Swadeshi App helps to Find Local Brands to Support Made in India

Are you confused to find any Made in India Brand but want to support #VocalForLocal?...Try Swadeshi...this App is useful to support India...

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Made in India has become a challenge where most people are confused What to Choose and Whatnot, Which Company is Chinese and which one isn’t, What Brand they should choose, that has now been made easy with Swadeshi App by BitYantra Innovations, yes an App that truly supports #VocalForLocal Nara, & brings in Brands which is Made in India, Swadeshi helps to tell which Brand is Local covering almost every category from Pet Food to Grocery.

Swadeshi App is developed by Sourabh Shegane, Rohit Suthar & Chaitanya Dhakare, the App is user friendly and very clean. Though it lacks nowhere in functioning with its easy approach & as the name suggests itself “Swadeshi” means, support Desi and support Deshi & boycotting Chinese Products.

After opening up the App you can see Swadeshi App Logo and #VocalForLocal as Tagline & About section also says “Proudly Made in India for India”, that indicates the motive behind application which in our sense is purely justified once you start using the app.

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What is Swadeshi App (Made in India Scheme):

As we mentioned above it is to support Local Brands & Companies that sell Made in India Products whether Personal Care, Electronics, Home Appliance, Stationery, Pet Food, Grooming, Grocery, etc. this has a whole category to describe it all & to find the needed product.

All you need is to install the App and surf through the category or product, the only thing you need to use this app is the knowledge that for what product you are looking for comes in which category as a Fan comes in Electronics, Chocolate comes under Food, Fruit Juice comes in Beverage and so on…

What is Special about this Swadeshi App?

We think its one of a kind and comes at a very correct time when people are focused and want to know which company is Indian and wants to Support Local & want to be Vocal. No ADs, for now, no annoying pop-ups, no dirt material only pure experience is no less than heaven compared to some Bloaty Apps, specially throught this a push has been initiated to see for alternatives over Chinese Products & Boycott Chinese Products.

How the Swadeshi App Works (#VocalForLocal)?

  • When you open up the App, you see Search, Categories, and beneath that some other separate Category options with related product slider.
  • You Choose a Category example Personal Care, then it asks you which type of Personal care Product you are looking for ex-Face Wash, you click on that and a list of Brands will appear with a Heading on Top saying “Indian Brands (Face Wash).
  • From the List you can check Brands you prefer and to know more about that particular brand you can just click on it.
  • After Clicking on the Brand Banner you see a new Window describing a small description about it with Brand Website Link.
  • You also have the option to surf from Category. just click on View All and all Categories which it holds be presented for you.
  • Remember right now its only supported by Android Devices

Privacy of Swadeshi App

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Like other Apps it does not ask you for any Permissions, even the App has a Disclaimer button and App info which clearly reflects its developer’s name and icon source for brands. So talking about privacy it took nothing from you which makes it Secure AF.

All also have options to see All Indian Companies that they have listed and even New Brand Suggestion if they have missed and you have any so within the app you can suggest that Company Name and Category for Listing.

App has a Contact Us button through which you can send message to the developers that comes liable and helps to build up Trust over users.

Where to Download Swadeshi App?

swadeshi app proudly made in india by bityantra opening window and menu options image

You can download it from Google Play Store directly as in search it can become difficult so you can Click HERE to land on the Download Page. We request to support this App as it has a low Download count and if you like then rate them as well because it’s supporting a good cause and helping Indian Brands and Companies to grow. If we stand together so we could fight together.

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It is an In-charge for its purpose and brings a ray of light for people who want to support Vocal for Local and Made in India Products, Brands, and Companies. For them this app is must try and is lite as well, we support Swadeshi to be Swadeshi and Boycott Chinese Made Products & MadeInChina Goods.

-Thanks for Reading.