xrig x1 tesseract worlds first glowing desktop

XRIG X1 Tesseract Gaming Desktop Review, Specs, Price

This Made in India XRIG X1 Gaming PC is a beast..Paint job on this X1 Tesseract Special Edition Desktop by FoxMyBox makes it Worlds first ever Glowing PC!
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This post was most recently updated on 27th Feb, 2021

We have bring you something really DOPE like a serious one XRIG X1 Tesseract Gaming Desktop Review, this XRIG (a Kolkata based company) & FoxMyBox has come with a Pre-Build Custom PC Setup called XRIG X1 TESSERACT Hybrid Special Edition which is World’s First-Ever Glowing PC that has ever come up with this kinda setup.
Want to Thanks Digit.in and Digit Squad for letting us Experience this Device at its Tech Day 2…!

xring tesseract note for fans

As shown in the Thumbnail this CPU looks exactly like that in Dark, but 1st let’s check X1 Tesseract Specs?


Processor- AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (8cores/16threads)
Clock Speed- 4.4Ghz Boost clock
Graphics Card- NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB
Motherboard- MSI B40i Gaming Plus AC
RAM- 32GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance
Storage- TB Kingston NVMe SSD

xrig x1 ports XRIG X1 Tesseract Gaming Desktop Review

Performance n Thermals

It’s seamless, running games in 4K is not a big deal for the system. After Playing COD WWII, Shadow of the Tomb Raider & Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands at Full Graphics make it no fall back, the system enables you to get 90-95fps easily with no Heat production (as such).

You don’t get any liquid cooling system with it but its Thermal Cooling design is sufficient to bear heavy loads.

Where it’s hard to get 1TB HDD company is providing 1TB SSD with upto 8GB Graphics Card & 32GB RAM so one can think him/herself of the performance.
(Don’t forget it can handle VRs as well!!)

Performance Benchmark Stats provided by Digit

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It’s the core of the whole system as the volume of just 12 litres, with the case measuring 7.8 x 10.6 x 8.8 inches (W x H x D), pretty small right? Yes, it is compared with heavy chassis of heavy PCs or even normal PC this is small and easy to carry Thanks to the Bag provided by Xrig.

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Paint Job that makes it Worlds first of its kind is done by FoxMyBox, a New Delhi based company which is ready to Paint everything but tieing up with XRIG they have developed this PC into a design beast.

The machine which performs this kind of Paint Job is only one India (as per the sources) Why? because this is not an ordinary Paint job, the Paint React & changes colour in Dark following Temperature of the Machine and around the machine. 3 major colours which I noticed are Blue, Violet, Kinda Red, n Green shade.

This happens when Machines temperatures rise or cool down, plus it charges through UV Lights or through the normal light rays present around. That’s why this Tessaract Special Edition comes with a Carbon Fibre case (branded XRIG) to hold it inside open from 350 degrees integrated with UV Lights at the inner borderlines.

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Price of XRIG X1 Tesseract

Talking about how much Gandhi it’s worth so company pulls out a price tag of ₹200000 just for this special edition. But don’t think that this is its original price, NO NO NOO!!
XRIG X1 without spl. a paint job can be purchased for ₹97000, but this glowing effect takes +1lakh which I think is worth to own Worlds 1st ever-glowing PC.

Buy XRIG X1 Tesseract

Direct Purchase Link for X1- https://xrig.io/collections/collection/products/x1-hybrid

To Buy Tesseract Edition Contact XRIG Team Directly (Fast Replies on Insta)

xrig x1 tesseract in dark
With UV Rays
Without UV Rays

XRIG X1 Tesseract Gaming Desktop Review:

Personally, I liked it very much because of 2 major reasons,
1st it’s Totally Made in India
2nd Its Glowing and Unique
I seriously suggest if you have a bank of enough money and looking for a prebuild Custom Gaming Desktop then its a go for the option. One thing to add is that instead of AMD you can choose Intel Processor as well which price differ.

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