top 10 plugins for WordPress 2019 must having

Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins Tools for Every Website 2019

Best Wordpress Plugins Tools for 2019..these Top 10 Free WP Plugins can help you with Features, SEO Boost & more..if you want to try then check now!

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Almost every 2nd Website on the Internet is built on WordPress and with over 54000+ Plugins makes the task easier, that’s why Today we hope to share Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins with you for 2020 which you Must Install now to boost up SEO & add new Features on your WordPress Blog Panel.

Plugins are like life for every Website made on WordPress, but these Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins help you to gain more following, SEO Boost, attracting people and helps in your Site Ranking Boost, plus you get more accessibility to Write top-notch content with an appealing appearance.

But first, let’s understand “What are Plugins on WordPress?”

plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with WordPress. – wpbeginner

So basically a Plugin can provide you different functionalities that can save a lot of your time instead of finding things separately after knowledgeable Part, let’s talk about the main thing which is the Top Best Plugins on WP for 2019, all details are with their names to check out below!

Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2020-

elementor plugin icon 2020 Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins

1st. Elementor for WP-

The most common Plugin with the support of almost every theme available on the Internet for WordPress, perfect for Page & Post Building with so many flexible features inbuilt. Therefore if your WP theme supports Elementor & you havent instaleed it yet then should try now!

It is one of the most Top Rated Designing Plugins with over 3000+ Reviews.

“Great innovation propels professionals into a new, better way of working. That’s what Elementor has done for web design. We plan to keep introducing novel ways of improving the web creator’s workflow, and help make the process of designing websites faster, more flexible and much more fun.”

Check Elementor here-

izzoto plugin for push up notification

2nd. iZooto-

iZooto supports push notifications on all leading browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge. As this Plugin is Made & Developed in India totally but this Plugin performs well as well.

However iOS on iPhone and iPad and Internet Explorer do not support Push Notifications.

This Plugin is Made & Managed in India providing simple Setup then anyone else with accurate results and responsive support. To know How to Enable iZooto Tap here-

TinyMCE best advance tool to edit blogs

3rd. TinyMCE Advanced WordPress-

My favourite Solution to Write a Post on my Blog as it gives provides me different Font option, size option, embedding option, and a lot more within the WordPress Post Writing section Live with Yoast results so that I can publish an SEO friendly post.

“TinyMCE Advanced introduces a “Classic Paragraph” block and a “Hybrid Mode” for the new block editor (Gutenberg).

If you are not quite ready to switch to the block editor, or have plugins that cannot be used there (yet), using the Classic Paragraph block and Hybrid Mode is your best option. It lets you to continue to use the familiar TinyMCE editor for most tasks, and at the same time gives you full access to all blocks and new features in the block editor.”

Link here-

best plugin for redirection on WordPress

4th. Redirection-

A needful plugin for everyone to protect your directed traffic come at you, this can be a life save for those who get 404 errors or 301 error pages. Through this, you can redirect people to your selected page easily.

Full documentation can be found at

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updraft plus is the most powerful tool for wordpress backup on cloud

5th. UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore-

UpdraftPlus simplifies backups and restoration. It is the world’s highest-ranking and most popular scheduled backup plugin, with over two million currently-active installs. Backup your files and database backups into the cloud and restore with a single click!

Backup into the cloud directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 (or compatible), UpdraftVault, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, DreamObjects, Openstack Swift, and email. The paid version also backs up to Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze B2, SFTP, SCP, and WebDAV.

