Why WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram go Down- Reason Explained!

It's not easy when you are locked out of your own cabins and office, but this happened last night (IST) when Facebook went down, its engineers and employers weren't able to log in, go out or in, but Why WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram go Down, Reason Explained?

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Yesterday on 4th October at night, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp went down simultaneously going Crashed Worldwide, the Downtime was more than 8hrs but big speculations were made which made question “how and why it happened”, well we studied and found the answer which we try to explain you here that Why WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram went Down. When we were  rotating our thumbs from WhatsApp, FB and Insta, Headqueaters were getting mad all over.

So, what really happened? This is a question what maybe people are searching for, but lets try to explain you right here in short and easy way of Why Facebook Servcies including Instagram, WhatsApp went down and out of service?

FACTIn a small surpass Facebook and Mark got a busted loss of around $7 Billion in this time span to their stakes and stocks.

Why did Facebook go down?


The outage lasted for approximately 8 hours as engineers scrambled to fix the problem, forcing the social media and advertising behemoth to resort to competing platforms such as Twitter and Telegram to explain what was happening.

So what really happened with Facebook?

Facebook issued a statement today (on 5th October) shedding more light on the massive blackout. Firstly, Facebook confirmed that the outage was result of a configuration change to the routers which coordinate network traffic between the Facebook’s data centres.

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That simply change then had a knock-on effect which brought all Facebook services to a halt. Which is why when you tried to access Facebook or Instagram last night, or tried t and it crashed.

Because of this, at a particular time the domain Facebook.com was also available for Sale online which turned out to be a rant throughout when Jack, founder of Twitter showed interest to purchase it.

Facebook lost BGP, DNS, and Internet Protocol by mistake

You will have probably heard DNS (Domain Name System) mentioned in explanations about the outage. DNS and BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) are two important pieces of infrastructure that keep the internet running, and make sure that, as the name internet implies, everything stays connected.

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In simple words, BGP is a network of routes that transports you within the internet, while DNS is the address system of the internet, matching requests for specific internet pages.

The Guardian reported that, Facebook “essentially told BGP through a series of updates that those paths to Facebook no longer existed.”

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And not just Facebook, but everything that Facebook operates including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, checkout Coudflare explanation in detail here.

Why it take so long for Facebook to fix the problem?

Part of the problem for Facebook this time was that the outage brought down Facebook’s own internal systems too, including the Workplace where Facebook workers communicate.

There were reports that Facebook’s staff were locked out of offices, and could not access their own internal communications platform, all adding to the complexity of the problem and delaying the essential fix to the problem.

Eventually, Facebook was able to restore network access after few hours when engineers managed to manually reset servers at one if its California data centres where the problem originated.

Is it possible again in near future?

in short of why facebook went down and what was the reason
in short of why facebook went down and what was the reason

An outage of this magnitude is very uncommon for Facebook and its suite of platforms but other companies such as CloudFare and Fastly have had similar outages which stem from when a single point of failure knocks out an array of services.

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This is like a chain reaction and as we dont use our personal server but we have faced it too onece when our Servers tried to get amnupulated and in panic we accidently messed up with our DNS through Cloudflare, so if one hand have many fingers then they all collapse it shoulder ends- that’s how it work.

-Edited by Amogh Gupta