whatsapp doc share feature

WhatsApp Document Share Feature- Now share Any Doc File

Now you can Share Any File type with WhatsApp...mp3. php, .avi or any other file from WhatsApp to WhatsApp users...no limit for sharing your Data..
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This post was most recently updated on 9th Jul, 2020

We all love WhatsApp, and that is the reason it is on Top with the 1 Billion Download Hits on Google Play all over the World.
Well, we also know that now Facebook is the owner of WhatsApp, as in 2014 Mark Zuckerberg made a deal with the WhatsApp Creators and purchase it from them.
After once it is owned by Facebook, they are trying to make it the Application for the users.
As of now, WhatsApp has come with an update where you can share Documents for free with your friends. Well yeah, now you can share Document on WhatsApp for free.

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​This feature has been introduced to the Beta Testers first, as of I have used it a lot on my device. If you also want to become a Beta Tester then you can click here.
The update is now out for all the users as there is certain restrictions or limitations for the share.

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whatsapp beta testing

​ If you are an Android user then you get 100MB of limit, which means you can send a file which should be under 100MB. 
If you are an IOS user, then you get 128MB of limit for a single file share.
If you are using WhatsApp on the web, then you get a limit of 64-65MB.
Now the Question which can arise is that what type of File Share could be done with WhatsApp Document Share, well you can Share mp3, APK, .avi, zip file, PHP, and even pdf’s.
As now you can share your Data files with many in just a single click, and you can also share Pictures and Videos directly from the Camera Button on WhatsApp.

This seems to be really nice, as the limits are there but they are good and better than not having anything like this. I just love this feature of WhatsApp, if you haven’t tried it yet, then go and Update you WhatsApp right now and enjoy the Feature.
Also, tell us what do you think about this feature in Comments and Share it with all WhatsApp groups, and if you like us, do share a Heart with us. Watch This to know More!!

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