If something miss happens then with this Backup toll on WP you can get back everything again easily without any losses, so in a Top Plugin in 2019 i recommend it highly.

yoast seo is to maintain your wordpress website at the top and helps you to scorre good seo

6th. Yoast SEO-

Yoast SEO is the original WordPress SEO plugin since 2008. It is the favourite tool of millions of users, ranging from the bakery around the corner to some of the most popular sites on the planet. With Yoast SEO, you get a solid toolset that helps you aim for that number one spot in the search results. (Must having)

Check here-

jetpack plugins provides multiple flexible features which is best for security as well

7th. Jetpack for WordPress-

Jetpack is a popular WordPress plugin created by Automattic, the people behind The plugin brings many of the most powerful features available on to self-hostedWordPress sites and thereby contributing greatly to the improvement of WordPress powered blogs and websites

Jetpack is your site’s security detail, guarding you against brute-force attacks and unauthorized logins. Basic protection is always free, while premium plans add expanded backup and automated fixes. Jetpack’s full suite of site security tools include:

  • Brute-force attack protection, spam filtering, and downtime monitoring.
  • Backups of your entire site, either once daily or in real time.
  • Secure login, with optional two-factor authentication.
  • Malware scanning, code scanning, and automated threat resolution.
  • A record of every change on your site to simplify troubleshooting.
  • Fast, priority support from WordPress experts.

Check here-

social simple icon is the best plugin to enable social icons on your website or blog posts

8th. Simple Social Icons-

Simple Social Icons is an easy to use, customizable way to display icons that link visitors to your various social profiles. With it, you can easily choose which profiles to link to, customize the color and size of your icons, as well as align them to the left, center, or right, all from the widget form (no settings page necessary!).

Check here-

disqus comment plugin is the best plugin for any wordpress website with auto moderation and anti spam features

9th. Disqus Comments-

Disqus for WordPress plugin lets site owners and developers easily add Disqus to their sites, replacing the default WordPress comment system. Disqus installs in minutes and automatically imports your existing comments.

  • Automatic anti-spam filter powered by Akismet
  • Automated pre-moderation controls to flag comments based on links, user reputation
  • Moderate directly in the discussion, via email, or moderation panel
  • Email notifications for newly posted comments, replies
  • Moderation Panel that lets you search, filter, sort, and manage your comments
  • Self-moderation tools like user blocking, comment flagging


table of content are the most important element to rank good under seo but instead of coding this is the best solution to add table of content automatically with publishing of blog

10th. Easy Table of Contents-

Automatically generate a table of contents for your posts, pages and custom post types by parsing its contents for headers.

  • Optionally enable for pages and/or posts. Custom post types are supported, as long as their content is output with the the_content()template tag.
  • Optionally auto insert the table of contents into the page, selectable by enabled post type.
  • Provides many easy to understand options to configure when and where to insert the table of contents.
  • Many options are available to configure how the inserted table of contents appears which include several builtin themes. If the supplied themes do no meet you needs, you can create your own by choosing you own colors for the border, background and link color.
  • Multiple counter bullet formats to choose from; none, decimal, numeric and roman.
  • Choose to display the table of contents hierarchical or not. This means headings of lower priority will be nested under headings of higher priority.
  • User can optionally hide the table of contents. You full control of this feature. It can be disabled and you can choose to have it hidden by default.
  • Supports smooth scrolling.
  • Selectively enable or disabled the table of contents on a post by post basis.
  • Choose which headings are used to generate the table of contents. This too can be set on a post by post basis.
  • Easily exclude headers globally and on a post by post basis.
  • If you rather not insert the table of contents in the post content, you can use the supplied widget and place the table of contents in your theme’s sidebar.
  • The widgets supports being affixed or stuck on the page so it is always visible as you scroll down the page. NOTE: this is an advanced option since every theme is different, you might need support from your theme developer to learn what the correct item selector to use in the settings to enable this feature.

Check Link-


Basically, I shared them all as I found them useful in my every Blog Post, some might not be so popular & some might be very known as well but they all are must having for a person who wants to shoots fast and is not so familiar with Coding, etc. things but want to Blog.

I try to share more in future but for that you have to stick with us by Subscribing our Newsletter or Push Notify, you can also Follow us on Social Media and drop a comment down with leaving reaction about your views, we must wait for it.

Thanks for Reading.

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