What is the BlueWhale Game about? How Game the works | Dangerous!

"Bluewhale Game" a self Suicide Game which is become Hot Topic..Questions about Bluewhale Game Challenge..How to be safe from this dangerous game

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​”Bluewhale Game” a self Suicide Game which is become Hot Topic on the Internet including traffic from all over the World with Countries like India,  UAE, Qatar and etc.
But why is it so and why people are so curious to give their lives up on this particular Game or even want to try this? 
Why is Blue Whale Game so cool to be joined that even college or younger students are coming towards it?
And what are the reasons that if you have 1ce started playing this game then you can not come out of it

The biggest reason for the game playing is its curiosity among people to try this game. And that is why Teens and Younger Students are coming towards it. But before talking much about it!! let’s firstly know some facts about this game.

The Game was developed in Russia by a physiological student “Philipp Budeikin” who invented this game to clean the biological garbage from the Earth like people with low IQ, Half Minded, Mentally Disturbed or who can not face tough situations.
As the fact that Philipp Budeikin was himself a student and was expelled from the university.

In of around 2016 Budeikin was arrested and committed that he made that game for this purpose, but still, the game doesn’t stop there.
Instead of its heads start rising with more and more players. The government has tried to ban all the access but still, it wasn’t so successful and still, people are finding that game online to play freely and Committing Suicides.

In India only there has been around 10 Deaths because of the game.
The heads can be meant that people start making Chatrooms or can say Red Hackers or Dark Net users start making Anonymous Chat Rooms which can be joint to play this game or made an Application for the Game itself to influence more and more people.

Google Trends Seach Hits for Blue Whale Game:
If you will search on Google Trends for this game then you will find that India Search results are on the top for the Bluewhale game with lacks of searches daily for this game. Surpassing many countries to search it, the reason is the curiosity and the feeling to do something little different from the crowd, but they don’t know that where will it ends.

The game starts becoming popular on the Internet through a Social site called VK.com where people can join Chat Rooms and can share pictures and Photos or thoughts just like Facebook. But VK (VKontakte) was just made to shares and connect people but suddenly the game turns its way to this bloody game.

Bluewhale Game Structure:

A game of 50 Days with 50 Tasks to complete. No matter what but you have to do the task and send the Proof by clicking a Photo of yourself doing that thing or just by making a Short Video and sending it to the Anonymous person at the other side. 
The game tasks will be like to make a Tatoo of Whale with a Sharp object or to play and listen to the song send by the tractor.
And the last task would be to commit Suicide.
Other Tasks can be like:
Wake up at 4:20 AM and watch Horror Movie
Curve F57 on your Hand
Draw a Whale with the Sharp object, etc.
There is a list which is available online in the Russian language.

The Game can be accessed easily in some regions like India or in any other country because it doesn’t have any particular site or an Application which can be banned or restricted. They are the Chat rooms which can be joined and can be played, also according to the news some Developers of Dark Web community has also made an Application for the Blue Whale Game which can be downloaded now from the Play Store or Appstore but from other resources.

In many regions Government has made some tough rules for this game and keeping an eye on the searches for this game, but still keeping in that mind the Onion Browser or the Tor is used to make the thing work, as Tor is almost untraceable and changes the IP address and change the regions as well which removes the regional restrictions.

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Quora the Hub of Questions:
After the game has become popular, nowadays Quora is filled with the Questions of this Game. People are typing and posting Question and Answers about the Bluewhale game. Which literally shows that people want to engage with this game and want to know more about it. ​

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What Makes Bluewhale so Interesting to Pay:
The blue whale is nothing but a Hypnotising game or can say a controlling game of your mind. The Developer was a Physiological Student so he knows that how people attract and how the mind works.
You can understand this with an Example, a Game which we all have played probably called Truth and Dare, where we give a situation or a Task to complete to our opponent or just ask questions. 

That game is very simple and most of the time we agree to do it just because it looks like a Challange and our mind setup was like this only.
When we listen to the word “Challenge” our minds start focusing on that and want to do it at any cost. Human species is the smartest one on the Earth but some of the things are like in which we roll easily. 
That is why Bluewhale’s another name is “THE BLUE WHALE CHALLENGE” which focus on your mind and controls it and make you do the things according to the requirement.

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Just like a magician when he tricks you in his Magical Trick and you start Capping or doing weird things because he knows that where your weak point is!!
That is why some tasks in the game are like to listen to the music sent by the opponent, and when you listen to it you start feeling low and dull. That thing makes Cherry on the Cake for the Task giver as the music was made in a way that it demotivates your confidence and strength.

Why Commit Suicide with the Game:
As just of 50 Tasks, the mind was not able to think something else and was kept under the game and challenges. I start losing its own thinking and it made you do what it says. Until the last take your mind is fully stretched and almost dead to work on it own.
The things which you have been told to do make you so exhausted that senses have been lost. The music, movies, talks take over to your body and feelings and your thinking too. Where when you reach the last stage you are already dead from inside.

The conclusion to be Safe:
1stly we do not recommend this game to you and 2ndly that if you are a Guardian or Parent then keep an eye on your kid that in what he/she is involving.
Make sure that they are not doing something suspicious or hiding something.
The best way to do is to install an Application called Hoverwatch. It is free and gives you Analysis and Regular Report of the Activities occurring on the device. It is compatible with both Laptop and Smartphones.
The site will guide you the ‘How to Use”. Click Here.

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We also recommend that if you get to know about any of your Friend playing this game or getting influence for this game then please STOP them for doing this.
And use your own senses, not of others, and be safe.
The game is Hazardous and Dangerous, we do not recommend to play this game at all. When you start getting an influence you should know its Effect and that is why we have provided this whole post to you here. 

If you thinking or want to play this game then please we request not to try at any cost. Because your Life is not so cheap for a simple Bloody game.
Your Family, Friends, People around you are more thoughtful for you. Risking your life for no cost doesn’t make any sense or even for a cost as well life is much costly than any of these things.

We would love if you Share this Post with others and give us a Comment about what you think for this Game and any other Step which can be applied to be protective or any other step which we have missed.

Tell all your friends about this post and make them read, also to the Parents and Adults who are reading this post. Give us a Share for your own Sake because maybe your One Share can Save 1ns Life. External Links for the Blue Whale-Pink Whale Challenge, Core concern: ‘Blue Whale’ & the social norms research, Blue Whale: il macabro gioco arrivato anche in Italia, Wiki for BlueWhale