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World’s Cheapest iPhone 6s Hands-on Review at $50 (Rs.3000)

iPhone 6s ar Rs.3000...World's Cheapest iPhone on the Planet have ever seen..Working like a charms with almost exact looks...not a dummy though!
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This post was most recently updated on 3rd Aug, 2022

We found World’s Cheapest iPhone 6s which you can buy and can Try at just $50 or in Indian Rupees Rs.3000. It might a bit strange to get an iPhone so Cheap but we were also shocked and surprised, that’s why we have decided to show it to you.

Well, the iPhone in this Video is an iPhone comes which comes with Android inside it and you may get surprised that this Cheap iPhone is made in China. The phone exactly looks like an original iPhone and is much more Cheaper than the actual price.

World’s Cheapest iPhone 6s Hands-on Review at $50

The build is also made of metal and has Logo at the back, Camera is average and the basic Software on which its running is IOS 9 as mentioned in the ‘About Device’.Stupidity is that when you run App Store, it opens as Play Store by Google and on this Device, Google and YouTube can’t be run normally as for that you have to use another Browser like Opera, Cm Browser to run it.

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Instead of Siri, there is some kind of another assistant which is Garbage as it doesn’t work properly. Safari is also there but it’s not Safari actually.
You get the option of Fingerprint Scanner in the Settings and even you can add it by your own but it doesn’t work at all.
In other words, it is just simply that this iPhone is made in China and basically runs on Android.
China is making this kind of devices at a very lower cost to sell it to the poor people or who can a secondary device to run. 

There is no such market for this kind of devices but you may find it locally or maybe at some Chinese website which might sell it.Overall Camera and performance and Battery are mediocre as we don’t know much about Specifications actually. Still, if you want an iPhone to the Apple Logo then it is good at the Price.
So we don’t say more about it but yes this was the small view of the Worlds Cheapest Apple iPhone Review you may have ever seen on the internet.

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