PS4 was a big failure for the company, as companies expectations were very high with PlayStation 4 but it doesn’t get there. And somehow sales also don’t reach there, which effects Sony to think for their next Gaming Console.
Sony has sold many PS4 consoles but wouldn’t be able to beat the sales of previous sales. 
Where XBOX was at a bit higher than the PS with XBOX ONE, which makes it a tuner for Microsoft.


What can be Expected from Sony PlayStation 5?

We think after PS 4, now the company wants something different to show the world. That is why in an interview with Pachter said 
“Will it play games that were made for the PlayStation 4 Pro? That’s the question. I think it will. So I think they will build a console that will backward compatible with the PS4 Pro,” 

“My expectation is that it’s not coming out in 2018. That is a 2019 0r 2020 but probably 2019. Sony is probably timing it better because they are going to bring out a 4K capable device when the 4K TV market reaches 50% in the USA and 35% in the rest of the world”.

So with these words, we think it is enough for the fans that with the launch of PS5 we can expect that could run 4K Screening with Ultra High Defined Gaming Experience and even more enhanced Virtual experience because of its increased power.

What can be the Price of PS5?

Almost every set of PS series comes under Rs.30K-40K, wherein US dollar it is around $300-$400. The Same thing can be expected with PS5 Price. We think that at most PS5 could be around Rs.50,000 or about $400-$500. 

Is PS5 going to be Holographic?

Not at all, as shown in many Pictures on the internet that PlayStation 5 can be a Holographic but we don’t think that because the only physical interaction between a device is the most important thing and holographic PS cant be made till now because there is no technology like that. So please don’t get influenced by this kind of things. 

What is the Release Date of PlayStation5?

The release can be expected in the mid-off 2019-2020 in the month of November-December. Because most of the time the PS comes out in these months. Hence we all have very high expectations with new PS5 to see it soon.

Will the PlayStation 5 can have Piracy Disc availability?

There are no leaks for that but somehow people manage to run pirated games and thing on the PlayStation after breaking its Seal which makes PS out of Warranty and makes users happy because with Seal breaks you are able to run pirated downloaded games with the help of external HDD.

Now one simple Question arises that will the PS5 will be able to play games released for PS4, well we say why not. Because it can be new-gen device doesn’t mean that it will not be able to play previous year games. Even on PS3, we are able to play many games which can be played on both consoles. So PS5 can also play those games which you play on PS4. Now, this is a Quick Roll up, but we want you to tell us how excited you are about the new PlayStation and to try that.


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