Top 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Use Daily

​Life is Fast and the 20th Generation is going faster with the life of all the people all around the World, that is why we and Google cares about you and if you use Google Chrome then you may know that Google Provides you some really cool and useful Extensions while using Google Chrome on your Laptop or PC. That is why today we have decided why don’t we introduce you with Top 5 Cool Extensions from Google Chrome by Google for you all, and I bet you are going to love them.

Attention!!- You can use any of this extension in the incognito mode as well.


No.1 +Flip ItMost of know about Flipboard, but we still face problems while sharing a Post or any content on Flipboard because it is not like FB where we can Copy the Link and can Past it to Share, so this Smart Working extension works there as you just have to open the Post or any Link which you want to share on your Flipboard Magazines. 

All you need to do is, Just Open a Post or Link to Share-Click on the Extension-Sign In with your Account- Select a Magzine- Add Description and Post-it.
It is especially helpful for all those people who run Blog, Website, YouTube Channel, or works on Social Media to Spread good Content.

No.2 Video Downloader Professional You must have tried YouTube Downloader or have Installed any other Software on your PC or Laptop to Download Videos from different Links, or maybe even have put (ss.youtubecom) for the online downloading video to watch from your device. Well most of us had and I have to, but after finding the Extension on Chrome, this just made it relaxing and much easier.
With this Extension, you can Download any Video from any Website and from Anywhere which comes online and can be seen, so it not only works for YouTube but on every Site over the Internet but only can be used by Chrome.

To make it Work, Install the Extension on your Chrome Browser- Find a Video- Click on Extension (Video Downloader Professional)- Wait for the Loading to Complete- Select you Choose Video- Download and Done.
No.3 Grammarly- One of the most useful and amazing Extension over the Internet or on Chrome to use, as if you are some bad at typing or do Crammer mistakes while writing something on the Internet Like (Social Media Status, Web Post, Description, etc.) or even want to type a Mail to someone with perfect and flowing English then it will correct you there.
It is also helpful to write a Report, Mail or Resume for your Job or Interview with a creative and attentive Words with great English. It will detect the mistake and underline it under Redline and suggest you the correct or relative word which you want to type at the time. Just an Instant and easy solution to writing all the things with No mistakes.
No.4 Clip to Evernote- Evernote is a perfect and best solution by Evernote Official to note every single piece of the word from the Internet to make it Read later with signing in on your account for free. Clip to Evernote helps you to save the Articles, Post or any other hand wrote or typed content from the internet to your free account. You can also connect it through your Android device by simply signing in with the same account.

On the Clip, to Evernote, you get some features to save the Post in different ways like- Clip to Article, Simplified Article, Full Page, Bookmark, Screenshot. Even you can organize your Saved Clips by making the Notebooks and by adding Tags. After making the Notebook, you can share the entire page with someone as it is or can have the full page to make it easier for you to handle or to share with your friends.
Last but not least,
No.5 Magic Actions for YouTube- All new YouTube extension which just makes your YouTube experience crazy as hell, After installing Magic Extension on our Chrome Brower you will be introduced to its primary site, my where you get options to adjust the controls. Magix Actions also enables a feature called night feature where you get a plug at the left top cornet (Switch Button) through which you can turn off the lights or the white background into black. With this, you get a feature to Increase/Decrease Volume through Scrolling on the Video. 

With all these Magic Actions for YouTube, you get features while using YouTube when watching a Video like- Magic Options, Cinema (Cool1), Expand, Repeat, Color Filters, Transform Filter, Capture (Still Screen Shot from the Video).  
Even if you are not satisfied with the default settings, you can change or can Upgrade them through-
We have tried them all personally and love them to use in our Daily life because it makes life easier and flowing. If you think that this is all by our site then wait, we are working hard to make you provide you the best-featuring content for you all. We request you to stay tuned with us and Subscribe our News Letter and be with us every moment.

-Thank You for Reading.

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