Wings Viper TWS Review with Price, Features, Specs, TWS experience and sound quality

Wings Viper TWS Review with Price, Features, Specs- Are they worthy?

Wings Viper is newly TWS by the company which they launched on July 5 2021 and we tested it thoroughly for around 3-4 days so here we sharing Wings Viper TWS Review, let's read.

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Welcome to another Review of Wings TWS, yeah (just another one!). Earlier we Reviewed Wings Phantom, which were gaming-centric but these are the kinda complete package, so let’s see how this Snake work (I mean Viper). This is Wings Viper TWS Review with Price, Features, Specs, also discuss are they worthy to spend on?

When we heard the name for first time, it felt like hearing the name of Dodge Viper (the Muscel Car), but these came Earbuds. Wings send us a Review Unit to test and share experience and that’s what we do here today we Review Wings Viper TWS and share what we liked, disliked, features, pricing, everything you need to know about them.

InBox Content and Features of Wings Viper TWS-

Firstly talking about Box content so you get- Type C Charging Cable, Documentation, Extra Earbuds and that’s it (itne me itna hi milega!). Nothing fancy but box design is really premium with some specifications written on the Box like- Dedicated Gaming Mode, 65ms low Latency Rate, 12mm Neodymium Driver, MEMS Mic, IPX5 Water Resistance, 25hrs Playback time and Full Touch Control capability with Bluetooth Version 5.0, 10m Connection Distance & Charging Time 2hrs.

wings viper inbox content includes type c cable, documents, extra buds, front design on box
Wings Viper Box Content

Music Playback supporting protocol- AVRCP/HFP/HSP/AAC/SBC, so there are plenty of options to hear through (its a party time now).

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Wings Viper TWS Review:

If you have read Phantom Review so you can expect that they are some related ones to that. Viper also comes with lighting effect but not in Green colour eye effect but Blue Viper look. In dark, the effects and the pattern it creates gives a vibe of snake. When they charge so Light glows in an upward direction and when the battery is low so it glows in downside like crawling pattern.

On Buds as well there are small beeping strips at stick bottom in vertical share like a thin strip that glows and looks really attractive. Here as well you get same Breathing effect on back under Gaming Mode on TWS back.

Wings Viper TWS Features list on box written on side clicked on chair
Wings Viper Features on Box

Sound Experience on Wings Viper-

Talking of Sound quality so they are much decent in terms of it. Bass sounds great on EDMs, Raps, etc., Tribble are also pretty decent on these and Vocals sounds clear. If you listen to music under a volume of 80 so you won’t feel any distortions or anything but after 80% volume, it sometimes starts feeling itchy noise screams on high power music. Means vocals sometimes get to hit hard and can become irritative a little.

Also, there’s no ANC, no dedicated Voice cancellation but still manages to get you decent background noise cancellation, also design of these fit quite well and you can use them for long runs or plays.

In terms of gaming they do work quite decent, yea not as likely Phantom but its good.

Mic Quality

Mics on these are MEMS mics that help you to get a call with more pleasant sound cancellations from your around, they work decent but ANC and Noise cancellation is still missing which buds like Realme is providing in around price range.

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You also feel sound losses or jitter between right & left bud sometimes on call like- high vol on simultaneous buds that feels laggy or missed out, specially happens when there’s air pressure or high winds.

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Design of Wings Viper TWS-

wings viper tws design of buds and case put on granite slab
Wings Viper Buds and Case Design

Again you get Plastic build from Case to buds, but this time it feels a downgrade from Phantom. I mentioned Phantom have a strong built with rough design that feels working but here they are not that good. They are lite (yes, which is good), they are sleek, they are comfortable, but I personally liked Wings Phantom TWS (Review Video) more in design and built quality than these.

Touch Contol, Connectivity and Pricing of Wings Viper-

Touch is improved, fast, responsive, highly fast connectivity like in seconds after you pop them out of the case (thanks to Bluetooth 5.0), gesture control with touch like Double tap for Track change, single for voice, long for google assistant, etc. etc. (different controls on either bud).

Personally really improved from Phantom in case of Touch capability. The pricing of these is same as Wings Phantom that is Rs.2499.

Wings Phantom vs Wings Viper TWS- Which one to Choose?

Without time wastage I would go for Wings Phantom but it depends (why?). Well, I liked their Design, Built, the form factor for the pricing, capability and usability. They have some faults like slow touch response and a slight delay in connectivity compared to viper but I choose them if I am given the option.

Wings Viper Case open cap with lighting on in front of fountain

If you want sleeks design, a little more fashionable look with better Touch response, ultra-fast connectivity so you can go with Wings Viper but here the echoish effect in music does not sound good like on these where pricing is almost the same of both.

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This Review was not sponsored, we shared what we felt to share with you all. Wings is a great company and doing good in its field, we are hoping future product comes out with more excellence. Viper are not at all bad or is like we dont reccomend it but its all about prefrences for every customer.

-Thanks for Reading.

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