Worlds Cheapest Mechanical Keyboard to Buy in India under 1000

Worlds Cheapest Mechanical Keyboard to Buy in India under 1000

If your budget is tight and still want a Mechanical Keyboard, then this post is for you. Just read it carefully till the end to know about Best Cheapest Mechanical Keyboard to Buy in India.
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This post was most recently updated on 20th Jun, 2022

If you have landed this article so you also probably be searching Good budget Mechanical Keyboard to Buy Under Rs.1000 to 2000 right?, if Yes the n you are at the right Post because here we are sharing Worlds Cheapest Mechanical Keyboard to Buy in India under 1000. So if your budget is low and you want to experience Mechanical not Engineering then we got a pass for you here…

Mechanical Keyboards are like blessings for Writers or Typewriters. A good keyboard is like a good friend who helps you enjoy your work in front of your system with good speeds and clicks. While finding some handful of Mechanical Keyboards under a range of 2000, we found 0 results, especially under good category but the moment we went off shores, we got some ideal deal that was Retro, ANtique, most hit of its time and 100% Mechanical!

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Mechanical Keyboards are usually expensive, especially if we talk about Cherry MX keys or some clicky ones that stay with you for longer, starting range is around 3000-4000 so how we claiming you to provide you a full-fledged Mechanical Keyboard Under Rs.1000?. here’s the Catch

As we mentioned its ANtique and Retro based so we are talking about coming out Govt. offices or MNCs from 2016-2019, when people had no clue of Mechanical they were using it day and night for FREE!, even today in Offices and Govt. daftars you can find them easily.

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membrane vs mechanical keyboard keys difference
membrane vs mechanical keyboard keys difference

Best Cheapest Mechanical Keyboard to Buy in India under 1000

TVS Gold Bharat Mechanical Keyboard
TVS Gold Bharat Mechanical Keyboard

TVS Gold Bharat Mechanical Keyboard:

Naam to suna hoga?, even covered by Linus across Sea, TVS Gold Keyboard is Indias pride and of the most used Keyboard of all time. It is 200% mechanical, just under Rs.1000 and Solid like brick to explode heads.

The rigid built with laser cut keys and one of the first to introduce Rupee sign in Keyboard in India. It use to come with Cherry MX keys which are considered Best among all but lately they shifted to some Chinese alternative (surprisingly I got the Cherry MX version just for 500 bucks, YEAAHH!!).

  1. Guaranteed 50 Million plus strokes per key
  2. Fitted with mechanical switches for long life
  3. Laser Etched Characters on Keycaps with an everlasting presence
  4. The keyboards are all enabled with the Rupee symbols
  5. The option of working in two languages as all keyboards are bilingual
  6. Highly reliable, with more than 200,000 Hrs MTBF
How to Buy TVS Gold e-Bharat Mechanical Keyboard?

You can buy a fresh piece for around 2800 from Amazon which isn’t recommendable because for around 3000-3500 you can get an RGB variant by some other company but, you can get TVS Gold Keyboard from any Computer preparing or selling shop at just some 400-1200 easily at the good condition in refurbishing as they keep rotating in market so why spend more…

Dell AT102W mechanical keyboard
Dell AT102W mechanical keyboard

Dell AT102W mechanical keyboard:

Another masterpiece that you can get hands-on by Dell, Just like TVS, its old gold. YOu can get it for around 600-1600 in between but its worth enough. Also built is quite good, haptics are nice, design is retro cream white.

The keyboard keys are clicky and tacktile, you love playing with them. But both the keyboards dosent enable you to play Multiplayer games as its Anti Ghosting disables, still for Single Player or Online can be playing but not Multiplayer through LAN or so.

These two are best to grab, you can try getting them on Ebay, OLX, Quicker, Local Shops, Dealer, etc. easily. But make sure you first check the condition, working and then only buy. You can save big on these Mechanical Retro Keyboards and can get them just for Under 1000-1500 Rupees easily.

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