Top ways to Earn Money Online for Free in India without Investment

Do you want to Earn money while sitting at your Home. so we have 100% working ways... know Top ways to Earn Money Online for Free in India with 0 Investment

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Are you searching for How to Earn Online with Work from Home Technique’s? Then this is for you as in this we discuss Top ways to Earn Money Online for Free in India without any investment but skills and a little bit of time, are you ready? Let’s Start.

We don’t discuss about Scammy or Spammy methods or like those Chindi-Chori ways that invest time but pays nothing, instead we discuss some real stuff here to Earn Online for Free using Internet while sitting at Home.

These Top ways can lead you to make $20-$30 straight per hour depending on project type or popularity. These ways are most trusted and liable as well which people are suing to make money from Home.

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Top ways to Earn Money Online for Free in India without any investment-


Top ways to Earn Money Online for Free in India through freelancing

One of the most easiest method and known as well in the world of internet & freelancing doesn’t mean doing work for free but you get paid projects depending upon your capabilities and skills & for them you get paid. The pay out even can be of $100 per/hr if the project is immediate and you are an expert so through this if you able to complete atleast 7Projects as month so $100×7=700 (70*700=47000 per month).

You can Freelance in any category that can be performed online like Graphics Designing, Writing, Transcriptions, Podcasting, etc, etc. One thing to mention here is that if you use site like Upwork so at the beginning you get 20Points for posting proposals but if it ends then you have to buy more leads which are not so costly.

Sources- Upwork,,, Social Media Groups, LinkedIn, Fiverr.  (Maja hi Maja)

Sell your Creatives

If you a Graphic Designer or an illustrator, or Digital Painter or a Sketcher/Painter and you think your Art worth so you can sell it Online to Earn with your creative skill. Through this you can earn money online from home just showcasing your pre-prepared projects and work as portfolio.

You can earn a decent amount through this method and in this way your focus will be focused and you will enjoy the work with some cash in hand.

Sources- Shuttertock, Adobe Stock, Fotomoto, Etsy, your Own Blog/Site.

Start a Website/Blog

Definitely a perfect way to do where you can sell, write, ask or can even run ads. You can build a Blogging site where you can write Blogs or can built a Website to sell our own products, showcase your own portfolio & with that you can earn money.

Options with a Website creation can be Writing Guest/Sponsored Posts, Running Ads, Running Google Adsense Ads for money in dollars, sell a product, do affiliate marketing, built a community, etc. when you start receiving a good traffic.

You can start a free site using WordPress, Blogger or Wix, else you can built a premium website with custom domain or can purchase a pre-built website at a good rate to reduce your stress & get easy for an instant start with Perfect SEO built like provide.

Suggestions- Do it according to your Niche or Liking.

Do Affiliate Marketing

how to earn money using affiliate marketing India working at home

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A process where you sell and get commission for your sales against the client. This can be done through creating a channel like Group Chat, Community, Forum, Suggesting products on your personal sources (like0 YouTube Channel, Website, etc.) with a link made for your profile to track every order and get commission (it depends on category obv) (dusro ka cash apni to ash).

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Sources- Amazon Affiliate, Hosting Affiliate, Shutterstock Affiliate, etc. with this method you can earn using Internet. If you get good traffic or good sources then surely you get a Cash as well.

Promote using Social Media (Self Promotion)

This can be done through using Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. where you can promote your sources and there can suggest links to push people to buy your products or visit your site. This way you get more attention, more people, more chances to earn, and a better community built.

Suggestions- If you using platform like Insta then try to upload Videos or animations instead of still pictures with Hashtags, good Caps & Links in Bio. Also if you have a strong followers base so you can do Sponsored Posts reaching companies & can earn.

Social Media Handling or SMO for you

You think you van grow someone’s business on Social Media or can help them to boost the page performances for them to get more leads & traffic then you can earn with it & the method is called Social Media Handling or SMO where you can handle any page or profile of a Brand or person and get Paid for it.

This way mostly require a knowledge of Digital Marketing but a anyone can do this if you know how to do it.

Earning are good in this way & it’s a long term job or even permanent if you are on a growth with increase in pays, this way without going anywhere much you can Earn from Home Online connecting with clients & sending reports with results.

Sell your Personal Courses

how to sell courses online to earn money in india

If you think you are a good teacher then get up & run! (wait kidding) just get up and start shooting a personal course in which you are expert like Website Designing, Graphic Designing, Teaching a particular subject, or anything that makes you different from others.

With this you can provide some extra perks like Cheatsheets, your analysis reports, notes & other secret material why people should buy you. For promotions take help of Social media or YouTube uploading short clips to attract more customers to you (pesa hi pesa).

For a premium subscription you can sell your Course on your Own Website or use Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, or if you have sufficient amount of Subs on YouTube then turn on Join as premium.

Suggestion- Try to do it regional language for more attraction & understand-ability.

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Data Entry

If you are a kinda person who can handle Data of someone or like can be an accountant then surely through this Earnings can be in your pocket very soon. the perfect definition of Data Entry is this, ;”A data entry clerk is a member of staff employed to enter or update data into a computer system. Data is often entered into a computer from paper documents using a keyboard. The keyboards used can often have special keys and multiple colors to help in the task and speed up the work.”. This can also be considered as a Freelancing but with good profits.

Virtual Assistance

A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. This is also a job which you can opt if you think you can do, either apply as Freelancer or as a permanent employee or as an Intern. Pays are based on your working skills.


All these ways can help anyone to earn Online with no extra big investments that’s cool, efficient & effective. So now you know Earning Money online isn’t so tough right? Then tell us what you think in Comments.

-Thanks for Reading.