Top Best Free Instagram Photo Editor Apps for 2019-IOS & Android!

Instagram is trendy & people love to post their Lit Pics on it..for a good picture a Best Insta Photo Editor App is also needed..try these Apps Now!

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Insta fever is lit & to make it more lit its imp to have Top Best Free Instagram Photo Editor Apps, coz that only can bring Instagram to get Likes, Followers & Popularity, so that’s why today we share with you Free Instagram Picture Editing Apps that can help you right away!

NOTE: Mentioned Instagram Picture Editing might include Paid Purchases as well (not free!)

Following Instagram Picture Editor apps are exclusively handpicked & self-tested before posting but the only thing is that you should know the right way of using them. (Most of them are avaialbe on Android & IOS)

Why Instagram Photo Editor/Editing Apps are used?

They are only needed to enhance photo quality and to give the picture a new look or sometimes to your face, Photo editing apps can help you to add Filters, Effects, Stickers, Texts, etc.

Is it necessary to have Good Camera Phone to Click Pictures, can’t Editors help in that way?

This Question is very genuine as most asked but the answer is NO, you can’t just make picture look like pro if you don’t have a good Camera centric Smartphone which clicks good pictures, although one can use DSLR & then can edit but talking about only Phones so it is mandatory to have good Camera for good Shots.

List of Top Best Free Instagram Photo Editor Apps:

lightroom by adobe is one of the best editing tool to edit Instagram photosTop Best Free Instagram Photo Editor Apps

1.Adobe Lightroom-

One of my favourite App to Edit Pictures for Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Its Free Features are cool & helpful, in just a few Slides (left/right) you can change the look of your picture from Newbie to Pro.

Just add your Picture to Lightroom Gallery>Select it>Edit & Export

You can even use Lightroom Camera for Capturing Potos if you think your Stock Camera isn’t good that much.

Size- 66.65MB

snapspeed is one of the best editing tool to edit Instagram photos

2. Snapspeed-

Another great alternative of Lightroom but yet advanced & powerful then most awavialbe on Playstore, this Insta Photo Editor is from Google itselft & I said Insta Editor because it’s used mostly for that only.

Here you get advance Tools & Editing Features with a much of options to choose from but the only thing you require here is some knowledge or time to see what can make your Pictures look good or Check tutorials on the Internet.

Size- 24.32MB


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picsart is one of the best editing tool to edit Instagram photos for both android and ios


Very interesting App to use for every Editor on Smartphone, I personally use it very much because this is easy to use & gives great outputs, the best part of this App is its Filters, just Apply & you are done, no more slides, advancement is needed. There are so many tutorials available on YouTube to Edit with PicsArt, check Now for Free.

Here as well you get the option to use PicsArt Camera.

Size- 29.39MB


vsco is a camera app plus an editing app that can deliver amazing phots output on android & ios both


Cam+Editor App with which you can Edit Pictures just after Clicking through VSCO or can import it from Gallery to Edit. After editing successfully you can share it with VSCO Community, to use this App you need to Install the App>Sign-in>And Start using.

Size- 50.52MB


gbox is made in india app to edit photos with some amazing features & best for quick edits before uploading it to instagram post


Made in India App with some great inbuilt Features & ways to edit your perfect Insta photo, with Gbox you can get No Borders, Swipe Photos, DP Viewer, 9Grids, Glitch effects, etc it is for quick edits not like others as mentioned above.

Size- 44.46MB



All these Top 5 Instagram Editing Apps are available on Playstore & most of them on App Store as well so if you wanna try then you can Directly go for it Now, also they include in-app purchasing options so that if you wanna get some extra features then Buy them (but I don’t recommend to buy any of these instead go for MODs)

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Thanks for Reading.