what are top 4 music streaming apps in india to listen music online or offline

Top 4 Music Streaming Apps in India for Android & iOS (2020)

Do you love Music..want best Music experience...try out these Top 4 Streaming Apps..if you live in India so this Article can be must for you to find best 1!
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This post was most recently updated on 24th Sep, 2020

Do you love Music Listening? Most of us do but What Music Streaming Apps you use to listen up Music? Today we discuss the Top 4 Music Streaming Apps in India Android & iOS both, also on Browsers as well such as PC&Laptops.

We try to find out today what are their their Premium Subscription Rates, Sound output Quality, Interface & experience which I have faced using them over about a month!

Now I have made Bullet Points for each App which are listed down in according to App Interface, Music/Output Quality, Track Availability, Premium Subscription Pricing & Conclusions for each, so that before choosing the best you won’t regret as Music touches Soul and we want it to be pure.

Let the best Music App War Begin, Top 4 Music Streaming Apps in India :-

one of the top 4 music streaming app for 2019 on android & ios


The interface is Good– Apps interface is simple, you can find different sections, playlists, recent plays, trending, top charts, etc. also at the bottom you find search, radio, and my music & home

With Search, you can Find your Favorite Track by your Voice (by Google). Under My Music, you can find your Downloads, Favorites & your Storage Tracks which you can play directly.

One thing I like here that you also get Lyrics of the Song while Playing + you get the option to play the song with Video Playback as well.

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Music Quality & ADs– It’s not HD as the sound which you get here at the Highest is only High not HD (High Definition) that may imbalance listening experience. ADs here are Banner Ads, Video Ads, or Audio Ads which you can find almost anywhere maybe within the Playlist, on Home Page, etc.

Track Availability- You can find almost every kinda tack here, whether in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Telegu, etc.

Pricing- You get a variety of Premium Pack, 1Month- ₹99, 1Year- ₹399 with some extra benefits like Zee5 or Sony Liv as Addition. If you wanna Download any Track then Premium Pack is imp.

Conclusion- Yes it is a good App but not great in terms of Music Quality & Experience. You get enough of features but what it is made for I would say it lacks somewhere between it which is unsatisfactory.

one of the top 4 music streaming app for 2019 on android

2. Wynk Music by Airtel

The interface is OK– Just like above you get almost every feature and menu inside the App but at the bottom, you get an Updates icon where you can get to know about the latest releases, also in search button you get top searches if you wanna check and trending tracks.
For Voice Search it uses Google Voice Search and results come accurate.
(I found no Lyrics option like JioSaavn or Gaana on this)

Music Quality and ADs– Quality is only Average or can say even below average even on HD, songs are bit duff, low, unbalance tuning, so considering Music Quality it fails for me.
Talking about ADs you can see a lot of them on the main screen, between playlists, or at track ends.

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Track Availability– Multi-Language Tracks are available here.

Pricing- I liked is that you don’t have to pay for HD Quality Playback but for Downloads & AD free experience you need Premium Packs starting from ₹49 per Month/1Year ₹349.

You also get the option to share links through which you can earn coins which can be redeemed later for premium purchases.

Conclusion– As I mentioned the soul is not satisfied here which is Music/Sound, even HD doesn’t make you feel Wow, so results are clear here.

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hiosaavn the top 4 music streaming app for 2019 on android & ios


The interface is Great- Best interface comparing from other 2 as it’s very much Clean and Clear not filled with Ads Banners like very few Ads (1-2-sometimes pop-ups) which don’t make you feel trapped n irritating.

Menu and other features are almost like others but the biggest difference I found is Shows&Podcast which is nowhere on above 2, JioSaavn supports Podcasts of different languages which is great coming out of just Music + Lyrics reading is supported here.

Music Quality & ADs- As I mentioned ADs are very few here which are bearable, talking about Quality so it’s pretty decent, I felt nice with its Output on my Earplugs but HD is paid.

Track Availability- Tracks are available in Multilanguage + Podcast as well.

Pricing- You can get 1Week Free Trial but for further you can go for 1Month Plan ₹99 or 1Year at ₹299. Now here it is Cheaper than any other even from the last one as that is the most expensive one.

You Ask How? because in 1yr Plan it’s just 299 that is cheapest if you choose that plan but for 1Month it’s same as Gaana.

Conclusion- For JioSaavn I recommend that you can go for it as it is a good option for Music Listeners and Podcast lovers as well. You get a space in the App where you can choose tracks easily except Pop-up Ads which sometimes makes you feel down a bit (rarely).

spotify is the best top 4 music streaming app for 2019 on android & ios

4. Spotify

The Interface is Excellent- a Most attractive and appealing interface which I prefer myself with weekly based Automatic Playlist of your taste every time on your screen.

Meaning?? Means that you get Different Playlists at your Home Screen of your Taste as it detects what type you like in what language and make Playlist for you on a weekly basis with different songs.

But it doesn’t mean that you get Multilanguage mix in one..NO, you get different Playlist of different Languages Like You Daily Mix1, 2, 3, etc. which are in Hindi, Punjabi, EDM, etc.

One missing thing here in its Menu is Voice Search option which is available on every other in the list except that feature you get everything same even I think more sorted and personalized.

Music Quality & ADs- No ADs banners or Popups are here in the interface but you get ads between tracks while listening or playing, as when a Track Changes from one to another you will get an Audio AD of around 30Sec. And it won’t happen after every track, it occurs after every 3-4 tracks.

Talking about Audio Quality so I was surprised when I Plugged in with this as in Free it has One of the BEST QUALITY FEATURING SOUND that I have experienced. Balance, Tribbles, Vocals, Bass, Equalizers sounds so balanced in every part.

Pricing- I have mentioned above that it is One of the most expensive comparing all others But BUt…you can get 30Days Free Trial if you want to feel the experience, after its end you can go for Packs like- 1Week ₹39, 1Month ₹129, 1Year ₹1189.
Not only this you also have the option to go for 1Day Plan, 3Months Plan or 6Months.


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As Bonus I would like to reccomend Amazon Music & Google Music as well!


In my experience, Spotify is the Clear Winner except for the Premium Plans which are priced very high, I mean really High Rs.1000+, even though I find this as the best because of its experience and Quality it provides for free.

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