TikTok owner ByteDance restrict usage of Douyin for Children Under 14

TikTok owner ByteDance restrict usage of Douyin for Children Under 14 to focus more on productivity

ByteDance limit Douyin usage in China, Douyin is China's TikTok and this restriction is applied for Children age under 14yrs old to control Internet usage and focus on Studies and work.
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ByteDance restricts children under 14 old to overuse TikTok also known as Douyin in China to Control Children from using the Internet at extreme levels, on September 19 2021 Bytedance announced that people under 14 age will have to use their original names on the app with verification process through original ID so it can be approved under youth section and limits the time of App usage from 6 AM to 10 PM only.

TikTok aka Douyin is a Chinese version of the App that is available only in China by the ownership of ByteDance. They have made restrictions over the app usage so parents and children can limit their usage of the Internet and can focus elsewhere. Though TikTok is banned in India, still their parent company is trying to come back to the Nation after getting kicked out. 

This kind of restriction is not seen anywhere else till now except in China. TikTok is the original app name that’s used Worldwide and is Universally famous for its Short video content. In 2020 it got banned in India with to a few other 200+ Apps.

Douyin aka TikTok will now ask for the identification of the user and Creators under 14 have to register with their original Real name as the username and have to verify it to appear on Youth Section.

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Bytedance is adding a new section of Education to create relatable videos to that category with content like “interesting popular science experiments, exhibitions in museums and galleries, beautiful scenery across the country, explanations of historical knowledge, and so on.”

This shows China is concerned about the overuse of the internet in their nation and trying to limit it within young blood. Just like the same, last month, they restricted people under 18 to do gaming only on Weekends, Fridays 8 AM to 9 PM and on Public Holidays so as to focus on other work or studies.

It is an irreplaceable idea but it’s all just applicable for China only as there’s no such restriction for other regions.

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