Watch College Romance Season 2 for Free Online- Download College Romance S2 Free HERE

If you were waiting for College Romance Season 2 then it's now over, you can Watch College Romance Season 2 for Free Online or even can Download College Romance S2 Free HERE.

This post was most recently updated on April 5th, 2021

College Romance is a story of almost every College you can relate, now its Season 2 is out so you can Watch College Romance Season 2 for Free Online or even can Download College Romance S2 Free through this trick. So if you have watched Season 1 of College Romance then this time you gonna fall again in love with Team.

College Romance is just another real life-based series which give you the vibe of college, although 2020 made us sitting home and killed the whole College Vibe but they can give it for sure. This time story is starting where its ended in Season one, with some new Twists and Turns, Emotional Drama, Attachments, Love and Breakups, Fighting, etc.

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College Romance S2 is not a Free Series, whereas S1 was on YouTube for Free but now TVF made its release on SonyLiv Premium so buying Subscription is mandatory but as you know (Jaha chah hai vaha raah hai!), that’s why we have brought you College Romance Season 2 for Free to Watch Online or Download on your Device in HD.

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Watch College Romance Season 2 for Free Online- Download College Romance S2 Free HERE (How to Download College Romance Season 2 Free Guide)

Main Cast of College Romance S2 Enters with-

Manjot Singh as Trippy
Apoorva Arora- Naira
Keshav Sadhna- Karan
Gagan Arora- Bagga
Shreya Mehta- Deepika
Hira Ashar- Raveena

The plot is same but the story is new, not new from the end but with a new experience, they are in the same college, still in the thread of Besties and BF/GF goals but now things can come quite messed up, but what will happen that you get to know in the series only of around 2.45Hrs runtime (Episode Wise).

Download College Romance Season 2 for Free-

  • Download Telegram
  • Sign in using your Mobile Number (if you don’t have an account or just Sign in with the existing one)
  • Click on Search
  • Search FreshFounder in Seach option
  • Click HERE to JOIN Directly
  • After getting into group search for College Romance Season 2 or just Drop a Message to Bot of the Group (Check Bio of Group if needed)
  • The Web series is available in a Movie format of around 2.45hrs in a Single Streak
  • There are no Single Episodes in the Group to Watch so kindly skip to the part which you would like to watch
  • From the Telegram group, you can Watch it Directly through the App or can Download on your Device.

Note– This group is not a Movie sharing group but we are providing this stuff just for Entertainment purpose if you feel any insensitive content kindly do report admin immediately, also must read Channel Bio first after gaining the group with rules by typing /rules.

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Quick Review on College Romance Season 2-

The Series is by TVF and this became popular after its first season, especially some parts of this series became so famous like Bagga and his accent, dialogues like “Bhai ka Tora, Ijjat sab mitti me miljaegi“, that Slap scene of Bagga in Canteen and iconic Baseball bat scene where trippy, Bagga trash the Car and tries to Runaway.

This kind of scenes makes this series memorable because what they ave portrait, we experience somewhere in our Colleges as well. At every lecture break or in together parties we make memories so definitely there is no doubt why it’s so popular among blood like us under 27 wala.

For an alert, we don’t recommend you to watch it with family because Abusive language can be there (vo Delhi wala slang) so that’s why put your Headphones on or lock yourself for 2.5hrs approx to complete it in a day.

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